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Bath time is an exciting time for your little one, he’s free to happily splash around in the water without nappies or restricting clothing. It’s a time for bonding, creating special memories and sharing tons of giggles. Our range of interactive bath toys from Fisher Price, Disney Baby, Munchkin and much more will help your baby gain confidence in the tub and get used to a bath time routine. During his first years, your child learns through playing and interaction. That’s why interactive toys are important for the development of your little one. When it comes to entertaining in the tub, we have everything you need!

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Tomy Snowboarding Polar Bears
Splish splash let's take a bath! Bathtime provides a great opportunity for fun-filled bonding time with your child, as well as helping to create that all important routine in preparation for bedtime. Hit the slopes with the snowboarding polar bears, watch them climb the ski lift at the touch of a button and zoom down the ski ramp!
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £12.49Save : £2.50
Munchkin Bath Dunkers
This bath toy is a slam dunk for fun, with real game for boys and girls. Strong suction cups secure the backboard to the tub wall for endless enjoyment. This bath toy comes with 3 colorful fish that act as balls and super squirter toys for even more fun. Kids can try to score points by tossing fish into hoop, or just play with the floating fish. Either way, this toy scores for keeping kids engaged in the tub.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £8.19Save : £1.80
Tomy Pirate Bath Ship
Ahoy there ship mates! Sail the bubbly seas and have lots of bath time fun with Pirate Jack aboard the Pirate bath Ship.
Bath toys are a great way to develop your child's water confidence and to make bathing a fun and happy time for your child as well as making it a part of the bedtime routine.
RRP : £15.99Our Price : £13.99Save : £2.00
Munchkin Star Fountain
Sprinkle, sprinkle, little star! The Star Fountain floats, spins, and sprays water from mini jets that glow with a blue light. It's a water fountain for the tub.
Blue Pink
RRP : £7.99Our Price : £6.69Save : £1.30
Munchkin Lazy Buoys
This adorbale bath toys from Munchkin features 6 different play activities! Float, nest, strain, scoop, pour and spin...lot's of fun for everyone!
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £4.49Save : £1.50
Munchkin Baby Bath Ball
A colorful ball that shakes, strains, rattles, rolls and stimulates baby's senses. Floats on water, rolls on land. Soft, holed top is easy to grasp.
Pink Grn/Blu
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £4.49Save : £1.50
Munchkin Bath Shape Sorter
It's a classic with a modern, Munchkin twist. Now, little ones can learn their colors, numbers and shapes while sorting, scooping, pouring and straining water using the floating turtle and matching shell pieces.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £8.49Save : £1.50
Munchkin Turtle Shower
This Munhckin Turtle bath toy which teaches baby how to shower while having lots of fun!
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £8.89Save : £1.10
Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers
Stack, scoop and strain with Caterpillar Spillers. Any child will love to inspect this friendly insect that links up 7 numbered cups. These brightly colored cups pour and strain water in the bath for endless spilling and scooping fun. The cups also stack up to form a towering paddle wheel. And when bath is over, they nest compactly to stow away for next time. More fun than your average stacking cups.
Blue Green
RRP : £3.99Our Price : £3.39Save : £0.60
Munchkin Bath Letters & Numbers
Kids love to learn why not in the tub? 26 floating letters and numbers come in 6 colors to provide endless opportunities for a delightful learning experience. When the shapes are wet, they stick to the tub wall to spell names and places or add numbers. The foam is soft, durable and non-toxic. So splish, splash, when they're taking a bath... throw in a little learning, too!
RRP : £6.49Our Price : £5.45Save : £1.04
Munchkin Bath Bubble Blower
The Munchkin Bath Fun Bubble Blower is in the shape of a penguin and blows bubbles up and away from child's face offering children lots of fun time at bath time!
RRP : £10.99Our Price : £10.49Save : £0.50
Munchkin Wonder Waterway
Munchkin Wonder Waterway comes in 3 individual characters for different types of play. Tumble beads, spinner wheel and extending spiral slide will keep your toddler entertained. Characters connect to create a fun and engaging waterway and helps build your toddler's hand-eye coordination.
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £4.99Save : £1.00
Munchkin Bath Fun Monster Truck
Munchkin Bath Fun Monster Truck is monster sized fun for your toddlerís bath time! This bath time fun floats, rattles and rolls on land! This bath time toy helps with the development of your toddlerís motor skills.
Blue Red Star
RRP : £6.99Our Price : £5.89Save : £1.10
Munchkin 2 Float and Play Bubbles
With these adorable Float and Play Bubbles, bath time is so much more than a quick wash and dry. Rattles, fun colours and shapes will excite your little ones senses. These bubbles float in water too- perfect for bath time entertainment!
RRP : £4.99Our Price : £4.49Save : £0.50
Munchkin 3 Pour and Strain Whales
This set features three colourful strain whales, with a small handle- easy for little hands to grip. Providing tons of fun, these whales will keep your little one entertained throughout his entire bath time!
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.79Save : £0.20
Munchkin 2 Swimming Bath Bugs
For splishing and splashing about in the tub, these Swimming Bath Bugs provide heaps of fun. Designed to build confidence in water, simply pull the tail and watch as these little bugs swim about!
Green Orange
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £5.49Save : £0.50
Munchkin Magic Colour Lily Pads Stacker
Who says bath time has to be only about scrubbing clean? Little ones love to splash about and have fun too! Add this toy to your collection of bath products and watch as your little one is amazed by the magical crown that appears.
RRP : £5.49Our Price : £5.99
Munchkin Bath Tea and Cupcake Set
Take your little girlís tea party to a new, fun place- the bath tub! With cute frosted cupcakes that look good enough to eat, an adorable pink tea pot and matching tea cups, your little oneís equipped for her best tea party yet!
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £9.49Save : £0.50
Munchkin 5 Bath Time Crayons
Let your little one get creative in the bath with this set of 5 Bath Crayons. Great for artistic children and for parents who donít want to clean up mess, simply wash off afterwards.
RRP : £3.99Our Price : £3.49Save : £0.50
Munchkin Undersea Explorer
Dip and dive your way to clean on this little submarine - because undersea adventure is every child's dream. It's the little things.
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £5.59Save : £0.40
Munchkin Sea Sparkle Bath Gems
Three rattling gems in a seashell case -so your little gem gets sparkling clean while she plays. It's the little things.
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £5.59Save : £0.40
Disney Bow-Rific Bath Blooms
Water makes Minnie's flowers grow and spin and twirl! Suction Minnie's windowsill and flower box onto your bathtub or shower wall and use the watering can to make the Bow-tiful Bath Blooms come to life! Pour the water and the bow flower spins like a pinwheel while the tulip twirls and the middle flower begins to grow! You can also water from afar by using the butterfly squitter to spray the flowers! The watering can and butterfly squitter easily hook to the side of the flower box to store when bath time is over.
RRP : £16.99Our Price : £15.99Save : £1.00
Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-Rific Bath Vanity
A pretty in pink Minnie Mouse bath toy with mirror to bring fun into bathtime. Easily attaches to tiles and has lot of playtime accessories including a comb, squirter and pourer.
RRP : £16.99Our Price : £15.99Save : £1.00
Total results : 1 - 23 of 23| DisplaySort By List viewGrid viewPage of 1