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Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder: The Safer Way to Introduce Solids!

pro_9911_orgWatching your child experience new tastes and flavours as you wean them onto solids is one of the truly wonderful stages in their development. It’s hard to beat sharing their delight when they discover something delicious. Let’s not forget the funny faces they pull when it’s not quite to their taste either. Priceless! As any new parent will tell you, it’s also very common to worry about the change from easy-to-swallow liquids and purees to the very different texture and size of solid food pieces. If you are concerned about this, you’re definitely not alone. We all know that encouraging enjoyment of a wide range of foods is an important part of the process – as is building their independence. No one wants a fussy eater! The problem is if you cut things up into tiny pieces, most young children find it tricky to pick up and eat themselves and that quickly becomes frustrating. Give them larger pieces of food or something to hold and bite themselves and they can end up with larger chunks in their mouth and may choke. cust0_4972_oriThe Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder is one of those ‘genius’ inventions that makes everyone wonder why it wasn’t thought of before now. Imagine a teething toy or soother that’s totally safe to bite on but that also tastes great because it’s got fresh food inside: that’s the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder. Designed as a ‘stepping stone’ product, there’s no choking risk at all. Choose fruits, vegetables or even cooked meat, put it the mesh bag and then click the holder shut. Your child then holds the handle and sucks and chews on the feeder, only to discover that tiny bits of food are coming through the mesh along with all those fantastic flavours and nutrients. You can be clever with how you use this nifty product too. So if your little one is teething, try putting pieces of frozen fruit inside for them to bite and suck on. They’ll get cooling relief from their discomfort and the great taste will keep them happy too. With the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder, you and your baby can experiment with lots of exciting new foods safely. Why not go on a voyage of discovery? You could offer something exotic like mango or kiwi, or introduce cooked vegetables such as butternut squash or broccoli for example. Who knows, you might even be surprised to find their new favourite flavour is cauliflower or kumquat! Key features summary:
  • Secure clasp to stop food falling out
  • Baby enjoys flavour and goodness of fresh food without the risk of choking
  • Sure Grip ring handle makes it easy for baby to hold independently
  • Available in a range of colours
  • BPA Free
  • 6+ months
What do other mums say? “My 6m old loves hers. She has some watermelon or avocado in it every day after lunch. Keeps her occupied for ages.” “I have twin boys who are a little behind in weaning due to being premature. They love the taste of fruit but couldn't handle the bits. This is a great idea.” “Used them for my daughter and she loved it. Teething tip – freeze some baby carrots and put one in for her to chew on. It will sooth her gums, but won't melt, and get everything wet, like ice does!”
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Fisher-Price Rainforest Crib Rail Soother: Lull your baby to sleep with the sounds of nature

cust0_6056_oriAre you one of the many frustrated parents that have trouble getting their little one to sleep at night? Do you find that putting baby to bed is more of a battle than a gentle and calm end to a long day? Well, don't worry! Fisher-Price have come up with the perfect solution to bedtime woes - the Rainforest Crib Rail Soother! Part of the Fisher-Price Rainforest range, this ingenious product creates a calming and peaceful environment when it’s time for little one to rest, perfect for encouraging baby to relax and drift off to dreamland. cust1_6056_oriOnce you’ve seen the Rainforest Crib Rail Soother in action, you’ll soon understand why so many mums and dads have chosen it for their nursery. Completely soft and safe for baby to touch, the fabric crib rail attaches easily to the side of the cot. On baby's side, a host of rainforest animal characters, such as the friendly elephant and giraffe, greet baby with bright smiles. These cute, exotic animals are illuminated by a series of soft lights. Babies find this calming display mesmerising – which is ideal when you want them to settle down. On mum and dad's side, there is a calm, neutral design and a handy control panel, so that parents can control the soother without disturbing baby from their slumber. The Soother also plays up to 30 minutes of soothing lullabies and noises from nature, so there is bound to be a tune that is perfect for your baby. You’ll probably find the gentle sounds pretty relaxing too! Key features summary:
  • - Makes for a perfect gift
  • - Choice of twinkling or tracking light patterns
  • - 65 cm long
  • - Plays up to 30 minutes of soothing music, white noise and nature sounds
  • - After 5 minutes the light show slows down to reduce stimulation and lull baby to sleep
  • - Control panel and volume control is easy to access and faces away from baby
  • - Simply requires 4 AA batteries
  • - Washable surface
What do other mums say?

