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Browse our wide selection of baby rockers and bouncers that will calm and soothe your baby. Our baby rockers provide your little one with a safe, relaxing and comfortable movement. Created to be soft and snuggly for your little one, these rockers and bouncers also provide maximum support for your baby. Choose from a pretty blossom pastel pink for your little girl, or subtle shades for your boy that bring a peaceful quality to your baby’s nursery. We also offer you a range of baby bouncers in striking colours from Fisher Price, one of the most trusted brands that value your baby’s safety and comfort the most. Settle and soothe your little one straight to sleep with the help of our fantastic selection at affordable prices and the highest quality you can find!

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Fisher-Price Woodsie Bouncer
New seat design with a deep comfortable seat that cocoons baby in comfort. The removable toy bar features a delightful tree design with softgoods leaves throughout. Hanging from the toy bar is a pull-down musical owl that rewards baby with musical ditties.

Baby will also be entertained by a dangling apple and two removable toys - clacker cherries and an apple teether. Finally, Mum will appreicate the calming vibrations to soothe baby, the non-skid feet, the three-point restraint harness and the machine washable pad.
RRP : £44.99Our Price : £37.49Save : £7.50
Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer
20% off Tiny Love
Suitable from birth up to 9kg or until baby can sit upright unaided, this bouncer from Tiny Love is a wonderful addition for your baby to rest and play whilst remaining safe and secure. Featuring a 2 position reclining seat, swivelling toy bars with hanging activity toys including an electronic lights and music crab toy and a vibrations unit, all encased in a bright, stimulating design.
RRP : £59.99Our Price : £54.99
East Coast Rest & Play Rocker
Suitable from birth up to 9kg or until baby can sit upright unsupported, this rocker from east coast provides great comfort for your child while creating a smooth rocking motion with calm seat vibrations and melodies to help soothe and relax your little one.
RRP : £59.99Our Price : £48.99Save : £11.00
Bright Starts PIP Sweet Safari Bounce A Round
Adventure is in store for your baby girl with the Sweet Safari Bounce Around from the Pretty in Pink Collection.
RRP : £79.99Our Price : £75.99Save : £4.00
Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby
The Bounce Bounce Baby is fully loaded with toys, lights, and melodies. This compact activity zone has all of the features necessary to keep baby entertained.
RRP : £59.99Our Price : £56.99Save : £3.00
Bright Starts Playmates in the Park Bouncer
Baby will be all smiles with this fun, colourful bouncer.
RRP : £26.99Our Price : £25.69Save : £1.30
Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper
20% off Tiny Love
This innovative Tiny Love product features a fun seat fitted with an engaging toy, a rocker that soothes baby with gentle rocking movements, and a flat mattress (180 degrees ) with raised borders, which makes for a safe and cozy sleeping environment. Three uses in one product!
RRP : £99.99Our Price : £88.99
Fisher-Price Tree Party Bouncer
The Fisher-Price Tree Party Bouncer has a lovely seat design and a comfortable seat that cocoons your baby in style. The removable toy bar features a delightful tree and animal design. Hanging from the cute bird house in the toy bar is a pull-down musical owl that rewards your baby with musical ditties. Your baby will also be entertained by a dangling bird and squirrel. You will appreciate the calming vibrations to soothe your baby, the non-skid feet, the three-point restraint harness and the machine-washable pad.
RRP : £44.99Our Price : £36.99Save : £8.00
Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer
In the bright and colourful Rainforest Friends fashion, this bouncer features loads of play. It's perfect for taking a nap, hours of fun playtime or putting baby down for a feed.
RRP : £38.99Our Price : £36.99Save : £2.00
Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer
20% off Tiny Love
Use it for home, on a trip to your friends house or even outdoors on a sunny day for a picnic! This bouncer is easy to carry and fold, making it an essential item to keep your baby comfy wherever you are!
RRP : £49.99Our Price : £44.99
Fisher-Price 2 in 1 Sensory Bouncer
Every baby develops at their own pace, and this bouncer lets you choose the stage that’s best for your baby. There are a variety of developmentally appropriate colours, toys, music and sounds on each side of the toy bar.
RRP : £62.99Our Price : £54.99Save : £8.00
Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker
A seat for play, a seat for feeding, a seat for rest—and it grows with baby. Bat-at toys keep baby entertained and help strengthen baby’s senses.
RRP : £56.99Our Price : £52.99Save : £4.00
Bright Starts Little Explorer Bouncer
The Bright Starts Little Explorer Bouncer is the perfect cradle seat that provides the right support and comfort, as well as keeping baby entertained with soothing vibrations and interactive toys.
RRP : £39.99Our Price : £37.99Save : £2.00
Bright Starts Peek a Zoo Infant to Toddler Rocker (N)
The sweet and cuddly zoo characters featured on the Bright Starts Peek-A-Zoo Rocker are sure to comfort and entertain baby! This fun and friendly seat can rock back and forth to soothe baby, or can be set to a fixed position for toddler; offering full body recline with 2 positions.
RRP : £45.50Our Price : £43.22Save : £2.28
Babymoov Bubble Bouncer
A stylish and convenient solution to soothing your baby! This Babymoov Bubble Bouncer is ideal for baby with its safe, compact and comfy seat - with enough wiggle room! With a reclining back, foot rest and an option for swinging or a fixed position, it is everything a parent would need to keep baby occupied and entertained.
RRP : £39.99Our Price : £37.99Save : £2.00
Bright Starts Rock 'n Lounge Elevated Rocker Playful Pinwheels
Baby will love the Playful Pinwheels™ Rock n lounge Elevated rocker™! Elevated frame promotes mum and baby interaction, while vivid colors and 2 fun toys keep baby laughing during play time.
RRP : £49.99Our Price : £47.99Save : £2.00
Bright Starts Whimsical Wonders Gentle Automatic Bouncer
When baby needs to be soothed and you need an extra hand, count on the Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer.
RRP : £64.99Our Price : £61.99Save : £3.00
Bright Starts Lullaby Lamb
Your little one will love to be lulled to sleep with the Ingenuity Moonlight Rocking Sleeper in Lullaby Lamb. Baby will be fascinated with the Soothing Star Shine projection that displays a soft starry light show.
RRP : £49.99Our Price : £47.99Save : £2.00
Total results : 1 - 18 of 18| DisplaySort By List viewGrid viewPage of 1