Discover the unique i'coo collection. High-class materials, innovative constructions, emotional designs all combined to produce this aspirational, innovative and premium wheeled goods brand.

The exclusive i'coo range consists of individual strollers and accessories, changing bags, foot muffs as well as car seats all incorporating the innovative i'coo philosophy.

I'Coo is synonymous with luxury and style. Made from the finest materials this collection has all the features parents expect today including MP3 connectivity, built in speakers, LED lights, the ultimate in suspension systems which is compact enough when folded to fit into a Smart car!
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I'Coo Accessories

I'Coo E-Care Car Seat Pad Red
RRP : £22.99Our Price : £18.99
I'Coo Universal Seat Pad 4 Colours
Purple Corn Yellow Chilli Red
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £18.99
The Concept Behind I'Coo

The Concept Behind I'Coo
The brand i'coo is designed for modern families today and  represent the highest standards of design, technology and quality. The exclusive lifestyle brand i'coo is innovative and suitable for everyday use at the same time, enriching the family life by synchronizing the needs of children with those of their parents

Their goal is to meet the needs of sophisticated, modern parents and their children. Therefore, I'coo develop a broad and innovative product range, which allows the respective claims to be achieved.

Style Without Compromise
i'coo is an expression of lifestyle, but also a commitment to aesthetics and personal style. i'coo means individuality experienced, high-quality materials, innovative designs. With a variety of colours, frames, materials & accessories, the combination possibilities are almost limitless.

The minimalist design and a touch of everyday luxury appropriate for children to convince the world of glamour. "Choose your style" is the maxim, and so are Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer, Franziska Knuppe and many other celebrities from society, parents, business and politics who choose the i'coo brand.