“A really good tool to soothe babies and help them go to sleep peacefully at bed-time. I'd pro_11274_orgrecommend it.”

“My little girl loves this. I put it on in her cot as she goes to bed and by the time it's finished she's flat out! Great for the money.”

“A must have for all mums. Plays beautiful tunes and lovely nature sounds which are really soothing for good half hour which is great for them nodding off! And love how each animal face lights up to catch their attention too. Also handy to have as background noise whilst in arms rocking them to sleep in bedroom!"

Fisher-Price has been around for decades (in fact you might even have been a Fisher-Price baby yourself!) so it’s comforting to know that they are still producing excellent, high quality toys for the little ones of today. The utterly charming Fisher-Price Rainforest range brings to life the beauty and colours of the natural world with a variety of stunning, adorable products - such as the Bouncer, Deluxe Stroller Toy and Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym, perfect for style-conscious parents and babies!
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Dr Brown’s Bottles: Help Your Baby Cope With Colic or Wind!

Does your baby struggle with colic or trapped wind when feeding? Don’t panic! Yes, DrBrownsPreemieBottleit’s heart-breaking to see them struggle but it is a common problem and lots of other parents have found that it’s reduced or even solved altogether simply by switching to Dr Brown’s bottles and teats. Surely all baby feeding bottles are similar or the same?  Actually no! Standard design bottles create a vacuum when your little one is sucking and this causes air bubbles in the milk which they then ingest. Once they start taking in air with the feed, uncomfortable wind builds up and then the difficulties start. Here’s the science bit…78% of healthcare professionals agree that the most commonDr. B Pink Bottles cause of colic in young babies is caused by digestive or feeding problems, including swallowing air. 9 out of 10 also recommend Dr Brown’s bottles as the solution. This isn’t just marketing hype either: the company’s claims are backed up by independent research, summarised in The Colic Report, which you can also review here. So, how are Dr Brown’s bottles different?  Basically the bottle has an internal vent which is cleverly designed to prevent a vacuum occurring. Air does comes in via the teat collar but it is channelled through the internal vent system to an area behind the feed, so there are no air bubbles going into the milk. This is what helps your baby to feed more comfortably. Dr Brown's bottles are the only bottles that feature this innovative vent system. 816_Product_HThis vacuum-free feeding also helps to preserve the nutrients, lipids and vitamins found in the milk or formula. It can also help reduce the build up of fluid in baby's ear, making for a happier mealtime! The Dr. Brown's Wide-Neck bottle has a broader silicone nipple base, replicating mum's breast, reducing the risk of baby rejecting the bottle and making it easier to switch from breast to bottle. Dr Brown's also provides a variety of different teats, including ones for premature babies. These teats are suitable for the various stages of a baby's life, so babies of every age can feed comfortably. The bottles are 100% BPA free, meaning that they are safe for baby and free of harmful chemicals. The research report found that over half of those changing to a Dr Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottle saw an improvement in just three feeds or less, outperforming any other brand. Now that has to be worth a try, doesn’t it? There are a range of options to choose from, including the Starter Kit, the Newborn Gift Set and the Special Edition Wide Neck Bottles, available in two colours in single and twin packs The brand has some celebrity fans, such as Simon Cowell and Jessica Simpson. The range has also been received well by Mother & Baby, who reviewed a range of anti-colic bottles and awarded Dr Brown's bottles five out of five! Key features summary:
  • - Independently proven to reduce colic, burping and wind
  • - Helps preserve vitamins and minerals
  • - Reduces air bubble oxidation
  • - Vacuum-free feeding – closer to breastfeeding
  • - Recommended by 9 out of 10 health professionals
  • - Winner of multiple awards
  • - Dishwasher safe
  • - 100% BPA free
  • - Suitable from birth
What do other mums say? “My poor little girl was troubled with trapped wind and no matter what I did could not bring it up. I was recommended to try the bottles and I can honestly say they are fantastic!! My little girl is much happier after a feed now so thank you!!!" “Our little one had terrible trouble feeding when switching from breast milk to formula. Tried lots of bottles but these were the best for help with wind.” “My daughter was swallowing so much air but then we got these and she barely swallows any. Colic has improved! Worth every penny to see her suffer less”
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ELC’s Blossom Farm – Cute, Cuddly and Colourful!

