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Lizzie Rag Doll
Introducing Lizzie, from Suncrest's gorgeous traditional style Rag Doll Range. Lizzie has a blue flowery dress, pretty blonde hair in pigtails and a cute embroidered face- as well as bows on her little ballet shows.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £9.49Save : £0.50
Willow Rag Doll
Introducing Willow, from Suncrest's gorgeous traditional style Rag Doll Range. Willow has a yellow and pink flowery dress, pretty brown hair in pigtails and a cute embroidered face.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £9.49Save : £0.50
Frozen Elsa and Anna Ragdoll 10" Assortment
These charming dolls are perfect for the youngest Frozen fans. Choose from Elsa or Anna, dressed in their classic and beautiful dresses.
RRP : £20.99Our Price : £19.99Save : £1.00
Small Cute Elsa & Anna Dolls
Cast a magical, crafty spell and recreate the scenes from the hit move, Frozen, with these wonderfully soft and cute Anna and Elsa dolls.
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £12.34Save : £0.65
Cinderella Spin & Sparkle Twirling Skirt
Make a dazzling, royal impression with Disney Princess Twirling Skirt Cinderella Doll - inspired by the movie moment when she transforms from a housedress into her iconic ball gown!
RRP : £25.99Our Price : £16.99Save : £9.00
Cinderella Sparkle Doll
Girls can relive favourite fairy tale scenes with this royal beauty dressed up for the moment when her dreams come true!
RRP : £11.99Our Price : £11.39Save : £0.60
Cinderella Royal Doll in Blue Dress
A beloved fairy tale comes to life in Disney’s new Cinderella live action movie! Kind and beautiful Ella is rewarded with a wish come true and behold - the Disney Cinderella Royal Ball Cinderella doll! Ella enchants in an iconic dress with multicolor blue and purple layers that create spectacular volume. She sparkles from head to toe with delicate, magical butterflies and foil print accents and wears her famous "glass" slipper shoes that sweep her across the ballroom floor and carry her off to Happily Ever After. This breathtaking doll is sure to delight girls, moms, collectors and fans of the movie!
RRP : £42.99Our Price : £26.99Save : £16.00
Cinderella's Bedroom
Dance, dream and dress in Cinderella’s Dream Bedroom playset featuring all of the enchanting accessories a girl needs to recreate cherished moments from Disney’s beloved fairy tale! Iconic elements include a carriage shaped canopy bed with an ornate, castle backdrop, a free standing mirror featuring transformation fun, a large clock about to strike the fateful midnight hour, Cinderella’s infamous glass slippers, a large slipper shaped shoe closet and many movie themed flourishes! Girls will enjoy hours of day and night play with Cinderella’s Dream Bedroom playset - where princess dreams do come true! Cinderella doll sold separately.
RRP : £36.99Our Price : £22.99Save : £14.00
Disney Frozen Singing Olaf
Bring your favourite snowman to life in a fun and musical way! With Summer Singin’ Olaf, re-live the heartwarming moment in Disney’s Frozen when Olaf shares his dreams of experiencing summer with friends Anna and Kristoff. By pressing the button on his chest, Olaf will break out in his signature song from the movie, “In Summer”. As he imagines what frozen things do in the heat, like lying on the beach getting a tan, kids will want to join him in song and dance. Listen closely - Olaf will also say some of his funniest phrases from the movie!
RRP : £15.99Our Price : £9.99Save : £6.00
Disney Frozen Sparkling Anna
Beloved, heroic younger sister Anna, from Disney's animated hit Frozen, absolutely dazzles in sparkling fashions with signature colours. Wearing a glittery, detailed bodice, satiny calf-length skirt, and her coronation tiara, this charming royal is truly ready to sparkle happily ever after.
RRP : £15.99Our Price : £10.99Save : £5.00
Disney Frozen Royal Colour Anna Doll
Discover the magic of Disney’s Frozen’s royal sisters and the transforming power of colour-change Anna! Fill the included “perfume bottle” with icy cold water, then spray her crown and dress for magical colour change. Warm water changes the colour back, so the fun never ends! Anna is dressed in her blue skirt and pink bodice with a matching tiara to complete her princess look.
RRP : £26.99Our Price : £17.99Save : £9.00
Disney Frozen Royal colour Anna Doll
Discover the magic of Disney’s Frozen’s royal sisters and the transforming power of hot and cold with colour-change Elsa. Fill the included “perfume bottle” with icy cold water, and spray the doll’s crown and dress for a magical colour change. Warm water changes the colour back, so the fun never ends. Elsa wears her beautiful snowflake gown, with her matching tiara.
