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The type of baby monitor you choose may be influenced by your budget (£24.99 to £299.99) and also how much you require from the monitor. Do you just want to hear baby? In which case an audio monitor will be sufficient; or would you prefer to see and hear baby (video monitor). Or do you have additional needs to monitor baby’s breathing in which case a sensory or combined sensor video monitor is required. Prices also vary within each category often depending on features included such as the distance covered, size of screen, number of handsets, whether it also plays lullabies or has a nightlight, thermometer, clock etc. From the most economical to the most expensive models you can rest-assured the baby monitors Babycity stocks provide excellent coverage and are only manufactured by the best brands in the industry including Tomy, Philips Avent, Motorola, Tomme Tippee, Angelcare and Lindam.

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Babymoov Premium Care Digital Green Baby Monitor
The Babymoov Digital Green Baby monitor is a great product for parents who are tired of hearing interference when listening out for their baby's cry. It has an automatic channel search to help you with a clear sounding monitor and has an LDC screen that indicates the temperature of your baby's room.
RRP : £79.99Our Price : £75.99Save : £4.00
Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Digital Baby Monitor
Using Tommee Tippee Baby Monitors, you will find that your child's safety is put first by Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology.
RRP : £64.99Our Price : £63.99Save : £1.00
Tomy Digitial TF500 Monitor
The Tomy Digital TF500 Baby Monitor is easy to use. Simply switch on for a crystal clear, interference-free connection to your baby. The monitor comes with a useful nightlight which allows you to control the brightness which is perfect for when you donít want to disturb your baby by switching on the main light in the nursery.
RRP : £39.99Our Price : £35.99Save : £4.00
Tomy Digitial TF525 Monitor
The Tomy Digital TF525 Baby Monitor is easy to use. Simply switch on for a crystal clear, interference-free connection to your baby. The monitor comes with a useful nightlight which allows you to control the brightness - perfect for when you donít want to disturb your baby by switching on the main light in the nursery. You can also talk to your baby and play lullabies from another room to help gently soothe your little one to sleep.
RRP : £59.99Our Price : £48.99Save : £11.00
Tomy Digitial TF550 Monitor
The Tomy TF550 monitor features digital DECT technology to give you crystal clear, interference free sound that gives you peace of mind whilst monitoring your baby. The sound light display means you can monitor your baby's needs even with the volume turned down and thereís a vibrate mode. The TF550 also includes a really useful, adjustable nightlight that can be controlled remotely from the parent unit so there's no need to disturb baby with the main nursery light. What's more it can be used independently from the monitor, providing extended use for your baby as they grow up.
RRP : £79.99Our Price : £66.99Save : £13.00
Babymoov Simply Care New Generation
Babymoov offers a complete range of baby monitors whose transmission power doesn't exceed 10 mW whereas some digital technologies use 25mW.
The Simply Care is an analogical baby monitor, which respects the development of your baby's brain. Thanks to a low emission power of 1.25mW, your baby can sleep and grow without any risk of exposure to electromagnetic waves. It has a range of 300m, a VOX (voice-activated) function, 2 channels and 2 alarms (visual & acoustic). There is also a volume control
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £23.74Save : £1.25
Babymoov Expert Digital Green Monitor
This Babymoov Expert Digital Green Monitor has been created as an innovation that combines digital technology with low power emission levels; this means a safer monitor for your baby to be around!
RRP : £59.99Our Price : £56.99Save : £3.00
Babymoov Baby Monitor Easy Care
The Easy Care Baby Monitor combines the zero interference of digital technology with low-emission power levels to protect baby's health! Protect your children, choose Digital Green Technology - Babymoov keeps innovating to meet the expectations of parents with the creation of a brand new technology, Digital Green Technology, thereby combining the performance of digital technology (clear sound, zero interference) with the safety of low-emission power levels. The Expert care Baby Monitor emits up to 33x less electromagnetic waves than some baby monitors, ensuring the Digital Green Technology is safer for use around little ones.
RRP : £42.99Our Price : £41.99Save : £1.00
Babymoov Visio Care III Monitor
The range of 300 metres and the out-of-range alarm ensures parents are connected with baby. Equipped with 2.4 GHz frequency technology for a clear sound and image, the parents can feel reassured! A 2.4 " LCD colour screen and a directional camera (70°) with a zoom function (100% and 200%) will enable you to have a clear vision on your little one while sleeping.
RRP : £129.99Our Price : £122.99Save : £7.00
Tomy Digital TFV600 Video Monitor
New from Tomy is the TFM575 which includes a Tomy video monitor with 2.4" display. It also features night vision, range alarm and sound activation.
RRP : £119.99Our Price : £99.99Save : £20.00
Babymoov Visio Care III Extra Transmitter
Add multiple cameras to your Visio Care III Baby Monitor. Ideal if you are parents of twins, have multiple areas for baby to be or for nurses and babysitters. Up to four cameras at a time can be used with the Visio Care III Baby Monitor. A directional camera, with a zoom function of 100% and 200%, microphone volume and high definition.
RRP : £49.99Our Price : £47.99Save : £2.00
Babymoov 0 Emission Camera
The world's first connected video baby monitor with zero radio waves! The baby camera is made with a revolutionary technology that ensures zero electromagnetic waves in the child's environment. The baby camera is connected to intuitive apps which can be downloaded and controlled through iOS/ Android devices to watch baby sleeping, capture photos and set up multiple functions such as temperature, night light, music by remote control.
RRP : £149.99Our Price : £142.99Save : £7.00
Babymoov Touch Screen Monitor (new style)
This is a multi-function, high tech, ultra intuitive touch screen for video baby monitoring and has a 250 mn range. Carers can keep an eye on their baby with the video function Touch screen; which is easy to use thanks to its tactile screen!

The 3.5'' touch-screen provides numerical quality image. This baby camera comes with a micro SD card reader, TV connection and USB port. The screen of the receiver can ben divided into 4 sections in case 4 video cameras are connected. You can also adjust the direction of the camera.
RRP : £149.99Our Price : £139.99Save : £10.00
Babymoov Extra Transmitter for Touch Screen
An extra camera for the ultra-intuitive video baby monitor. The Touch screen baby monitor has been designed to look after several babies at the same time when connected to extra camera transmitters. You can plug up to 4 cameras at the same time with the Touch screen baby monitor and divide your screen into 4 sections.
RRP : £59.99Our Price : £56.99Save : £3.00
Tommee Tippee Sensor Baby Monitor
The Tommee Tippee DECT digital Movement and Sound monitor uses Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) offering interference free monitoring. The unit monitors baby's movement and sound for your ultimate peace of mind at sleep time. Intuitively simple to use and beautifully styled to compliment any nursery.
RRP : £99.99Our Price : £85.99Save : £14.00
Tomy Baby Monitor and Movement Pad
Tomy offer reassurance with its well known experience in baby monitors and international brand. This audio monitor comes with a sensor movement pad for addition baby safety monitoring.
RRP : £89.99Our Price : £79.99Save : £10.00
Babymoov Babyphone Carry Case
This transport bag is practical and discreet to carry safely any of your baby monitors.
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £12.99Save : £2.00
Total results : 1 - 17 of 17| DisplaySort By List viewGrid viewPage of 1