ELC's Blossom Farm range is new to Babycity and is set to be hugely popular! With an emphasis on developing sensory skills and hand to eye coordination, cheerful colours and loveable characters, this adorable range is perfect for little ones! Baby will love the fun farmyard gang - Laurie Lamb, Pete Pony, Gladys farm fabric bookGoose, Clarence Cow and Otis Owl. Their friendly faces and engaging activities will guide them through the first few stages of life and help them to grow, learn, play and develop. Baby can learn animal noises with the Laurie Lamb Fabric Book. This soft, snuggly lamb has a fabric book on its tummy, featuring pictures of animals and the noises that they make. This cuddly pal helps baby learn new words and sounds, whilst being a fun companion that can accompany them on the go. The handy clip ensures that the little lamb won't get lost on your travels. The Pete Pony Squeaker Rattle is a fluffy and cuddly rattle, with a long slender shape that makes it easy for little hands to hold and play with. Baby can give it a squeeze and hear it squeak - or give it a shake to hear rattling sounds. The rattle is great for developing strength in baby's fingers, as well as fine motor skills. The Gladys Goose Sit Me Up Cosy is a wonderful, safe place for baby to relax and play, goose cozyproviding the little one with a plush nest to lay in and a snuggly flower shaped playmat for tummy time. The two halves of the nest itself can be stacked when baby is able to sit up by themselves, offering a soft, comfortable support for them while they are upright. There are also three toys included, with varying textures and sounds - perfect for sensory development! The Clarence Cow Pat Mat is a great way to keep baby entertained in their high chair while their dinner is being made! Baby will love playing with the water filled mat and making the cute characters inside wobble and float around. The textures of the mat will entice them and the friendly face of the cow will make meal times an enjoyable experience. farm owl night lightWhen the day is done, the Otis Owl Night Light will help send baby off to dreamland. This cute, plush owl has a colour-changing dome on his tummy, which projects different coloured lights into baby's room. The night light also plays five lullabies, so there is sure to be one that soothes your little one and helps them drift off to sleep. All these great ELC Blossom Farm products and many more are available from Babycity. Your little one will love them!
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Glass Bottles Re-Vamped: Fashionable AND Practical.

The older generation are fond of reminiscing about how things used to be different in their day. So if you decide to buy glass feeding bottles for your baby, you’re bound to get comments about how some trends take a retro turn. It’s good to know that the glass feeding bottles used by mothers in the 1950s have been improved significantly. For starters, modern baby bottles are made of toughened glass so they’re considerably harder to break and therefore much safer for babies and for mums too. Ergonomic shapes, a whole range of teats, and some fantastic designs are all great improvements on what themambottle older generation will have been used to. One benefit of glass feeding bottles hasn’t changed – they’re really easy to clean. Our grandparents will have simply boiled their bottles in a large pan; this is still an option although conveniently these days we also benefit from dishwashers on high temperature settings and sterilizers to get rid of bugs. Glass bottles can be used in the microwave too. It’s worth mentioning the chemicals issue regarding plastic bottles. Thankfully all modern plastic bottles no longer contain potentially harmful BPA (and haven’t done for many years) but if you are still keen to minimise the impact you and your baby make on the environment, choosing glass bottles make sense. As well as being entirely free of all chemicals, glass bottles can also be recycled at the end of their useful life which is good news.

