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If you are not familiar with the term ‘activity gym’ you might think it sounds a bit extreme for a new born baby! Well, in reality there is no heavy weight lifting or strenuous exercise but it is an area where baby can stretch out, explore and be captivated. The main difference between baby gyms and play mats is that the gym has an additional two toy bars crossing overhead with various toys attached to it. This cosy environment is ideal from birth to approximately 5months when baby is predominately unable to sit up unsupported; making horizontal life much more stimulating. Here you will find a huge variety of leading baby brands including Fisher-Price, Bright Starts, Baby Einstein, Taggies, Lamaze, Tiny Love and Taf Toys each manufacturing various colours and themes of baby play mats and activity gyms at various price points depending on the size and material of mat, items included such as toys, mirrors, tummy time pillow and musical accessories including visual soothers, toys and mobiles.
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Bright Starts Little Blooms Prop & Play Mat
The Bright Starts Pretty In Pink Little Blooms Prop & Play Mat is a soft, play area designed to encourage healthy tummy time play and exercise. Features include detachable prop pillow, fun characters, and toys.
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £9.99Save : £5.00
Lamaze Lay & Play Activity Mat
This large and multi colourful play mat from Lamaze is full of developmental features that capture baby’s imagination and stimulate the senses.
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £11.99Save : £3.00
Taf Toys Kooky Picnic Mat
Suitable to use from birth the Taf Toys Kooky Picnic Mat encourages baby's gross motor skills development while in the outdoors. It is a generous size and features colourful illustrations to stimulate baby's senses. Babies will love the cute Kooky characters and the illustrations will stimulate parent–baby interaction and baby's emotional intelligence.
RRP : £27.99Our Price : £22.99Save : £5.00
Fisher-Price Discover and Grow Jumbo Playmat
The Fisher-Price Discover and Grow Jumbo Playmat has a design that is fun and exciting for your little one to be entertain with during tummy time. This adorable Discover 'n Grow character art play mat has three toys, mirror, fish teether, and frog with clackers, along with a fun peek-a-boo elephant ear with crinkle.
RRP : £56.99Our Price : £51.99Save : £5.00
Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Tummy Cruiser
This ever so pretty in pink play mat with tummy time support is just what your little girl needs before she can sit up unaided. It comes with lots of toys to keep her amused and happy too.
RRP : £22.99Our Price : £19.99Save : £3.00
Taf Toys Pond Mat and Pillow
This baby mat has a very specific special feature which is the pillow that it comes with the help encourage tummy time and position baby to help strenghten it's neck and shoulder muscles.
RRP : £34.99Our Price : £28.99Save : £6.00
Taf Toys Kooky Tummy Time Pillow
An ideal pillow to purchase for use on any playmat or play area to encourage baby into tummy time during the day. In bright colours this will not only help develop baby's neck and shoulder muscles but also visual stimulate them.
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £12.99Save : £2.00
Bright Starts Sweet Savanna Prop & Play Mat
Allow your little one to wiggle and play on this pretty pink soft mat. Exercise becomes fun and enjoyable and with the removable prop up pillow your baby will be completely comfortable!
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £10.99Save : £2.00
Lamaze Take and Tidy Mat
Looking for that perfect toy that will keep your little one entertained wherever you are? Fold up and take this play mat with you to keep your little one amused and full of laughter!
RRP : £29.99Our Price : £26.99Save : £3.00
Bright Starts Safari Adventures Prop & Play Mat
Little ones need stimulation and tons of fun at playtime to help develop their expanding brains and growing bodies. Made from a variety of textured fabrics and featuring vibrant colours, this play mat is ideal for providing your child with important sensory experiences.
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £10.99Save : £2.00
The Very Hungry Caterpillar for Development
Tell the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar with this bright developmental caterpillar which features teethers, tags, texture and hook for attaching to cot, pram or car seat.Colour, sound, and texture play a large part in the early development of every baby's skills. Eric Carles attachable developmental toy make playtime fun, while developing baby's motor, speech and cognitive skills. It helps promote learning, with emphasis on the following developmental stages.
RRP : £16.99Our Price : £11.99Save : £5.00
Little Bird Told Me Rattle & Squeak Set - Butterfly & Snail
Billowy Butterfly and Softly Snail keep baby entertained.
