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Stimulating colours, soft and smooth textures, gentle lights and exciting noises are what make interactive toys especially fun to play with. From a simple, flexible ball by Oball to a cuddly, entertaining Lamaze panda or penguin, you’re bound to find something here that your baby will just adore! We recommend starting with toys that play amusing sounds and tunes for the youngest ones who can listen and observe. Once your little one can sit unsupported, a whole new array of toys is available to him, such as Tomy’s Push and Go Vehicle or Fisher Price’s Lil Snoopy. Introduce your tot to new textures and toys that challenge him as he grows such as Tomy’s Puzzle Bug, and then watch him laugh and giggle as he discovers different shapes, sounds and colours.

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Oball Go Cars
This is such a fun product for boys and girls. It features an easy grip car top, colourful rattles in the wheels and a fun sporty design.
Blue Red
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £5.69Save : £0.30
Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Click and Giggle Remote
Our little ones love to copy us so why not let her have her own TV remote control that will be much more fun that channel hoping with its lovely sounds and melodies.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £9.49Save : £0.50
Bright Starts Click and Giggle Remote
Little ones love to imitate their siblings and parents so why not let them have their own remote control that will sing lovely melodies with them and help them to learn about cause and effect.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £9.49Save : £0.50
Bright Starts Shake and Spin Activity Balls
Such fun! Spin them, roll them, chase them! These equally sized balls are great for play time. They each have unique features such as different textured rims, beads or spinners inside them too.
RRP : £6.99Our Price : £6.59Save : £0.40
Bright Starts Little Lights and Music
This is like a portable activity centre! With its dome shape and easy grip sides little ones can have lots of fun activing lights and songs.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £9.49Save : £0.50
Tomy Neil the Seal
A fantastic value and popular push along, this toy is guaranteed to enthral your little one. As the friendly seal is pushed along, the fun sounds he makes are sure to put a smile on your little tot’s face! Not only does this push along ooze fun, but it will also encourage your little one’s mobility.
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £18.99Save : £1.00
Lamaze Giggle Bunny Ball
Bright colours and contrasting patterns make this toy engaging and entertaining for your little one. Watch as your child shakes the ball around to play lively and exciting sounds.
RRP : £7.99Our Price : £6.39Save : £1.60
Lamaze Hide Inside the Butterfly
Brightly coloured patterns and textured fabrics make this toy unique. Designed to encourage exploration and excite your little one’s senses, this gorgeous, friendly toy will make an endearing friend to play with.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £8.99Save : £1.00
Lamaze Cuddle and Squeak Koalas
Colourful and highly original, this toy will prove to be a hit with your little one. Soft and cuddly to keep your baby comforted, this adorable koala also has a leaf for babies who love to chew!
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £13.99Save : £1.00
Sassy A-Z Letter Links
Let your little one learn the alphabet with these fun, colourful letter links. You can even connect toys together and with multiple textures your baby can enjoy exploring new exciting textures.
RRP : £6.99Our Price : £4.79Save : £2.20
Bright Starts Pink Stretch n Go Snail
This gorgeous plush toy is great for attaching to strollers, carriers or prams. Different textures are great for teething babies and bright colours excite visual senses.
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £5.69Save : £0.30
Fisher-Price Tap 'n Play Tambourine
It's a tambourine that's just the right size for little hands to bat, grasp and tap.
RRP : £7.99Our Price : £7.59Save : £0.40
Fisher-Price Shake 'n Rattle Maracas
Not only will these colourful maracas develop your little one’s gross motor skills; developing muscles as she shakes the maracas, but fine motor skills too as baby learns to grasp the maracas with her hand and fingers.
RRP : £6.99Our Price : £6.64Save : £0.35
Laugh & Learn Apptivity Iphone Case
Simply place the Apple device into the case, twist the lock, and the electronic is protected from baby’s dribbles and drool.
Blue Green Pink
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £12.34Save : £0.65
Fisher-Price Little People Single Large Vehicle Assortment
Little People® vehicles are easy for little hands to operate and make fun things happen! Just roll them along to activate fun, sing-along songs. Press down on the seats to add sounds, too! Each vehicle comes with 2 Little People® figures. Bring them to any Little People® set to put the fun in overdrive!
White Red Yellow
RRP : £18.99Our Price : £19.99
Fisher-Price Little People Mid Vehicle Assortment
Little People® vehicles are easy for little hands to operate and make fun things happen! Choose from pink, green or yellow.
Green Pink Yellow
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £14.24Save : £0.75
Super Friends Batman 4inch Batmobile
Get ready for exciting new Caped Crusader adventures with this figure and Transforming Batcycle that changes into a missile launcher, and the Transforming Batman™ Chopper that becomes a colossal chainsaw weapon for more combat action and creative play options!
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £18.99Save : £1.00
Super Friends 4inch Figure/Vehicle Asst
Get ready for exciting new Caped Crusader adventures with this figure and Transforming Batcycle that changes into a missile launcher, and the Transforming Batman™ Chopper that becomes a colossal chainsaw weapon for more combat action and creative play options!
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £12.34Save : £0.65
Octonauts Gup Speeders
An all new and exciting vehicle scale for Octonauts - the Gups are going mini and will be approximately 2" in size! Each vehicle comes with their very own Octonauts character that is permanently inside. All vehicles feature metal wheels that roll smoothly along land.