Which glass bottle will you choose for your baby?

  pro_7852_orgThe Feel Good Glass Bottle from MAM is an award-winner and comes in different sizes and colour-ways. Take a look at the MAM 260ml Bottle, which can also be used with the unique MAM silk teat. If you’re thinking of making the move from breast to bottle, NUK glass bottles are worth considering. They feature a specially designed orthodontic teat and a wider lip which gives baby a similar experience to breastfeeding. The smaller sized 120ml NUK Glass Bottle with Latex Teat is perfect for very young babies. Glass bottle designs are stylish too so you don’t need to worry about looking old-fashioned. Check out the Beaba Pastel Glass Star Design 110ml and 250ml bottles from fashionably cool European brand, Beaba. These are compatible with a variety of teats and are just one of their gorgeous designs.
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Brother Max Slimline Milk Dispenser – Easy and Practical!

Measuring and scooping exactly the right amount of milk powder for baby’s feedpro_9097_org is important, not only to get the portion size right, but to ensure the nutritional balance is accurate too. In an ideal world it would be easy – but when you have a screaming baby to contend with it can be hard to concentrate on the job in hand. The Brother Max Slimline Milk Powder Dispenser could be just what you need to make things a little easier. This clever gadget has three separate compartments for each feed. You sit a funnel on the top to load up with exactly the right amount and then replace the lid. When you need to make up a bottle, you simply remove the spout cover and empty one compartment into the bottle of pre-boiled water. The clever part is in the design. This dispenser turns on its side to empty and the triangular compartments mean that there are no corners for the powder to get stuck. The long spout also ensures that everything goes into the bottle without spilling. There are lots of situations when pre-measured feeds are useful. Some mums simply use the dispenser when going out for the day. The Brother Max Slimline Milk Powder Dispenser looks great and fits easily into a changing bag. Each dose remains secure in its own compartment, you know you’ve got exactly the right amount for up to three feeds and, as it’s so easy to use, making up a bottle on the go is really simple, quick and fuss-free. Lots of mums use this nifty product at home too as it means the measuring can be done when things are calm and quiet. Making up bottles when baby is hungry is so much quicker when the counting part has already been done. It also means there’s less opportunity for mistakes because you’re really tired or distracted by a hungry little one. Brother Max products have been around for over three decades so you know this is a brand you can trust to get things right. The company has also recently launched a new 'Max Club' online where you’ll discover lots of parenting tips, information, advice and product promotions. Why choose the Brother Max Slimline Milk Dispenser?
  • Holds powder for three feeds of up to 227ml/8oz
  • Funnel ensures accurate and mess-free filling
  • Easy pour long spout avoids spills and fits any bottle
  • Easy to take apart for cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% BPA free
  • Suitable from birth
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What Makes the Milton Mini Soother Steriliser So Useful?

pro_9193_orgMost of us can relate to that awful moment when a fractious baby drops their dummy on the floor and their cries immediately ramp up ten gears in frustration. If you haven’t got a clean spare, soothing baby can be a difficult task as no one wants to risk passing on the germs that will undoubtedly be present on the offending dummy. If you’re in a public place or out with friends, it only adds to what is already a stressful situation. Thank goodness then for the Milton Portable Soother Steriliser. If your little one loves their dummy, then you’ll soon start to love this nifty little product. It looks cute – a small, colourful plastic ball with a strap that can be attached to the buggy or changing bag – but it’s more than just a pretty accessory. Inside you’ll discover a sponge-lined compartment that most brands of soother will fit neatly into. All you do is add water and a Milton Mini Sterilising Tablet before you leave home to create a clever portable steriliser that works in minutes and can be reused countless times throughout the day. Brilliant! 3 reasons why it’s SO important to sterilise everything that goes into baby’s mouth
  1. Babies are still developing their immune system therefore they are much more susceptible to infection than older children or adults.
  2. Even at a year old, a child only has around 17% of adult immunity levels against the germs that cause diarrhoea and vomiting.
  3. Milton sterilisation is proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses.
The Milton Portable Soother Steriliser is great solution for active parents, making it easy to protect baby from germs and giving peace of mind. What lots of mums do is give their baby one sterile dummy to use and keep a back-up ready in the steriliser. It can stay there for up to 24 hours – but is likely to be needed sooner than that! All you need to do is keep swapping between the two as many times as needed. The contaminated dummy only takes 15 minutes to be sterilised and ready to use again. One last thought: next time you see a stressed mum desperately trying to clean a dropped dummy, maybe you could let her know about this great safety product too?
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Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair – Great for Small Homes!

