Lily-Sue deserves to win a VTech Buzz Lightyear Digital Camera Because ....

My name is Lily-Sue and I will be 2 in a couple of weeks. Ok, here's my dilemma ... My daddy and my granddad are photographers. When we all go out, daddy and granddad disappear for AGES. They say they're taking pictures, but I think they go on secret adventures! They tell me I can't join in and I think it's because I don't have my own camera. Not a real one! I really want to take pictures like my daddy so that mummy can make the fridge look really pretty!! And if I have my own camera, I can go on secret adventures with daddy and granddad ... and take lots of pictures of everything I see!!
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My Little Munchkin!   

Daddy Hart! | 25-09-2011

Now that my Munchkin is Two,
There are so many things she can do,
But all would be so complete,
And nothing would beat,
The excitement of winning a camera from you,

I'd love to be her 'photography guide',
We'd just jump in the car for the ride,
But wherever we go,
With new camera, I'd know,
That my Munchkin would be by my side!!

Thanks Baby City for this great competition :)

I'd LOVE to win!!   

Liz | 18-09-2011

I don't have a camera that is mine,
And up until now, that was fine,
But it feels really bad,
When granddad and dad,
Go out and leave me behind!

So I thought "I know what I'll do",
I'll write a nice message to you,
I'll try something witty,
Just for you, Babycity,
And pray all my wishes come true!