RRP : £11.99Our Price : £11.29Save : £0.70
Lamaze Jacques the Peacock
Little Jacques the peacock is a great little toy that's full of developmental features to capture baby's imagination and bright colours to stimulate the senses. It features a rattle, a mirror, squeakers, crinkle feathers, knotty activity wings and a clip for easy attachment to a crib or stroller.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £7.99Save : £2.00
Lamaze Marina the Mermaid
Marina is full of developmental features that capture baby's imagination and stimulate her senses. She has fun, flowing textured orange hair, a star fish that rattles and a seahorse teether. Her mermaid's tail has fun, feathery fabric with ribbons and a peek-a-boo mirror.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £7.99Save : £2.00
Lamaze Pupsqueak
Pet Pupsqueak’s nose to hear him 'bark'! An electronic sound mechanism plays up to 1,800 times. Baby will also delight in discovering other fun squeaks, crinkles, and rattles. Pupsqueak's bright, bold colours are geared to help develope baby's visual senses, and the crinkles, rattles and squeaks help to develop baby's auditory senses The added link makes him easy to take along anywhere.
RRP : £10.99Our Price : £7.99Save : £3.00
Lamaze Captain Calamari
'Aar me harties!' set sail on the high seas with Captain Calamari, he's full of developmental features that capture baby's imagination and stimulate the senses. With his crinkly pirate's hat and eye patch and eight brightly coloured, textured tentacles full of activities including a rattle, clacking teether rings, a surprise mirror and a handy clip for attachment to a stroller or crib.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £7.99Save : £2.00
Lamaze My Friend Emily
My friend Emily will make a lovely companion for any little girl, featuring a flower rattle around her neck, clacking teether rings, a crinkling dress and shoes. Her tummy squeaks when she's squeezed, she's brightly coloured and full of things to stimulate baby's senses. Also included is a handy clip for easy attachment to a crib or stroller.
RRP : £10.99Our Price : £8.79Save : £2.20
Tiny Love Jittering Jay
Easy to grasp toy that encourages eye-hand coordination, motor skills and cause & effect learning
RRP : £6.99Our Price : £6.49Save : £0.50
Lamaze Freddie the Firefly
Brightly coloured Freddie the firefly is packed full of features, including crinkle wings, a jingling head, squeaker wings, a peek a boo mirror, clacking rings and a ladybug teether that fits into a handy pouch when not in use, he's bound to give hours of entertainment to your baby.
RRP : £11.99Our Price : £9.59Save : £2.40
Lamaze Rusty the Robot
Radical Rusty the robot makes an awesome first friend for any little boy, featuring a ratcheting head, knotty antennas, clanking rings & busy beads on his hands and colourful ribbon feet that crinkle. He's also double sided with a mirror on one side and includes a handy clip for easy attachment to a crib or stroller.
RRP : £11.99Our Price : £8.99Save : £3.00
Lamaze Lulu in a Tutu
Huggable hippo Lulu is full of developmental features that capture baby's imagination and stimulate the senses, with colourful ribbon around her bright yellow crinkle tutu, a rattle in her head and busy beads to keep baby entertained. She also has a handy clip for attachment to a stroller or crib.
RRP : £10.99Our Price : £8.99Save : £2.00
Lamaze Sir Prance-a-lot by Lamaze
Make way for the brave knight and his noble steed sir prance-a-lot, he's packed full of developmental features that capture baby's imagination and stimulate the senses, with a crinkly saddle and feet, bright coloured knotty legs and clacking rings on his tail, sir prance-a-lot squeaks when he's squeezed and his horse has a jingling head, he's the perfect toy for any little knight in shining armor.
RRP : £10.99Our Price : £8.79Save : £2.20
Lamaze Play & Grow Dee Dee the Dragon
Delightful Dee Dee the dragon is full of developmental features that capture baby's imagination and stimulate the senses, with crinkly wings, feet and a rattle in her hand to develop auditory senses, bright bold contrasting colours and patterns to stimulate baby's vision and a mirror on her tail Dee Dee is set to capture the heart of any baby. Dee Dee also features a handy clip for attachment to a stroller or crib.
RRP : £10.99Our Price : £8.79Save : £2.20
Lamaze Mittens the Kitten
Mittens the Kitten is set to capture the heart of any baby, with textures, sounds and high contrast colours to encourage learning, refine baby's motor skills, auditory awareness and develop the senses. With a cute smiling happy face with wide eyes, a brightly coloured crinkly tail and knotty legs with knitted crinkly paws.
RRP : £11.99Our Price : £9.59Save : £2.40
Lamaze Flutterbug
Lamaze's flutterbug is packed full of developmental features to stimulate the senses and keep baby entertained for hours, With bright bold contrasting colours for visual stimulation, crinkle touch fabric and jingles to stimulate the auditory senses, clanking teether rings and when the flutterbug is pulled it vibrates keeping your baby entertained and engaged while learning at the same time.