pro_10307_orgIt’s amazing just how much stuff you need for a new baby and one of the big problems for many of us is finding space to put everything. That’s why the Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair is such a great invention. It lets you convert one of your existing kitchen or dining chairs into a safe place for baby to eat or play, plus it’s small and lightweight enough to be taken with you when go visiting or out and about. Perfect! So how does it work? Basically the Spacesaver High Chair sits on a normal kitchen or dining chair and is held securely in place with straps. There’s an adjustable harness to keep baby safe, plus a tray with raised edges to display all their tasty treats. As your child grows, you simply adjust the straps and seat height to fit. This includes creating more tummy space and converting from a five point restraint to three points as required. It’s a fact of life that young children tend to be messy eaters. Thankfully cleaning up isn’t a chore as the tray can be put in the dishwasher after use and the harness and comfy seat pad can all go in the washing machine. cust3_5291_oriOf course, one of the best ways to promote good eating habits early on is to eat together. This clever design makes it easy as you simply remove the tray to bring your child to the table and include them at family mealtimes. As they get older, the back of the chair can also be taken off, leaving a toddler booster seat that they will find comfortable and familiar at meal times. Practically, there’s plenty to like about the Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair and it looks great too. You should also get plenty of use out of it as it works across the age groups from weaning to pre-school. Isn’t it good to know that, just because this product takes up less space, it doesn’t mean you have to put up with fewer features than a traditional high chair? Why choose the Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair?
  • Lightweight, sturdy and robust
  • Compact size therefore ideal for use in small spaces
  • Easy to remove and transport when socialising
  • Straps easily and securely to most kitchen or dining chairs
  • Adjusts to fit height and tummy as baby grows
  • Machine washable seat pad and harness
  • Dishwasher-safe tray
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Stages of development: 36 months old

