Since 1997, Babymoov been thinking of and designing products with innovative technical features with a novel design. It is continuously looking for that extra something that will satisfy consumers' expectations as far as the products and services are concerned.

Babymoov Activity Gyms

Babymoov Activity Nest
RRP : £89.99Our Price : £79.99

Babymoov Audio Monitors

Babymoov Easy Care
RRP : £39.99Our Price : £37.99

Babymoov Baby Baths

Babymoov Inflatable Bathtub
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £22.99
Babymoov Aquanest Bathtub
RRP : £39.99Our Price : £39.39

Babymoov Baby Carriers

Babymoov Anatomical baby Carrier
Almond/Taupe Grey/Hibiscus
RRP : £59.99Our Price : £56.99
Babymoov Baby Ring Sling
RRP : £44.99Our Price : £32.99

Babymoov Bouncers and Rockers

Babymoov Bubble Bouncer
RRP : £39.99Our Price : £37.99

Babymoov Audio and Video monitors

Babymoov Baby Monitor Touch Screen
RRP : £159.99Our Price : £151.99
Babymoov Baby Monitor Visio Care II
RRP : £129.99Our Price : £123.49

Babymoov Bath and Changing Units

Babymoov Bathstand
RRP : £34.99Our Price : £34.47

Babymoov Sterilisers

Babymoov Turbo Electric Steriliser
RRP : £56.99Our Price : £52.99

Babymoov Bathtime Accessories


Babymoov Baby Blankets, Shawls & Swaddles

Babymoov Cosynight Fresh
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £16.99
Babymoov Swaddle Dandy Set
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £16.99
Babymoov Swaddle Rock Set
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £16.99
Babymoov Swaddle Dreams Set
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £16.99
Babymoov Swaddle 4 Seasons Set
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £16.99

Babymoov Audio/Video & Sensor Monitors

Babymoov Humidifers & Vaporisers

Babymoov Aquarium Humidifier
RRP : £42.99Our Price : £39.99
Babymoov Digital Humidifier
RRP : £97.99Our Price : £94.99

Babymoov Travel Beds, Travel Cots & Play Pens

Babymoov Babyni Blue/Taupe
RRP : £59.99Our Price : £54.99
Babymoov Little Babyni Taupe/Blue
RRP : £42.99Our Price : £39.99
Babymoov Anti UV Tent Blue/Green
RRP : £29.99Our Price : £27.99

Babymoov Baby Monitor Accessories

Babymoov Babyphone Carry Case
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £12.99

Babymoov Booster Seats

Travel Booster Seat
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £22.99

Babymoov Luxury Weaning Sets

Babymoov Lovely Lunch Set Bear
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £23.29
Babymoov Lovely Lunch Set Birds
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £23.29

Babymoov Swings

Babymoov Bubble Swing
Lime Raspberry
RRP : £64.99Our Price : £59.99
Babymoov Swoon Up Swing Zinc
RRP : £119.99Our Price : £117.99
Babymoov Swoon Motion
RRP : £159.99Our Price : £149.99

Babymoov Night Lights

Babymoov Projector Nightlight
RRP : £16.99Our Price : £15.99
Babymoov Tweesty Nightlight
RRP : £29.99Our Price : £26.99

Babymoov Weaning Essentials

Babymoov Bottle Drier Zen
RRP : £13.99Our Price : £12.99

Babymoov Thermometers

Babymoov Thermo-Hygrometer Zen
RRP : £16.99Our Price : £15.99

Babymoov Food Blenders and Preparation

Babymoov Nutribaby
RRP : £99.99Our Price : £92.99
Babymoov Flavour Booster
RRP : £5.99Our Price : £1.99

Babymoov Changing Bags

Babymoov Pillows and Positioners

Babymoov Anatomical Cushion
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £22.99
Babymoov Fresh Anatomical Cushion
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £22.99
Babymoov Cosypad
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £16.99
Babymoov Cosymat
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £16.99
Babymoov Cosydream
RRP : £29.99Our Price : £27.99
Babymoov Ergonest
RRP : £74.99Our Price : £69.99
Babymoov Bibed
RRP : £99.99Our Price : £94.99
Babymoov Cosy Cushion 6+ in Taupe
RRP : £29.99Our Price : £27.99
Babymoov Cosy Cushion 6+ Zinc
RRP : £29.99Our Price : £27.99
Babymoov Cosy Seat 6+ Taupe
RRP : £16.99Our Price : £15.99
Babymoov Cosy Seat 6+ Zinc
RRP : £16.99Our Price : £15.99

Babymoov News

Nutribaby Scoops 4 Awards
Nutribaby Scoops 4 Awards
Loved by Parents have awarded the Nutribaby by Babymoov four awards for its fantastic food processor!
- GOLD - Best Household Appliance
- GOLD - Best Kitchen Appliance
- SILVER - Best Time Saving Product
- BRONZE - Best Weaning Product
The Concept Behind Babymoov

How Babymoov Started
When the two Arnauds and Laurent met while studying at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Clermont-Ferrand, they decided to start up their own company: ALT Partners was born in 1997 and the Babymoov brand followed a year later.

But with no children of their own, the creators asked 'how could we create childcare items when we weren’t parents'? They called on people with experience in the field: you, the parents!! Right from the start of this adventure, Baby Trend meetings were held, bringing together parents to discuss their individual experiences.

The Babymoov family has grown in the past 13 years, but the recipe for success hasn’t changed: staying in touch with their customer base, innovation and quality!

Babymoov Today
Made for you and made with your help! At Babymoov, these are not empty words!

Ever since our creation, your babies and yourselves, the parents, are at the heart of Babymoov's concerns and of their work. In order to meet parents expectations and to think up new innovative products, Babmoov decided to involve you directly in their creative process:

  • Baby Tendance meetings: Parents are the first users of babycare products, so Babymoov use parents experience! Baby Tendance meetings, held throughout France, provide an opportunity to exchange views and share experiences. Parents are involved at all stages of product design: from the basic idea to validation of the prototype!
  • Internet and social networks: Babymoov regularly organise surveys on their website, on Facebook or via our information letter, Moovletter, to find out what parents like. Parents can also tell us their opinion on all Babymov products, or even give ideas for new products!
  • Babymoov also work in partnership with professionals (paediatricians, nurseries, midwives…) and draw on their knowledge and expertise. All these studies allow Babymoov to design products that are innovative, but also perfectly adapted to baby’s changing needs!

Product Development
Today Babymoov have 45 people whose job is to stay in constant touch with consumers and the market so that they can offer you innovative products. They have integrated all stages of development for the in-house creation of their product innovations.

  • Ideas & Design: a team of creative people who are alert to the needs of the users of babycare products.
  • Marketing: drawing on quantitative and qualitative studies, their team transforms ideas into real products.
  • Quality: The Babymoov team is careful to maintain strict compliance with standards for each product sold, and to ensure that products are guaranteed for life.
  • Sales: a dedicated sales force working with French and overseas distributors to ensure the best possible quality of service to customers. Babymoov today has a presence in more than 40 countries.
Investment in the Product
Since 1997, Babymoov have undertaken a real policy of product innovation by intensifying a close relationship with consumers and by building their team.

The process of changing to developing products internally, which began in 2001, has led to the creation of a specific development process which combines the rigour of manufacturing expertise with the creativity of the design team.

Today, the Research & Development team is responsible for the development of about twenty products entirely designed internally, in addition to a portfolio of 250 product lines.

In the next 18 months, Babymoov will invest more than 1.2 million € in Research and Development, while maintaining its export development.