Why Use Carriers?

Why Use Carriers?Babies love to be close to their parents, and a baby carrier helps support this special bond and at the same time offers parents more freedom to be able to use their hands at the same time. They are not only convenient, affordable, easy to use a safe but also has offers parents some of these additional benefits:

Keep Hands Free – Using a baby carrier gives you the convenience of having hands free while still being able to offer your baby the security of your presence.

Babies Cry Less – Fussy babies often are more content when carried in this way.

Breastfeeding – Some carriers can be converted to allow breast feeding without having to take the carrier off, so it is worth checking to see what benefits the selected model can accommodate. Having your baby close to you stimulates you to produce prolactin, encouraging milk production. The constant motion also helps your baby to bring up wind easier, especially if you hold him in a upright position.

Security – By carrying your baby in this way, he is in tune with you in a way similar to when he was in the womb. He can hear your heartbeat and breathing, and feel every move you make.

Recognising Baby’s Needs – Because your baby is close to you, he can communicate his needs to you without having to cry. Holding him close helps you recognise his facial expressions, to let you know when he’s hungry, or needs a nappy change.

Parental Bonding – Fathers don’t have the automatic bond with their children that mothers build up during pregnancy, but by wearing a baby carrier, their child can become familiar with the sound of his heartbeat, breathing and movements.

Promotes Development – When carried, your baby sees the world from where you do, rather than at knee level, and the extra stimulation benefits brain development.

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