Cosatto's products are cool and funky designed for today's Mums and Dads. The Brand has grown and offers value for money, quality and safety with a generous helping of personality so they make parents smile and offer practical solutions that won't break the bank!

It's good to know that Cosatto put parents first! They offer a 4 year guarantee for all their products and also have a buy 1 get 1 tree scheme to help ensure their wooden goods are environmentally friendly.
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Cosatto Swift Lite Supa Dizzi Daisi
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Cosatto Swift Lite Supa Pretti Kitti
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Cosatto 3 Sixti Crayon Kitchen Highchair
Cosatto 3 Sixti Crayon Kitchen Highchair
The Cosatto 3 Sixti Crayon Kitchen Highchair has been highligthed in top baby magazine as a trend spotter product! A great product and a really funly design too.
Your Baby picks Cosatto
Your Baby picks Cosatto
Your Baby has selected the Cosatto Hello Dolly Pushchair to feature in their magazine this month. We are not surprised, we LOVE it too!
Twice as Nice with Cosatto
Twice as Nice with Cosatto
Once again Cosatto's You Too buggy has been featured as a tried and tested product in Prima Baby magazine. It gets a great 4 star rating from the tried and tested team. Well done Cosatto.


The Concept Behind Cosatto

The Concept Behind Cosatto
Cosatto is a great brand who specialise is designing and producing funky prams, buggies, strollers or travel systems suitable for modern day living. Cosatto also provide double strollers and twin strollers ideal if you have to take more than one child out and about.

The History of Cosatto
Cosatto's history began in the 1970's when good quality wooden cots were very expensive and tricky to get hold off! This was the problem that faced a couple of successful business men who ran a small chain of nursery stores in London. One day, whilst playing golf they met another small group of Italian business men who told them about Cosatto. Cosatto was renowned in Italy for its craftsmanship and that generations of Italian mums and dads choose Cosatto for their little baby's nursery. So the two gentlemen from London took a trip to Italy to see for themselves.

And that's how Cosatto came to England where it has grown up into one of the world's leading Nursery Brands. Cosatto went on to design pushchairs, prams, highchairs, maternity goods, nursery equipment, in fact just about all you need for a brand new bouncing baby! In 2003, The Supercover Group purchased Cosatto having worked with the team for many years.

Over the past 2 years Cosatto has being completely reborn! Today's product is cool & funky designed for today's mums and dads by today's mums and dads. (They know what you like because they like it too!) Cosatto haven't forgotten how it first begun, and the principles the Brand has grown - value for money, quality and safety. Nowadays it adds a generous helping of personality to its products so they make you smile, offer you practical solutions but won't break the bank!

Creative and Quirky!
The creative Cosatto team are curious and love new ideas. With this in mind they will never stop learning and they let their curiosity cogs keep turning. They boast a bright young design team of style navigators. Only the freshest talent makes the Cosatto cut. These artistic adventurers zoom the zeitgeist distilling it into their designs. Much imitated never bettered.

Buy 1 Get 1 Tree!
Cosatto have been making quality nursery stuff for 40 years and have always been careful that the wood they select comes from sustainable sources (that means when a tree is cut down another tree is planted in its place).

They have now decided it would be nice to give a little something extra back. So for every piece of wooden furniture they sell they plant a tree. They've teamed up with some really nice people at Carbon Clear (a leading carbon management company) who work with farmers to ensure that the trees planted on Cosatto's behalf are nurtured and cared for, for at least 30 years. So while you watch your little one sleeping soundly in their Cosatto nursery, somewhere out there a little tree is growing big and strong too. Everyone knows more trees make a healthy planet.

4 Year Guarantee
Things happen in an imperfect world. Even Cosatto masterpieces can have a hiccup now and then. Thankfully Cosatto offer a good guarantee, four whole years of it. All their ranges are covered (UK & Ireland only).

Quick off the mark
Register your new product direct with Cosatto within 28 days of purchase to qualify for this fab FREE four year guarantee. Your receipt is required so look after it. Without it there’s nothing Cosatto or we can do. This four year guarantee is only valid in the UK and Ireland. Second-hand products do not qualify for the guarantee. Registering with incorrect information will invalidate your guarantee so keep it real. Cosatto reserve the right to refuse any guarantee if our terms and conditions are not met.