These magical Barafundle CD's include the name of YOUR child, allowing children to use their imagination to create images for the stories they hear. Suitable for all ages, from birth through to 10 years depending on the story chosen, these CD's make a great children's birthday gift too.
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Barafundlecds Personalised Story CDs

The Concept Behind Barafundlecds
The Concept Behind Barafundle CD's
Barafundle CDs was started by two Mums, Lynne Eller & Lynne Rees who met on the school run and discovered they both told their children stories, usually at bedtime to help them get to sleep. These stories took the children to magical lands encouraging the children to drift off into an exciting world of their imagination.

The journey to a magical land was the key to the creation of Barafundle cd audio stories. Children love to hear their name in their unique magical adventure so the next step for Barafundle was to make each story special to each child by using his or her name throughout the CD storyline.

In today's world of TV and computers, children are constantly given visual images but with Barafundle CDs, children have a chance to make their own pictures with their imagination.

'In Nursery Rhyme Land' was Barafundle's first CD followed 2 years later by 'Visits the Solar System CD' as customers were asking for a CD for the older child. The Three Little Pigs - followed for the 2 - 7 year age group completes the set.

How Does it Work?
Children love to hear their name in Stories and with these special CDS your child's name is recorded into the CD storyline so s/he hears their name again and again.

The friendly narrator talks directly to your child as she guides her/him on a unique kids audio journey. Songs, rhymes and games enhance the storyline. The songs are performed in a variety of styles from rap and pop to country and jazz!

With the Barafundle kids audio CDs your child is taken on a magical adventure in which they become the Star of the Story. Listening to stories makes a change from the TV or computer and can help develop a child’s imagination. Customers have told us that our personalised CDs are ideal for car journeys and bedtime as well as for a bit of quiet time!

As babies’ names are becoming more diverse Barafundle are pleased to offer ANY name required. If they don’t have the name recorded their narrator will record it especially for you!

So – whether you have chosen a more popular or a more unusual baby name – Barafundle can provide your child with her/his own special CD.

Many parents like to make their child’s name special by using a unique spelling. Barafundle print any first name and any spelling on the front cover to complete this unique gift.

CD stories for kids are an ideal gift as all children love to hear a good story. Audio CDs are ever popular and with these CD stories Barafundle have combined the personalisation with the audio to create unique personalised stories for kids on CD and MP3.

Q & A's - Most common questions about Barafundle CD's
  • Can you record any name? Yes! Any first name. Please indicate a 'sounds like' pronunciation guide, on the order form for more unusual names.
  • How long does delivery take? CDs are usually dispatched within a few days. More unusual names take up to a week. If you need faster delivery please contact us.
  • Can you record 2 names in one CD for twins? The CD is made personally for an individual child. The storyline is specific to one child so we can only use one name.