Bamba Sign uses the softest of fluffy toys to teach parents the basics of Baby Sign. Bamba's First Comforts is a box that contains Bamba and five everyday objects. Each object is paired with a simple hand sign. All objects have been specially chosen as they are related to the early language development of young babies and are the objects/concepts that they are likely to experience daily. Watch this short clip to see how your baby is signing and communicating with you already!

The box set includes a parent guide with information on why using signs with a baby is beneficial and how it will encourage early development. But don't worry it's not complicated and it includes extra useful signs for parent and baby.
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Bamba News

2008 - BACRA Playtime
2008 - BACRA Playtime
Bamba is proud to announce they won 'Product of the Year' from BACRA Playtime.

"Bamba's First Comforts is a baby signing kit that uses simple gestures, allowing babies and toddlers to express their needs. Babies love to hold and feel the specially designed toys which help them communicate, encouraging speech and reducing frustration." Baby Products Association. Playtime Product Overall Winner 2008.
2008 - Pregnancy Baby and You
2008 - Pregnancy Baby and You
The Bamba Signing Kit is featured in Pregnancy Baby and You as a 'We Love' product feature.
2008 - Award Winner!
2008 - Award Winner!
Bamba wins the 2008 Practical Pre-School Silver Award. Well done Bamba!

Great Toy for Communication: "Communication is one of the most important skills your child will ever learn. Good communication is about so more than just talking; it's the ability to be understood, to listen to others and to share and take turns in a conversation." Practical Pre-School Awards 2008

Silver Award Winner: Independently reviewed in Practical Pre-School Awards Magazine: "...the children loved to play with it..."

What the testers said: "Gorgeous, cute toys that are exceptional quality and have a luxury feel. The idea behind the kit is fantastic, as communication is important, and this kit works surprisingly well with such young children. Bamba's First Comforts is durable, portable and storable. It catered well for the age range and the children loved to play with it. It is extremely useful to develop skills, such as physical, social and emotional development, communication and understanding of the world. It really appealed to the children throughout the trial, with interest and enjoyment from start to finish."
2008 - Award Winner
2008 - Award Winner
Bamba wins another prestigious award. 2008 Winner of the Talking Tots Great Toy Award.

Independent review from The 2008 Talking Tots Great Toy Guide; the independent guide to educational toys for pre-schoolers said: "This first signing kit promotes natural gestures and language development. We love the fact that it's based on the words that are most meaningful to young babies. It's beautifully made and gorgeously tactile, too!"
2008 - New Award
2008 - New Award
Bamba scoups BFin Winner Award.

Yvonne Miller and Amanda Rees are award winners receiving the British Female Inventors and Innovators Network Special Recognition Award in 2008.
2008 - Mother and Baby Feature
2008 - Mother and Baby Feature
As seen in the November "Mother and Baby" Magazine.

Bamba's First Comforts baby signing kit is described as hot stuff and given the thumbs up by "Mother and Baby"
2009 - Talking Tots Great Toy Guide November 2009
2009 - Talking Tots Great Toy Guide November 2009
Bamba's First Comforts is a highly commended winner in the communication category in the Talking Tots Toy Awards 2009.

Talking Tots have announced the Winners of the Toy Awards. The Talking Tots Awards judges selected a Winner and a Highly Commended toy from an impressive shortlist in each category.

Bamba was Highly Commended in the Communication category. Talking Tots described Bamba's First Comforts as "the latest innovation in Baby Signing suitable for all babies from 6 months. This box contains 6 beautifully crafted items to help with first words and gestures"
2010 - Featured on BBC Wales
Bamba was shown on BBC Wales on Monday 4th October 2010. Babysignfactory was featured as one of a number of great Welsh Inventions.
2010 - Finalist in Practical Parenting Awards
2010 - Finalist in Practical Parenting Awards
Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Awards 2009/10. Finalist as seen in the January 2010 "Practical Parenting & Pregnancy" magazine.
The Concept Behind Bamba

What is Baby Sign?
Baby Signing teaches baby to use simple gestures so they are able to communicate in those early developmental stages before they have learnt how to speak.

  • Avoid frustration
    If your baby is distressed and you are not sure why, using baby sign can help you to identify what is wrong and reduce their frustration.
  • Help development
    When your baby is upset and you don’t know what they want baby sign allows you to help them quicker.

Why Bamba Sign Works
Bamba sign uses the softest of fluffy toys to teach Baby's fun play time too for you both!

  • As Part of Play
    So you always have fun learning the signs.
  • At Home
    Or out and about, so you can sign at anytime.
  • Just the Basics
    There are hundreds of signs, but we teach the 6 most essential ones to help you communicate with your baby.

How to Use Bamba
The kit contains six luxurious soft toys and a list of associated baby signs in a beautifully designed sturdy box.

  • A Bottle (Sign drink / Thirsty)
    Glug, glug, glug. A little bottle helps your baby learn the sign for drink. By using this toy they can tell you they’re feeling a little thirsty which can avoid frustration.
  • A Spoon (Sign food / Hungry)
    Feeling hungry? Your baby can use the little spoon to inform you of their rumbling belly. Say the word as you sign and it will help your baby develop their verbal expression.
  • A Blanket (Sign bed / Bedtime)
    If it’s time for your baby to go to sleep, why not show them the sign for Bedtime and give them our soft and snuggly blanket. That way they know it’s time to relax and drift off to dreamland.
  • A Mirror (Sign Ah - Look at me!)
    Peek-a-boo, ITS ME! Your baby is on a journey of self discovery and the tiny mirror will help them learn to say Look-at-Me, when they need your attention.
  • A Bath Flannel - (Sign bath / Bathtime)
    If you want to let your baby know it's time for their bath, why not pull out this tiny little bath mitt and show them the sign for bath-time. That way they know it’s time for a good old monkey scrub!
  • And Bamba (Sign playtime / Monkey)
    If your baby wants to play, watch out for the sign for playtime! Bamba the monkey represents playtime and he’ll have heaps of fun helping your baby to learn the sign.

Benefits of Bamba's

  • Bamba and his 6 plush accessories teach those important first words.
  • Reduce frustration of not being able to understand baby's needs using simple signing.
  • Parent and baby are able to learn first signs through play at home.
  • More fun, bonding and time together.
  • Using signs with baby promotes talking skills.
  • Luxurious plush toys are stored in a beautifully designed sturdy box - they make a wonderful gift.  

It's Good to Know.....

  • The enclosed easy-to-read signing instruction booklet shows more useful signs.
  • Quick signing reference guide on the inside of the box lid makes baby signing easy.
  • Each item has been individually designed to appeal to baby's senses.
  • Made from the highest quality fabrics and materials.
  • Designed by speech and language therapists to help babies communicate early.
  • Bamba was created and developed to promote early communication skills whilst making baby signing fun and easy.