RRP : £10.99Our Price : £8.79Save : £2.20
Lamaze Huey the Hedgehog
Adorable Huey the hedgehog would make the ideal first friend for any baby, as well as being packed full of developmental features. He's brightly coloured to encourage visual stimulation, he squeaks and crinkles at baby's touch; stimulating auditory awareness, and his intriguing textures welcome baby's touch and encourage tactile exploration, as well as being incredibly cute!
RRP : £10.99Our Price : £8.79Save : £2.20
Taf Toys Kooky Girl
The Taf toys kooky girl is the ideal companion for any little girl and is packed full of activities, textures sounds and fun, all geared to develop baby's senses and motor skills.
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £10.99Save : £2.00
Bright Starts Flutter & Link Friend
Plush character toy with multiple activates for on the go fun! This plush butterfly has lots of fun features to keep baby entertained and easily attached to a pram or car seat.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £6.99Save : £3.00
Bright Starts Sensory Development Plush - 2 Designs
So many toys in one and so many ways to help develop baby's senses! Bold graphics and high-contrast colors stimulate vision...rattling and clacking sounds delight the ears...crinkly and satiny textures give tactile variety...a mini mirror fosters self-discovery. Choose zebra, dragonfly, or both for go-everywhere developmental fun.
RRP : £11.99Our Price : £4.99Save : £7.00
Bright Starts Bugaboo Phone Friend
What's the Buzz?!

This soft plush ladybug phone will be a firm favourite with little ones. Squeeze or push the numbers to hear silly sounds and melodies. It also features on-the-go loop for attaching to strollers, car seats and more!
RRP : £7.99Our Price : £4.99Save : £3.00
Taggies Fun Shape Balls - 3 Designs
Taggies fun shape balls are brightly coloured, textured and have a rattle inside, all geared to promote emotional development and stimulate the senses. They are available in three designs a funky multi coloured ball, a football and an American football.
White Yellow Multi
RRP : £7.99Our Price : £5.49Save : £2.50
Lamaze Tug and Play Knot
Great for building coordination and strength, the Lamaze Tug & Play Activity Knot encourages baby to grab, hold, pull and tug. Featuring soft textures, clacking rings, jingle sounds and bright colours, the activity knot provides baby with multi-sensory fun and encourages two-handed play.
RRP : £8.99Our Price : £6.99Save : £2.00
Lamaze Logan the Lion
This adorable Lamaze Lion toy offers soft play loaded with plenty of developmental features. Features include a busy ribbon mane, fun textures and patterns, growler, teether, clacking rings, and floppy weighted feet. The Lamaze link allows for on the go play and attaches easily to a crib or stroller.
RRP : £10.99Our Price : £8.79Save : £2.20
Taf Toys Busy Bird
Suitable to use from birth, the Taf Toy Busy Bird encourages baby to play with the fun activities which helps develop baby's senses, motor skills and emotional intelligence.
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £10.49Save : £2.50
Taf Toys Super Duck
Playing with the fun activities on the Taf Toys Super Duck activity toy helps develop baby's senses, motor skills and emotional intelligence. Suitable to use from birth, this colourful character makes a great travelling companion too!
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £9.99Save : £3.00
Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Chime Along Friends
Babies will love these plush friends and happy chimes wherever they go. They have fun characters that chime with a gentle shake, they are colourful, plush characters that are soft to the touch and the fun link attaches to carriers, strollers and more.
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £3.99Save : £2.00
Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Tug Tunes
Give the pretty in pink tug tunes a little tug and they'll play four lovely melodies. The soft touch material is fun to touch and they have a link that attaches to carriers, strollers and more..
RRP : £8.99Our Price : £6.49Save : £2.50
Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Play a Lot Petals
The multiple activities of the play a lot petals are sure to keep baby entertained when on the go. It's a colourful plush flower with multiple developmental features including a teether and crinkle petals, clacking rings, a bead chaser and a baby safe mirror on the back for self-discovery. It also attaches to carriers, strollers and more!
RRP : £6.99Our Price : £4.99Save : £2.00
Oball On the Go Link
This flexible strap attaches easily to baby's favourite on-the-go toys. The colourful link attaches easily to toy bars, carriers, strollers and is virtually indestructible.
Blue Red Pink
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.49Save : £0.50
Bright Starts Lots O Links
The Bright Starts lots of links are ideal for parents who want to link toys almost anywhere, the set features 24 textured Fun LinksT that promote your baby's tactile stimulation.
RRP : £4.99Our Price : £3.89Save : £1.10
Total results : 41 - 80 of 104| DisplaySort By List viewGrid viewPage of 3