The day has finally arrived. Your baby is 36 months old and is now a pre-schooler. It did not seem long ago that you were juggling bottles, enduring sleepless nights and changing nappies. In this article, we explore what most children should be doing at this age, what skills they may have and suggest some fun activities to do with your baby to help stimulate them and progress their development further. What can a 36 month old child do? One of the first things you will notice about your child at this stage is their ability to talk. Gone are the days where your baby could only gurgle or repeatedly say one word. You should now be able to hold simple conversations with your child most of the time and they will usually express what they want or need. Children at this age also seem to love being independent and it can be something they feel very strongly about e.g. if your child is brushing their teeth and you try to intervene, you may have to deal with an explosive outburst. Your child will now try to dress themselves, although their ability to do this successfully may vary! A simple activity like putting on a shirt should usually pose little problem. At 36 months, your child’s artistic skills have improved dramatically. They should be able to draw straight lines, simple shapes and objects. They will also know how to hold a pencil or pen in a writing position. What are the social skills of a 36 month old child? Social interaction teaches children many important behaviours like sharing. This can be an unknown concept to a pre-schooler, especially those who were born without siblings. The concept of giving, instead of receiving, is very new. Typically, a child will learn that being selfish will not gain them many friends. They will soon learn that giving and sharing means more companions and therefore more fun. Your child may also start to prefer certain friends, showing their growing identity. They may even mention their names or talk about them. Group activities will fascinate your child, but they may have problems taking turns. Again, this is a new concept for them because when they were around you at home, it was always their turn. This is something that your child will learn quickly, which will perhaps make your life easier at home as well. At 36 months, your child’s concentration skills have increased considerably. They will no longer flit between toys like they used to. Instead, they will become absorbed in a single task. This means that they will be more attentive in activities such as story time. It also means that they will be more interested in structured, social games like tag. What changes in a 36 month old child’s routine? You should probably start saying goodbye to your child’s naptime at this stage, which has been getting shorter and shorter as weeks have passed. If you are lucky, your child may still require an afternoon snooze, but this is most likely a micro nap as opposed to a leisurely sleep. It is about this age that children begin to master the potty. They will go off on their own and try to do their business in private. They will still need help afterwards to clean themselves. What is a 36 month old child curious about? The world is still new to your pre-schooler. They have many questions about it, how it works, the whys and the whens. Now that they have a solid vocabulary to communicate, they will use it to question you repeatedly on all types of subjects. Some of the topics they ask about may be slightly uncomfortable to describe e.g. sex and reproduction. It is best at this point to be as honest as possible and not to make elaborate stories about storks delivering newborns in thatch baskets. Keep it simple e.g you grew in my tummy, the older they get the more able they will be to understand the complexities of the world and how it works. It is common for all children at this stage to become interested in their own reproductive organs. They may also want to show them to other children, which again is natural. Letting your child know that penises and vaginas are private things is the best policy. Which toys are best for a 36 month old? Stimulating a three year old is very important to build upon their development. Activities like art will exercise creativity and imaginative play. Your child will now probably spend more time and care when drawing a picture, so art materials like pens, pencils and craft material will allow them to fulfil their artistic talents. Now may be a great time to introduce your child to a tricycle; learning to ride is not only fun, but will also provide exercise. There are tricycles which have removable wheels, turning them into a bike for your child to ride in the near future. Books are always good for toddlers, and they will now become more involved with the reading process, copying what you say and trying to read words themselves. Reading is valuable so that they can acquire more language to communicate. The more you read, the more your child learns. It is also a way to calm your child down when it is time for sleeping. Children love to use their imagination, which is why dressing up is always a fun and stimulating activity. At 36 months old, your child’s imagination is dynamic. They can create scenarios, act out characters and even tell stories.     Construction toys, like building blocks or stacking toys not only develop your child’s cognitive abilities but also gives them the chance to be creative. A 36 month old toddler will be nimble at stacking objects, but will probably destroy it moments later! You may marvel at what your child can now do. At one stage, they were wholly dependent on you, but now they are their own person. Over the next months and years their personalities will blossom. You may begin to realise that your child is growing up fast but you should always remember that they will always need you both now and in the future.
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Baby Wheelies

Once your baby learns to walk, it is time to pack the play mat away and start thinking about other toys for your baby. Your baby will be very active at this point discovering how to use his new skill. Soon he will be climbing, jumping and running. At this point, it is a good option to find something else to distract your baby. A great toy for this is a baby wheelie or ride on, which will provide your baby with hours of fun while also adding some developmental benefits. In this brief overview, we find out about baby wheelies, what they are good for and how much they will cost. A baby wheelie comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. It is a large toy, which can take the form of transport such as a car or bus or an insect such as a ladybird. What all these models have in common is that they all are on wheels and are therefore mobile. Baby wheelies usually have a place where your baby can sit and push themselves along and they all usually also have a long handle, around your child’s waist height which your child can hold on to and they can use to push their wheelie along, supporting your child to walk themselves. Wheelie’s are usually bright and colourful and are a great way for your baby to get around. A wheelie allows your child to be on the move, not only is this good for their muscle tone, developing the muscles for them to walk, but it is also something they will enjoy.  Your child can be carried away in their imagination and become a bus driver, ride on a bee or get on their tractor down to their farm; the possibilities for your child are endless. Generally, baby wheelies are suitable for children between 1 and 3 years. Your child will need to be able to support themselves securely as the wheelie provides only very limited support. Usually there are no backs on a baby wheelie so you need to be sure your child will not fall back and hurt themselves. The pros of a baby wheelie are numerous. They provide babies with lots of enjoyment either from riding them or using them to assist walking. Both of these activities help your baby to build their muscles, which is important as they work towards walking completely unaided. Baby Wheelies also provide stimulation for your child, aiding learning and development and they provide the opportunity for imaginative play all of which will make your baby smile. There are few cons to a baby wheelie, the most obvious one being safety. Like other forms of stand-up toys, it is important you supervise your baby at all times whilst they play on their baby wheelie, otherwise your baby could receive an injury. Baby wheelies are in short, a perfect toy for the active baby, one that will distract and excite them for hours on end.
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