RRP : £26.99Our Price : £17.99Save : £9.00
Ever After High Royal Dexter Charming
Working toward a royal future, he looks quite the prince in a truly hip look infused with cool trends - like a plaid jacket with t-shirt and skinny pants - along with regal touches, like his golden crown and golden details on the jacket. A slate messenger bag is perfect to help rule the hallways of Ever After High style.
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £12.99Save : £7.00
Barbie Splish Splash Pup
Splash the day away with this Barbie® play set that comes with Barbie® doll, pet bathtub and adorable puppy who can really shake things up! When it’s bath time, place the pup into the tub, fill it with water and use the signature style squeeze bottle -- filled with your own soap and water -- to get the puppy sudsy. Then push down on the puppy’s back for some adorable splish splash action! Barbie® doll’s adorable pup wiggles and shakes and spins her tail, splashing suds -- just like a real puppy! Pour water over the puppy to rinse her off, and help Barbie® doll use the puppy’s towel to dry her pet.
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £23.74Save : £1.25
Barbie Hair Kingdom Unicorn
The pretty pink unicorn comes with hair accessories that include a brush and two barrettes for hairstyling fun, plus a necklace to add to her beauty. Decorated with signature details, the wear-and-share hair barrettes can also be worn by you! For even more hairstyling fun, the beads in the unicorn’s mane are designed to work with the snap and style tool sold with the Barbie® Endless Hair Kingdom™ Snap ‘n Style doll (sold separately).
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £23.99Save : £1.00
Barbie Glam Convertible
Barbie® doll can hit the road in style with this super glam convertible! Designed with an open roof, this pink two-seater is ready for an open road adventure -- or a quick trip to the store. Its sparkly pink exterior features tires with realistic styling and Barbie® accents. Black interior seats make a statement with seat belts for realism and Barbie® “upholstery” labels for style. Hop in to drive into imagination and off into adventure. Includes convertible with details and styling; dolls not included. Colours and decorations may vary.
RRP : £18.99Our Price : £17.99Save : £1.00
Barbie Glam Getaway House
This amazing house is the perfect spot for Barbie® doll (sold separately) to refresh and recharge. Plus, a latch and carrying handle means this getaway home is also the perfect play set to take on a getaway of your own! Unlatch and unfold to reveal a cute kitchenette, adorable bedroom and en suite bathroom.
RRP : £37.99Our Price : £36.99Save : £1.00
Ever After High Royal Ashlynn Ella
Ashlynn Ella™, daughter of Cinderella, is an Ever After Royal™ -- she’s chosen her parents’ path. She warms hearts in a spellbinding dress with a floral print on the skirt and bodice inlay. Sheer sleeves and shimmery peplum add royal glam, while her “glass” slippers feature enchanting details. She completes her irresistible outfit with a pink headband, golden jewellery and matching purse with a clock face to keep her mindful of her midnight curfew. Girls will love recreating scenes or imagining new wonderful adventures for this favorite Ever After High™ character. Ashlynn Ella™ doll also comes with a bookmark that shares her hexclusive story.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £9.49Save : £0.50
Barbie Rainbow Mermaid
Make a real splash with the Barbie® Rainbow Lights Mermaid™ doll! Dip this Barbie® doll into water to see her mermaid tail glimmer with colorful lights inspired by a sparkling rainbow. It’s a total wow moment! Simply press the button in Barbie® doll’s necklace to switch her to “on” mode, and dip her into the tub or pool. The colourful light show starts automatically once she is activated by the water. Or bring the magic ashore -- you can push the button in Barbie® doll’s necklace to enjoy the light show without water.
RRP : £20.99Our Price : £19.99Save : £1.00
Barbie Hair Kingdom Snap n Style Princess
Barbie® delivers a new twist on hair! With extra long locks -- 9 inches of hair -- and an easy-to-use tool to twist and style with ease, Barbie® doll is ready for a new fabulous look created by you! Barbie® doll’s long, pink and purple streaked hair includes four pieces with colourful beads attached. Snap the beads into the included hair tool, choosing two or three beads, and press the button on the tool to twist the hair in an instant. It’s so much fun and adds to creative hairstyling expression! The possibilities are endless. Get even more creative with the included accessories that include a brush, tiara and three barrettes.
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £18.99Save : £1.00
Barbie Birthday Wishes
Happy birthday to you! This is the one day each year where you can close your eyes, blow out the candles on your cake, and make all your wishes come true. 2016 Birthday Wishes® Barbie® doll is all dressed up and ready to celebrate your very special occasion. With her hair done up in a pink headband and dressed in a pale pink dress with a confetti-like print with layers of pink tulle, Birthday Wishes® Barbie® makes a wonderful birthday surprise for girls of all ages to cherish on their special day! Colours and decorations may vary.
RRP : £44.99Our Price : £42.74Save : £2.25
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