Pillows and Positioners

Baby pillows and positioners are a comfortable and safe solution to reduce the risk of any harm while your little one sleeps. Our collection of baby sleep positioners are designed to provide the best comfort for your newborn. The Anatomical cushion by Babymoov is designed with care to provide your little one with head and neck support to be used in the car, cradle or any type of deckchair. Help your baby to get a peaceful night’s sleep with baby pillows that gently cradle his head, reducing the pressure. Supporting his head effectively and evenly, these baby head support pillows are an essential for newborns. Available in taupe, ivory, and almond green at affordable prices, we cater for all tastes, needs and budgets.

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Babymoov Cosymat
This ergonomic mat elevates the top part of baby’s body whilst they are sleeping to aid in digestion and help with breathing.
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £16.99Save : £3.00
Babymoov Cosydream
This sleep positioner provides ideal back and leg support for babies. The built in head positioner will keep your little one’s head round. Use the positioning rolls to keep your baby’s legs raised keeping him totally snug all night long!
RRP : £29.99Our Price : £27.99Save : £2.00
Babymoov Ergonest
This unique crib wedge easily adapts to suit your little one’s needs. You can change the tilt in one easy move for optimal comfort and perfect positioning.
RRP : £74.99Our Price : £69.99Save : £5.00
Babymoov Bibed
Designed by an osteopath, our Bibed is patented and presents a whole bunch of elements that makes it unique on the market. Its major characteristics offer a real comfort and especially prevent flat head syndrome as well as regurgitations.
RRP : £99.99Our Price : £94.99Save : £5.00
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