To caring parents, grandparents and gift givers worldwide, Sassy is the brand of products for children that parents can trust for nurturing and developing their child because they have premium quality, innovative design and focused coloration, environmentally principled, with credible and helpful purpose and value added features.

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The Concept Behind Sassy

The Concept Behind Sassy
Sassy products embrace proven developmental theories and are designed to help a baby develop through the senses.

Babies are acutely tuned into their mother’s voice at birth and it is through the sense of hearing that a baby learns communication, how to read and speak. 
While a newborn can hear, she cannot locate the source of sound so it is important to help baby learn by practicing sound location and sound associations with rattles and other noise making toys as part of a daily routine.  Helping baby make locate the sources of sound, loud versus soft sounds, rhythm of music and the sound of the human voice through the cadence of dialog with baby engages baby’s sense of hearing and develops important connections in the brain which are used throughout lifelong learning.

During the first year of a new babies life, experts advise that baby’s sense of touch develops from head to toe.  As adults we notice that babies put everything in their mouths; this behaviour is not necessarily baby's response to teething, often, baby is simply exploring as it is a touch sensitive area.

From 1 to 3 months of age, many of baby's movements are reflexive rather than intentional and baby will begin demonstrating the grasp reflex at birth.  At about 1 month of life, you may begin to notice that offering your finger to baby or gently touching her palm, may result in baby grasping her whole hand around your finger and holding on tight.  Beginning to use her tiny hand and fingers this way which will evolve into understanding of how to hold objects as baby gets older. Offering lightweight teethers with different textures is appropriate at about 3 months of age.  Watch as baby puts the objects to her mouth to explore them.

Around 3 months of age baby will begin to demonstrate more deliberate touching by grasping a lightweight rattle and moving it. Watch baby figure out how his actions result in causing the rattle to make a noise. Remember that cuddling and holding baby provides a crucial sense of security and emotional attachment.

Vision is the most complex of all the senses and an important sense used for learning about our world, more so than any of our other senses and is the slowest to completely develop.  Researchers have suggested that our relatively slow developing visual system is advantageous.  Because we take in so much information through our sense of vision, it develops slowly in the newborn so as to not overload the developing brain and to allow for a strong role of direct experience in the baby’s developing visual system.

At birth a newborn cannot see more than about 6 - 8 inches in distance away, and really only sees what is at the side of the eye rather than directly in front it.

High contrast, bold, simple and organized patterns are preferred by baby at this time and throughout the first year of life.  Red is the first colour baby can see, followed by oranges, yellows, greens and lastly at about 4-5 months of age, baby can perceive blue.

Sassy Safety
Sassy are proud of their 25 years of growth and development, providing the highest quality toys and continuing to stay ahead of hot-button issues, like using safe plastics and no paint, to bring consumers a brand and product that is trusted, durable, safe and most of all with purpose.

The History of Sassy
The birth of Sassy, Inc. took place in 1982 with the purchase of the Sassy Seat Company of Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Sassy initially had headquarters in Northbrook, IL and a manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, MI.

During the 1980’s, Sassy expanded through acquisitions that enhanced the image and sales of the company as a viable force in the juvenile products industry.  The product line expanded to include an infant bouncer seat, feeding and nursing items.

In 1996, Sassy launched a line of unique toys created in partnership with developmental experts.  Sassy’s unique approach focused on stimulating four specific developmental areas during baby’s first year of life.  This approach, along with insightful designs, bright colours, and superior quality stood out in the infant toy category and the toys became a fast favourite with parents and babies.
In 2002, Sassy was purchased by Russ Berrie and Company, Inc.  Helping people celebrate and commemorate life's milestones, Russ Berrie is a leading manufacturer in the juvenile products industry headquartered in Wayne, NJ.

Sassy’s extensive product categories have grown to include developmental and attachable toys, infant and toddler bath and feeding products, grooming and hygiene products, teething products and can be found in 29 countries worldwide.