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We have a selection of baths including the best from Fisher Price, Brevi, Hello Kitty, Cosatto and Prince Lionheart. We also have towels from Obaby and accessories including bath and room thermometers, bath mats, grooming kits and fun toys from trusted brands including Tomy, Sassy and Tomme Tippee. 

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Babymoov Inflatable Bathtub
For parents who need a baby bath tub that is easy to store and transport, then the Babymoov inflatable bathtub is ideal. The Babymoov's progressive and inflatable bathtub is designed to use it from birth and comes with some great features to make usage easy.
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £22.99Save : £2.00
Munchkin White Hot Safety Duck Bath
The baby tub that doesn't get you in hot water. Prents can be sure the bath water is just right for baby without constant testing and guessing. This award-winning inflatable tub has a special White Hot dot that turns white when the water is too hot, then turns blue when it's just right. The adorable ducky tub has a contoured headrest and is fully padded for babys total comfort.
RRP : £13.99Our Price : £10.99Save : £3.00
Disney Bath Tub 84cm - 3 Characters
These pratical bath tubs have been designed to help your baby feel secure and happy at bath time. It is practical, easy to clean and fully safety tested.
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £13.49Save : £1.50
Beaba Pastel Camele'o Baby Bath (2 Colours)
The Beaba Camele’o baby bath has a stylish round shape and incorporates anti slip material to provide optimum comfort for your baby.
Pink Mint
RRP : £39.99Our Price : £35.49Save : £4.50
Beaba Pastel Camele'o Stand
The Beaba Camele’o bath support is designed to hold the Camele’o bath or changing table.
Pink Mint
RRP : £54.99Our Price : £48.99Save : £6.00
Fisher-Price Rinse 'N Grow Tub
This is the perfect answer to any new mummy's anxiety over bathing their newborn. The Rinse 'N Grow Tub cradles your newborn securly in the tub and allows you to gently wash your baby. As your child grows into a toddler, the 'Baby Stopper' can be easily removed to allow full, non-restricted movement.
RRP : £36.99Our Price : £34.99Save : £2.00
Babymoov Aquanest Bathtub
The world’s first bathtub to keep bath water at the right temperature! This Babymoov Aquanest tub with its patented “Warm Diffuser System” maintains water temperature at the optimum level of 37°C for 10 minutes! This means more carefree bathtub fun for you and baby!
RRP : £39.99Our Price : £39.39Save : £0.60
Beaba Pastel Camele'o Changing Table (2 Colours)
Light and compact, the changing table is ideal for small spaces and can be adapted thanks to its multi-purpose adjustable fastening system: full-size bath, cot or Camele’o support fastening.
Pink Mint
RRP : £49.99Our Price : £44.49Save : £5.50
Babymoov Bathstand
There's nothing worse than getting back ache while you're trying to soothe your baby in the bath, so invest in an easy bathing experience! For use with the Babymoov Aquanest, this Bathstand and drain pipe set will be the ideal addition to your baby's bathtime.

With the ability to connect the bath to your tub, you can easily drain and maintain the water - hassle free!
RRP : £34.99Our Price : £34.47Save : £0.52
Munchkin 6 Grippy Dots
6 textured tub grips help prevent slipping in the tub. One dot features White Hot technology that warns when the water gets too hot. Strong suction grip base. Great alternative to a bath mat - easy to clean and lets you place dots where you need them most. Suitable for 36 months +.
RRP : £7.99Our Price : £6.49Save : £1.50
Beaba Pastel Camele'o Multi Pouch Holder (2 Colours)
The multi-pouch holder is adapted to the Camele’o support and allows you to have all the products you need for baby close at hand.
Pink Mint
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £22.49Save : £2.50
Disney Bath Chair - 3 Characters
These bath chairs have been designed with your child in mind. The bath chair cradles your baby enabling you to make bath time less stressful. The character design makes bath times fun and provides a bit of extra reassurance for your child. The bath chair is comfortable and safe. It is made from sturdy plastic and has a non-slip suction pad to hold it securely in place. The practical design is lightweight and easily portable so it can be used when out and about as well as using it at home.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £8.99Save : £1.00
Beaba Pastel Bath Support (2 Colours)
The Transatdo baby bath seat is progressive safe lounging for growing babies at bath time.
