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Inspired by her children's affection and attachment to smooth, satiny looped tags, a real mother nurtured Taggies from a simple idea and comforter for her baby to a "must have" item for little ones around the world! For over a decade now, babies and children have been comforted by their very own soft, colourful and comforting Taggie. Every Taggies product offers children a varied assortment of printed and textured tags to explore and enjoy!

Universally, children feel calm, safe, and comforted when repeatedly rubbing a silky tag together. They love studying, playing with, and reaching for colourful, looped ribbons with various textures and vibrant patterns. Touching and putting their fingers through the tags while exploring characters and prints offers them endless opportunities for simple play and snuggle time!
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Taggies Nursery Teddies

Bright Starts Tag 'n Play Pals
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