Blue Red Green 8 Colors Colors Blue Red Green Yellow Aqua Orange Grey Bright Blue
RRP : £3.99Our Price : £3.79Save : £0.20
Octonauts Tweak's Max Suit
The Octonauts™ are traveling to the deepest part of the ocean—the midnight zone! To safely explore the depths of the deep sea, this fearless crew will need the right gear! Showing off her superb engineering skills with her newest invention, Tweak introduces the Octo Max Suit! The Octo Max Suit is as strong as any Gup but its small size and agility allows the Octonauts to fit into tight spaces Gups can’t go!
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £23.74Save : £1.25
Octonauts Gup R Sailfish
When there is trouble under the sea, the Octonauts™ dive into action! Their mission is to EXPLORE underwater worlds, RESCUE sea creatures, and PROTECT the oceans! Lieutenant Kwazii cat is the real daredevil of the Octonauts crew—always ready to leap, swing and roll his way into any adventure! So when it’s time for this fearless hero to pounce on an exciting new mission, it’s time for Kwazii to deploy the GUP-R!
RRP : £17.99Our Price : £17.09Save : £0.90
Lamaze Push Along Pup
When the adorable puppy is pushed, your little one will enjoy watching the bright colours and listening to exciting sounds- guaranteed to enthral any child!
RRP : £17.99Our Price : £16.99Save : £1.00
Taggies Baby Buggy Ball
This little caterpillar transforms from a ball into an interactive activity zone. This caterpillar ball will keep baby busy with many ways to play!
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £18.99Save : £1.00
Tomy Winnie the Pooh Stack, Pour, Post n' Play
Keep your baby entertained with this Winnie the Pooh Stacking Toy that offers four different forms of play! This toy can be used in the bath too!
RRP : £13.99Our Price : £12.99Save : £1.00
Tomy Winnie the Pooh Hide Inside
Winnie the Pooh Hide Inside will provide you with tons of cute moments and will give little minds a workout! It packs up small too so great for travelling with.
RRP : £10.99Our Price : £9.99Save : £1.00
Tomy WTP Protect and Play I-Case
Have you succumbed to the temptation of giving your little one your iPhone to keep him entertained while out and about? We know little ones love to chew and shake things about, so cover your phone with this Protect and Play I-Case to keep your little one amused and save your phone from slobber!
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £11.99Save : £1.00
Tomy Counting with Luke the Loop
Teaching your child to count is so important but is not always an easy task. This toy makes learning numbers much more fun and teaches your little one in an active and enjoyable way.
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £13.99Save : £1.00
Tomy Sing n Learn Bunny Bus
A themed learning bus with engaging characters who teach ; 123, ABC and colours through contemporary rhymes. Multiple features that builds learning into imaginative and physical play!
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £18.99Save : £1.00
Tomy Tap n Toddle Elephant
This toy is a little wonder of surprise for your baby- packed with tons of engaging and developmental features. To encourage your little one to get some exercise, simply tap the blue elephant’s head and he’ll start spinning away- ready for your baby to crawl after him!
RRP : £18.99Our Price : £17.99Save : £1.00
Tomy Cheesy Riders
For mums wanting their baby’s to develop through fun play, Play To Learn offers age appropriate, interactive toys, that are uniquely designed to develop baby’s core skills whilst they play.
RRP : £13.99Our Price : £12.99Save : £1.00
Halilit Rainboshaker
Is your little one a budding musician? These rainbow shakers, available in aqua, green and pink make the perfect first musical toy.
Green Pink Aqua
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £5.69Save : £0.30
Halilit Cage Bell
Great for developing hand-eye coordination, this cage bell chimes to attract your baby’s attention. Small enough for little hands to grip and can be taken on the go too!
Blue Red Pink 4 Colors Colors Blue Red Pink Orange
RRP : £7.49Our Price : £7.12Save : £0.37
Halilit Baby Maracas
These maracas are a great way of introducing your little one to music in a fun and interactive way. Let them get involved and make the music with these bright maracas, available in four colours.
Blue Green Pink 4 Colors Colors Blue Green Pink Orange
RRP : £4.49Our Price : £4.27Save : £0.22
Halilit Rolling Shapes
There’s no dancing without music! Get your little one to shake the beads and create music to get active to!
Blue Red
RRP : £8.99Our Price : £8.54Save : £0.45
Halilit Rolling Bells
Help your little one learn about orientation, coordination, rhythm and timing with this rolling bell toy from Halilit.
Blue Red
RRP : £8.99Our Price : £8.54Save : £0.45
Halilit Baby Tambourine
Bright colours and 4 pairs of jingles protected by a clear cover.
Blue Red Green 4 Colors Colors Blue Red Green Yellow
RRP : £10.99Our Price : £10.44Save : £0.55
Halilit Wave Drum
These wave drums are made from the same skins that are used in professional drums and have a terrific sound as a result. Perfect for entertaining your baby!
Blue Red
RRP : £16.99Our Price : £16.14Save : £0.85
Halilit Baby Bongos
Tuned compact Bongos for little ones. Two distinct pitches.
Blue Red
RRP : £21.99Our Price : £20.89Save : £1.10
Halilit Baby Xylophone
Real musical instrument with a specially shaped safety beater. Rounded edges make note bars inaccessible to tiny fingers.
RRP : £22.49Our Price : £21.37Save : £1.12
Halilit Toddler Music Orchestra
A special gift set of shakers and music makers specifically developed younger children. All toys produce excellent sounds and offer children the best possible introduction to the exciting world of music.
RRP : £46.99Our Price : £44.64Save : £2.35
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