Pink Mint
RRP : £21.99Our Price : £19.99Save : £2.00
Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky
Test the waters with our Safety Duck. No need to worry that baby's bath water is too hot to handle. This adorable rubber ducky has the Munchkin White Hot safety disc at the bottom that tells you when the water is too hot, then lets you know that its safe to put your baby in. And, it's just the right size for little hands to hold and cuddle. Watertight so it won't sink, squirt or mildew.
RRP : £2.79Our Price : £2.19Save : £0.60
Munchkin Shampoo Rinser
This soft rinse cup from Munchkin keeps soap and water out of child's eyes at bathtime. It features a unique, easy-grip handle for ease of use and is suitable for 6 months +.
Bright Pink Bright Blue
RRP : £4.49Our Price : £3.49Save : £1.00
Munchkin Bath Toy Scoop
This bath scooper can collect bath toys in one fell scoop. Just scoop 'em up, rinse 'em off and allow the water to drain quickly.
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £9.99Save : £3.00
Munchkin Corner Bath Organiser
The Corner Bath Organizer is the perfect solution for today's parents. The modern design lets kids and parents sneak a peek at their favorite toys while the mildew-resistant neoprene material and drain hole at the bottom keeps toys clean and dry.
Blue Pink
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £4.99Save : £1.00
Boon Bug Pod Bath Scoop
Helping to clean up and store your little one’s bath toys, this bug is fun and fantastic, featuring a drainable scoop for rinsing toys. Super sturdy, this adorable bug uses semi- permanent adhesive strips that won’t ruin your wall surfaces.
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £22.99Save : £2.00
Boon Whale Pod Bath Scoop
It’s never been easier to clean up at bath time with this adorable Whale Bath Toy Scoop from Boon. This clever bath toy can be used to pick up then rinse and drain your little one’s favourite bath toys. Great for storage, this toy can also be attached to your bathroom wall without leaving any marks!
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £22.99Save : £2.00
Beaba Bath Hammock Insert
The Beaba Hammock for the Cameleo Bath is a shower net that allows parents to shower or clean baby's bottom in complete safety and comfort without the need of filling a bath, ideal for newborn babies.
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £13.99Save : £1.00
Fisher-Price Froggy Friends Temperature Change
This bath mat can be used to prevent dangerous slipping and is ideal for use when bathing little ones. With an array of wonderful colours and patterns, it's sure to keep your little one entertained in the tub too!
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £14.24Save : £0.75
Tiny Tatty Teddy Temperature Change Bath Mat
This multi-purpose bath mat is an essential when it comes to bathing your little one. It prevents your baby from slipping in the tub, and will also inform you if the water temperature is too hot.
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £13.99Save : £1.00
Thomas & Friends Bath Caddy
Sy bye to cluttered bath times! It can become a mess; toys here there and everywhere, bathing products scattered around and an excited little one! Let the Thomas the Tank Bath Caddy come to your rescue, with handy storage for any bath!
RRP : £20.99Our Price : £19.94Save : £1.05
Mothercare Under the Sea Pink Bath Mat
Your little one will love splashing around in the bath with the Mothercare fun and practical bath mat. The soft non-slip mat allows your little one to have fun in the bath without worrying about slipping. Specially produced to be free from chemicals that may be harmful to your child, this pretty bath mat will be a useful addition to bath time.
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £12.34Save : £0.65
Mothercare Aqua Pod in Pink
This innovative bath support is a handy and stylish addition to baby’s bath time, especially for parents with two children! With a T bar and shaped back support, your baby will be able to sit up safely without slipping in the tub and the long length of the bath mat allows a toddler to be bathed at the same time!

Additionally, a 'hot spot' feature on the mat gives a quick indication of when the water is too hot - a handy tool, however we'd still recommend a bath thermometer (available separately) to check you've reached the optimal temperature. With suction cups underneath the support and mat, it can be firmly attached to any bath and it
RRP : £29.99Our Price : £28.49Save : £1.50
Babymoov Aquasoft Bath Support in 2 Colours
The Aquasoft Bath Support from Babymoov is designed especially to help baby feel comfortable in any bathtub. With a, soft, cushioned centre, the Aquasoft gives your baby a ‘skin to skin’ sensation that they won’t feel against the bathtub material.
