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Being a baby isn’t easy particularly considering the huge rate of growth and development that is physically going on in a short space of time. Teething and pre-teething can be frustrating and painful for baby which was how oral soothers and teethers were developed by paediatricians to try and elevate and comfort baby from some of these stresses. Soothers encourage and allow sucking (a natural reflex that babies are accustom to and like) and hence can soothe, calm and distract them from any initial trigger of distress. Teethers allow baby to bite and chew whilst the product by default massages their gums. Some teethers are shaped and designed to target certain groups of teeth and or can be kept in the fridge to again help with the tenderness and pain in the mouth. In this section you will also find products to help keep hold of precious soothers such as clips and pods.
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Munchkin Twisty Barbell Teether
This clever teether from Munchkin has a unique twisting motion and floating rings to captivate baby through play.
RRP : £3.59Our Price : £2.79Save : £0.80
Munchkin Twisty Teether Ball
Kids have a ball with this chewy teether. Roll it, twist it, shake it and rattle it. This teether offers lots of teething options and hours of playtime fun. With 10 different textured surfaces, there's just the right place to soothe sore gums. It's perfect for developing teeth and developing your child's motor and sensory skills. It actually teaches baby cause and effect. Best of all, the'yll really have a ball with it.
Blue Pink
RRP : £3.59Our Price : £2.69Save : £0.90
Munchkin Twisty Figure 8
The Munchkin 8 looks is a great developmental teethers and gives baby 4 gentle teething surfaces to find just the right soothing sensation for irritated gums. The twistable, colorful design and rattle sounds also make it an excellent developmental toy that babies find irresistible for learning fun. It's so clever and helpful, no wonder its winning over mums and babies everywhere.
RRP : £3.59Our Price : £2.79Save : £0.80
Munchkin Fun Ice Ring Teether
Teething is tough...for mum, dad and baby. So soothe their tender gums with these Munchkin incredibly cool frozen teethers. Place from freezer to gums and in no time babies will be chewing and cooing their way to happiness.
Pink Orange
RRP : £1.99Our Price : £1.59Save : £0.40
Munchkin Fun Ice Chewy Teethers
Kids can't resist chewing on these soft, fun shapes. Fun shapes, bright colors and an irresistible textured surface make these chewy teethers a favourite. Pop them in the fridge or freezer to soothe and massage baby's tender gums. The shape is easy for little hands to hold and there of lots of little bumps and textures to relieve all types of teething pain.
Blue Green Purple
RRP : £1.99Our Price : £1.59Save : £0.40
Munchkin Teether Babies
The teether and plush toy in one. Dont get rattled! The multi-textured paws and feet of these Teether Babies offer relief for tender little gums. So let babies keep their cool with this teether, rattle and toy, great for all sorts of joy.
RRP : £6.49Our Price : £4.89Save : £1.60
MAM Bite & Relax 2m+ Teether
The MAM bite & relax teether is designed to effectively reach emerging front teeth for babies 2 months +.
Green Pink Sky
RRP : £3.99Our Price : £2.99Save : £1.00
MAM Bite & Relax 4m+ Teether
The MAM bite & relax teether is designed to effectively reach emerging front teeth for babies 4 months +.
Green Bright Pink Bright Blue
RRP : £3.99Our Price : £2.99Save : £1.00
Sassy Flutterby Teether
The Sassy Flutterby Teether features many textures for baby to explore when teething. It can also be chilled for a cooling effect on the gums and has a grasp handle for baby to hold with ease.
RRP : £4.99Our Price : £4.49Save : £0.50
Fisher-Price Deluxe Rattle & Teether Assortment
These assorted deluxe rattle teethers from Fisher Price include 6 different designs, including Discover 'n Grow Lion Ring Rattle, Lion Mirror, Sweet Treats Cupcake, Boys Airplane, Car Key Ring and Clacker Crab.
RRP : £8.99Our Price : £4.49Save : £4.50
Bright Starts Chill & Teethe Teether Set
Babies love to "chill out" with these bright, colourful teethers. They are water filled so they can be placed in the fridge to provide cooling relief to baby's sore gums. They have easy to grasp shapes and have fun colours and textures.
RRP : £3.99Our Price : £3.79Save : £0.20
Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Rattle & Teethe
The Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Teether rattle is water filled so you can place the teether in the fridge for a cooling soothing effect, and it has multiple textures to soothe baby's gums. The teether has an easy to grasp handle and the clear rattle has colourful beads that swirl around to entertain baby.
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.89Save : £0.10
Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Teether Keys
Ther Bright Starts Pretty In pink Teether Keys have multiple textures that are great for a teething baby, the leys have fun colours and contrasts and are easy for baby to hold.
Pink Bright Pink
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.89Save : £0.10
Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Twist & Teethe
Twist, turn and teethe! Baby will love these adorable teether beads, they have multiple textures and teething surfaces with a flexible ring thatís fun for baby to twist and turn and it's easy for baby to grasp and hold.
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.89Save : £0.10
Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Carry & Teethe Purse
Now baby can travel in style with this adorable pink teether purse!The purse shaped water filled teether soothes baby's gums and had a handle bead chaser.
