Coping With Colic

There are many theories surrounding the cause of colic but no real hard evidence as to why it occurs; although many experts believe it is connected to digestive problems. It causes discomfort for the baby and can be distressing for you. It usually starts when your baby is about two to three weeks old and will disappear around the age of four months. Look out for the following symptoms:

  • Prolonged crying
  • Drawing legs up to their tummy

There is little you can do to stop colic, although comforting your baby and gently rubbing their stomach may help soothe them. If you breast feeding your baby you may want to try changing your diet as some foods may cause your baby some discomfort when digesting your milk, for example spicy food. Ask your GP for advice on which foods may be passing through your milk to your baby. If bottle-feeding try some of the specially designed anti colic bottles and teats that are designed to stop your baby gulping air when feeding.

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