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £19.69Save : £0.30
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare and Grooming Kit
Tommee Tippee’s essential and practical healthcare and grooming kit that’s handy in the nursery or out and about
RRP : £16.99Our Price : £15.99Save : £1.00
Beaba Pastel Scissors & Case with Integrated Nail File (2 Colours)
This Scissors and Case Set from Beaba is easy and safe to use and is designed for tiny fingers and toes.
Pink Mint
RRP : £3.99Our Price : £3.49Save : £0.50
Beaba Ballidoo Electric Baby Nose Aspirator
Because nothing is much more distressing for a baby than a blocked nose. The Beaba Ballidoo Electric Baby Nose Aspirator is a gentle way to clear a baby or toddlers nose.
RRP : £49.99Our Price : £44.99Save : £5.00
Tommee Tippee Essentials Baby Scissors
Tommee Tippee’s Essentials baby scissors have a shaped handle and tight finger holes to give you more control for safer clipping. They are shaped for little nails, with cutting edges that are curved with rounded edges for safety.
RRP : £2.49Our Price : £2.19Save : £0.30
Tommee Tippee  Essentials Brush & Comb
The Tommee Tippee Essentials Brush and Comb Set is a set of soft bristled brush and a non-scratch comb that are meant to care for your little one's delicate skin on the scalp. They are specially designed to keep in mind that babies have softer hair and skin.
RRP : £2.49Our Price : £2.19Save : £0.30
Tommee Tippee Essentials Baby Nail Clippers
Tommee Tippee’s Essentials baby nail clippers are perfectly shaped for little nails. The nail clippers are safe and easy to use, where the moulded handle prevents slipping and the rounded edge clippers are designed specifically for baby nails.
RRP : £2.49Our Price : £2.19Save : £0.30
Beaba Electric Nail File
Beaba’s electric nail file is perfect for Baby’s first nails and to avoid scratching. The rounded nail file is adapted to a new-born baby’s hands and feet. It has a 2-speed rotation and 3 tips (soft nail, hard nail and polishing)
RRP : £17.99Our Price : £15.99Save : £2.00
Beaba Personal Care Set
This trendy, compact personal care set contains everything you need to keep your little one clean, well groomed and healthy.
Pink Mint
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £8.99Save : £1.00
Earth Friendly Baby Organic Shampoo/Bodywash - 3 Fragrances
Earth Friendly Baby’s three glorious types of organic baby shampoo and body wash that are developed to be very gentle on baby’s skin, as well as having all the benefits that its natural organic ingredients have, from anti-septic properties to fight and prevent infection and the soothing and calming effect they have, it’s good for the environment too.
RRP : £3.99Our Price : £3.79Save : £0.20
Earth Friendly Baby Organic Body Lotion - 2 Fragrances
Earth Friendly Baby’s organic body lotions are developed to be very gentle and keep baby’s delicate skin soft and supple, the natural ingredients enhance baby’s delicate skin without using harsh chemicals, as well as having all the benefits that its natural organic ingredients have, from anti-septic properties to fight and prevent infection and the soothing and calming effect they have, it’s good for the environment too.
RRP : £4.99Our Price : £4.74Save : £0.25
Earth Friendly Baby Organic Bubble Bath 300ml - 3 Fragrances
Three wonderful bubble baths from Earth Friendly Baby featuring Classic Organic Chamomile, Relaxing Organic Lavender & Fun time Organic Mandarin, all great for your little one!
RRP : £5.49Our Price : £5.29Save : £0.20
Earth Friendly Baby Lavender Cleansing Bar
Earth Friendly Baby’s natural lavender cleansing bar is created just for babies, it’s delicate and lightly scented and carefully handcrafted from products that are natural and friendly. Lavender has the ability to remove nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems
RRP : £2.49Our Price : £2.37Save : £0.12
Earth Friendly Baby Eco Baby Wipes
Earth Friendly baby’s soft and thick eco baby wipes are 100% biodegradable and kinder to the environment. The liquid solution used on the wipes contains soothing organic chamomile and calendula and has been formulated with mild ingredients to gently cleanse baby’s delicate skin.
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.84Save : £0.15
Earth Friendly Baby Moisturising Shea Butter Massage Oil
Pamper your baby and help keep their skin soft and smooth with this silky massage oil. Made from natural ingredients this soothing massage oil will leave your baby's skin feeling extra soft.
RRP : £3.99Our Price : £3.79Save : £0.20
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