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As a parent, we know that you worry about your child as he curiously crawls through each room at home, not realising that there are hazardous areas that could pose danger to him. Childproof your home with safety gates, extensions and home safety equipment from leading brands Lindam and Sassy. Both brands offer you a variety of unique and secure products to suit your needs. At Babycity, we offer a fantastic selection of gates, in different sizes and colours that will not only protect your little one from bumps and bruises but will also look super stylish in your home.  Our home baby safety equipment includes covers to cushion sharp table edges and door and drawer latches to secure your cabinets and drawers for enhanced safety.
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Safety First Soft Corner Guards
Soft Corner Guards by Safety First mold easily to table corners to protect children from getting bumped and bruised! This is an essential product in any home with young children. The clear gel blends in with home décor, making them a discreet, disguisable safety product and the shape is rounded from all angles.
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Safety First Slam Stopper (2pk)
Slam Stopper from Safety First is a simple but effective way to safeguard against the dangers of slamming doors. It also helps to keep children from accidentally locking themselves in a room. Flexible, dense foam material makes Slam Stopper very easy to use and install. Suitable for most types of doors.
RRP : £3.99Our Price : £3.79Save : £0.20
Safety First Drawer Lock (7pk)
Safety First Drawer Locks prevent children from opening cabinets and drawers. Childproofing your home is made easy with this child safety essential. The locks are very easy to install, and the drawer can be released quickly by means of a simple push. Adapts to cabinets and drawers. 7 locks in a pack.
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.89Save : £0.10
Safety First Handle Flex Lock
Handle Flex Lock from Safety First is a very easy to install and use home safety essential that keeps children from opening cabinets. The SecureTech® visual indicator guarantees that the device has been correctly locked. Adjustable pins means it fits any kind of cupboards. The lock has a quick release double action and can be used with any type of doors, both with handles or doorknobs. Stays on door knobs/handles when open. 2 colors to fit all contemporary interiors.
White Grey
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.89Save : £0.10
Safety First Cabinet Slide Lock
The SecureTech® Cabinet Slide Lock from Safety First has an easy-to-understand indicator that lets you know when this child safety device is correctly locked. It's a childproofing solution that's easy to use, to install, and keeps children safe by preventing them opening cabinet doors. The adjustable sliding system means it fits any kind of cabinet. The lock's one-hand opening action makes it very easy to release. Can be used with any type of doors, either with handles or doorknobs. 2 colors to fit all contemporary interiors.
White Grey
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.89Save : £0.10
Safety First Multi Purpose Lock
The Safety First Multi-Purpose Lock is here to give parents the peace of mind that their little one will not easily open any important appliances like the microwave or fridge. Parents can simply stick each end of the lock around the opening of the door (one end of the door and one to the fixed side of appliance or cupboard) to prevent it from opening.

This lock can be used for all kinds of cupboards and house hold appliances like fridges (single door versions), freezers (standard or chest opening) and microwaves.
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Safety First Socket Covers (6pk)
These socket covers from Safety First help keep kids safe by keeping little fingers out of electrical outlets. An essential child safety device, which is easily removable when no longer needed. 6 inserts included in one pack.
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Safety First Cabinet & Drawer Spring Lock (3pk)
The Safety First Cabinet and Drawer Lock features an easy grip, wide surface for quick parent access. Each pack includes three cabinet and drawer latches which are spring-loaded and stop children from opening cabinets and drawers. They are easy to install and require screwing. Once installed, parents can partially open the drawer and put pressure on the base of the hook part. This releases the lock and they are then able to access the drawer.
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Safety First Automatic Night Light
The Safety First automatic night light keeps the child's room slightly lit while they sleep or to dimly light the hallway to help guide them to the bathroom when needed. This night light can be kept plugged in all the time as the light is only activated when the built-in sensor detects a loss of natural daylight. When the night light is on, the electricity consumption is very low (0.5 W) so there isnít any danger of inflated electricity bills because of this product.
RRP : £7.99Our Price : £7.79Save : £0.20
Beaba Pixie Night Light (3 Colours)
The BEABA Pixie Night Light is designed to be used from birth and offers a soft and gentle light that will reassure babies. The BEABA Pixie Night Light is designed to be used from birth and offers a soft and gentle light that will reassure babies.
Orange/Pink Sky/Blue Plum/Green
RRP : £29.99Our Price : £26.99Save : £3.00
Lindam Automatic Nursery Safety Sensor Light
The Lindam Automatic Nursery Safety Sensor Light has been cleverly designed with a sensor that automatically switches the light on at dusk and off at dawn, so you can plug it in, and then let it do the rest. The LED light source in the Lindam Sensor light is Eco-friendly whilst remaining cool to the touch and providing over 10,000 hoursí worth of light! It's a simple device with a long life that can provide priceless reassurance at night time.
RRP : £7.99Our Price : £6.99Save : £1.00
Brother Max Bear Carry & Hang Nightlight
The new Brother Max Bear Carry & Hang Nightlight is incredibly versatile as it can be positioned anywhere to suit a little ones needs. It will happily sit on a shelf or easily be hung on a door handle or hook. The clever design also allows toddlers to carry the nightlight, making it perfect for night time toilet visits.
RRP : £29.99Our Price : £26.99Save : £3.00
Lindam Nursery Night Light Set
The Nursery Night Light Set provides a soft, reassuring glow throughout the night, comforting little ones whilst providing peace of mind for parents
RRP : £8.99Our Price : £8.54Save : £0.45
Brother Max Dual purpose Plug In Nightlight
The Dual Purpose Plug-in Nightlight from Brother Max combines sleek curves with exceptional functionality. Its dual purpose capability frees up the socket so you can use another appliance at the same time as the nightlight by simply plugging it into the socket at the front of the nightlight Ė invaluable given the plethora of gadgets we often plug in in the nursery!
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £9.49Save : £0.50
Lindam Night Light Owl 'Light My Way'
Light your little one's way with the Lindam Night Light Owl 'Light My Way'. This night light provides a comforting glow at bedtime for toddlers and has an easy grip handle.
RRP : £9.99Our Price : £9.49Save : £0.50
Babymoov Tweesty Nightlight
A fantastic nightlight which provides light everywhere baby needs it!
RRP : £29.99Our Price : £24.99Save : £5.00
Boon Glo Nighlight
Boon GLO nightlight with Portable Balls We've seen the light and it's awesome; Kids will beg you to turn off the lights because that's when GLO really shines.
RRP : £59.99Our Price : £54.99Save : £5.00
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