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.89Save : £0.10
Baby Einstein Caterpillar Water Filled Rattle Teether
The Baby Einstein Caterpillar rattle and teether is designed to relieve your baby's teething pain with a cool, water filled teether. The teether rattle has an easy for your to grasp the handle and is available as a set of two (blue and green assortment) The teether can be chilled in the refrigerator.
Green Sky
RRP : £3.99Our Price : £3.79Save : £0.20
Bright Starts Dancing Teether Friends
Choose from between a friendly green frog or purple hippo teether for your little one. It has an internal rattle for audio stimulation in the head of the item and body teether to soothe gums.
Green Purple
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.89Save : £0.10
Bright Starts Twist and Teethe
To soothe those gums and keep little fingers busy and interested the twist and teethe teether is an ideal baby product.
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.89Save : £0.10
Bright Starts Soothing Safari Teether
This is the cutest of teethers featuring a monkey swinging from a yellow halo (probably a tree branch). This is a friendly and sweet looking product to ease gum pain caused by teething.
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.89Save : £0.10
Bright Starts Teethe with Me Giraffe
This is an irresistable teether in the shape of a friendly giraffe, featuring beautiful colours and a long neck decorated with clacking rings.
RRP : £3.99Our Price : £3.79Save : £0.20
Bright Starts Snuggle and Teethe
These soft animal teethers are super cute and very functional. They have crinkle fabric patches on their front to amuse baby, linkable loops on their heads so they can be taken along or hung and teethers for feet. Choose from 3 animals or take all! They're great value.
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £5.69Save : £0.30
Dr Browns Coolees Soothing Teether Watermelon
This teether is a perfect solution to cool sore gums and relieve mouth pressure whilst your baby is teething. Helping to soothe your little one from his erupting teeth, this teether is also designed to be bright and colourful. Providing your child with relief, you and your baby will no longer have to suffer with sleepless nights!
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.69Save : £0.30
Dr Brown's Massaging Teether Ridgees Giraffe
Easy for your baby to hold and of a fun and unique design, this teether provides your baby with relief from his new erupting teeth. This teether is created to massage your babyís mouth, also aiding their jaw development.
RRP : £3.99Our Price : £3.59Save : £0.40
Bright Starts Soothing Ring Teether
Soothe your babyís sore and tired gums with this teether. Designed to help with the discomfort of teething, this soothing ring toother is a classic must have baby accessory.
Blue Orange Green
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.89Save : £0.10
Bright Starts Vibe Teether Assortment
This vibrating, multi textured teether massages your babyís sore gums. The cute, colourful characters are easy to grasp too- perfect for those tiny hands!
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £5.69Save : £0.30
Bright Starts Squirrelin Around
Your baby will love playing with this multi textured, fun and adorable squirrel! The smooth textured chunky teethable beads will aid with your babyís jaw development too.
RRP : £2.99Our Price : £2.89Save : £0.10
Lamaze Teethimals
Bright and bold, these teethers will soothe your little one, and the friendly faced animal characters will provide him with comfort too.
Pink Yellow
RRP : £4.99Our Price : £3.99Save : £1.00
Lamaze Teething Mitt Lulu in a Tutu
Do you have a drooling baby on your hands? This teething mitt is ideal for babies who love to chew and chomp on just about everything!
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £4.99Save : £1.00
Lamaze Teething Mitt Captain Calamari
Made from colourful fabrics, this teething mitt is a great finger puppet for your little one. Not only does Captain Calamari provide hours of fun, but his different textures also helps a biting teething baby.
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £4.99Save : £1.00
Lamaze Click Clack Jack
Bright colours and multi textures on this cute teething toy are designed to stimulate your baby. This rattle doubles as a teether with different surfaces to keep your baby entertained whilst soothing his gums.
RRP : £6.99Our Price : £5.99Save : £1.00
mOmma Gino Teether
Gold Momís Choice Award winner, the mOmma® teetherís special TWO texture design gently massages tender gums to ease teething pain. Filled with water, it can be chilled to enhance babyís relief.
RRP : £4.99Our Price : £4.74Save : £0.25
Munchkin Stage 1 Front Teeth Teether
A teether for each stage of oral development offers a complete teething solution - because you shouldn't make it through this stage of parenting by the skin of your teeth. It's the little things.
Blue Green Pink
RRP : £3.49Our Price : £3.29Save : £0.20
Munchkin Stage 2 Middle Teeth Teether
When baby's gums are sore from teething, trust in the teething brand recommended by pediatricians. The Orajel Middle Teeth Teether Toy by Munchkin helps massage gums as middle teeth begin breaking through.
Blue Green Pink
RRP : £3.49Our Price : £3.29Save : £0.20
Munchkin Stage 3 Back Teeth Teether
A teether for each stage of oral development offers a complete teething solution - because you shouldn't make it through this stage of parenting by the skin of your teeth. It's the little things.
Blue Green Pink
RRP : £3.49Our Price : £3.29Save : £0.20
Munchkin Vibrating Massgae Teether
A vibrating teether ideal for all stages of teething - because you shouldn't make it through this stage of parenting by the skin of your teeth. It's the little things.
Blue Pink
RRP : £7.49Our Price : £6.99Save : £0.50
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