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>>>Bamba's Chatter Box - Baby Signing Kit
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Bamba's Chatter Box - Baby Signing Kit
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This award winning lovely set contains 6 toys for baby and parent to play and learn to communicate with. It includes a soft monkey toy, a beautiful mirror and comfort blanket plus another 3 toys all compactly packaged.
Item Code : BAM-TOY01

Bamba baby signing kit is suitable for all babies from six months. This award -winning premium quality kit contains Bamba, a cuddly monkey and 5 plush toys each one representing baby's first words. Also included is an easy-to-read signing instruction booklet showing more useful signs and a quick signing reference guide on inside box lid. Each item has been individually designed to appeal to your baby's senses. Made from premium quality plush fabrics and materials, they are very tactile. Bamba was created and developed by experienced Speech and Language therapists to promote early communication skills for all babies. Signing babies often speak earlier – happy parents, happy babies

The kit contains everything you need to get started –the ideal gift for both parent and baby.

  • Box Dimensions 280mm x 210mm x 130mm
  • Suitable for babies over 6 months
  • Bamba's Height 230mm
  • Meets all European Toy (CE) safety standards
How to Use the Soft Toys to Communicate with Baby
The kit contains six luxurious toys and a list of associated baby signs in a beautifully designed sturdy box.
  • A Bottle (sign drink / Thirsty)
    Glug, glug, glug. A little bottle helps your baby learn the sign for drink. That way they can tell you they’re feeling a little thirsty and can avoid frustration.
  • A Spoon (sign food / Hungry)
  • Feeling hungry? Your baby can use the little spoon to inform you of their rumbling belly. Say the word as you sign and it will help your baby develop their verbal expression.
  • A Blanket (sign bed / Bedtime)
    If it’s time for your baby to go to sleep, why not show them the sign for Bedtime and give them our soft and snuggly blanket. That way they know it’s time to relax and drift off to dreamland.
  • A Mirror (sign Ah - Look at me!)
    Peek-a-boo, ITS ME! Your baby is on a journey of self discovery and the tiny mirror will help them learn to say Look-at-Me, when they need your attention.
  • A Bath Flannel - (sign bath / Bathtime)
    If you want to let your baby know its time for their bath, why not pull out this tiny little bath mitt and show them the sign for bath-time. That way they know it’s time for a good old monkey scrub!
  • And Bamba (sign playtime/monkey)
    If your baby wants to play, watch out for the sign for playtime! Bamba the monkey represents playtime and he’ll have heaps of fun helping your baby to learn the sign.
For more information about Bamba, the concept behind the signing kit and why signing is beneficial for you and baby, click here.

  • Practical Pre-School -Silver Medal 2008
  • Talking Tots -Great Toy Award 2008
  • BACRA- Playtime Product of the Year 2008
  • British Invention Show- Double Gold 2008
  • BFIIN- Special Recognition Award  2008
  • Practical Parenting Award- Finalist 2009
  • Right Start Award - Highly Commended 2010
Baby signing was developed during the 1980’s by 3 American Professors after observing the rapid development of communication by children with deaf parents. This research culminated in the development of a simple sign language that babies could use prior to the development of spoken words.

Since the 1980’s Baby signing has slowly gathered momentum around the world in the form of seminars and classes teaching parents to communicate with their babies earlier. As ITV puts it:

Interest in baby sign is spreading fast not just in the UK, but also on mainland Europe and in the USA and Canada...It's quickly become a 21st century phenomenon!”

Baby signing is proven to benefit a child in the much longer term as learning the signs actually promotes the use of spoken words –babies get double the information ,seeing and hearing what you say .

Read what people are saying about Bamba's First Comforts...
Baby Signing Mummy Review February 2011
"Bamba Sign are based in Wales (very close to some very dear friends of mine!) and the products are to encourage the use of basic baby signing at home. I am all for encouraging parents to interact with their babies, and if products can get basic signs started at home without the outlay of classes then it sounds great to me!

I am always impressed if a company has taken the time to carefully pack up their products, Bamba Signs get a huge thumbs up for presentation!

Exploring further into the box, I had several little packages to open – making the opening of this box rather exciting.

I knew that Bamba is a monkey – and what a very sweet little monkey he is – I like the idea of using him to encourage the baby to interact with you, he is soft and tactile and I know the babies in my classes will adore him. I use the 5 Little Monkey song and I do have a rather gorgeous Monkey that comes out to play – however Bamba will be nice to pass out for someone to hold during the song.

The other lovely products I was sent were a milk bottle, spoon, wash mit, snuggle blanket and mirror. All lovely quality and so so soft. My only reservation is that picking these items up won’t necessarily encourage a parent or baby to use Baby Sign Language. I can certainly see that they could be used to compliment classes or signs that a parent might know. Especially the lovely signs of milk and eat.

Bamba the Monkey can definitely make baby signing at home fun – so may well be worth putting on your wish list!"

Madhousefamily Review
"I have to admit, before this box arrived, I was extremely dubious about baby signing. I sometimes think babies are over-stimulated and pushed too far these days... but it's actually a whole load of fun for baby but also mum, dad and older brothers and sisters.

So what is baby-signing ? I totally confused my mum and dad when I said I had a baby-signing kit for Pierre - they said "Umm, but ... he's not deaf ?!?". Well, for the uninitiated, baby signing is a way of letting babies communicate before they can speak or form coherent sentences... Baby signing helps them to do this by showing them other gestures they can use to communicate things. If they can manage to get their message across to you, they will feel a lot less frustrated and you'll be able to respond to their needs quicker so that means less crying. Which means happy baby and happy mum !

So what do you actually get ? You get a sturdy box a bit larger than a shoebox that is compartmentalised with a cute little soft toy in each section. In this 'First Comforts' box, you get Bamba the monkey, a spoon, a bottle, a blanket, a wash mitt and a mirror. These represent the words to be used in signing - sleep, eat, drink, etc - so baby will be able to tell you he's tired, hungry, thirsty, wants to play, wants a bath or wants some "ah - look at me" time ! As toys in themselves, Pierre loved them - they're ultrasoft, small enough for baby hands and they obviously make interesting shapes for him to suck and chew on. Juliette also liked using them to play with her dollies, so I'm sure they will be played with long after baby has mastered the art of talking.

When Pierre started getting tired or bored (not sure which, maybe I could teach him the signs for those words too !), I made it into a game with the girls. I showed them the signs in the little book and we mimed them together then they had to find which toy related to the sign. Then we swapped over and I showed them the toy and they did the signs. They were having great fun, giggling their heads off and picked up all six signs within minutes! So as well as an educational/communicative tool, it also makes a great game for the whole family to enjoy.

So whether or not Pierre grasps the basics of signing and manages to communicate before he can speak, I've been won over by baby signing but in particular by the Bamba's First Comforts Baby Signing Kit. Just as a way of getting all three kids to spend some quality time playing together nicely, laughing their heads off and practising their skills (as well as learning the signs, they're practising their memory and word association skills), it's a great investment !

... Now, what's the sign for "that's brilliant" ?! star rating : 5/5
Totology Review
"Bamba’s First Comforts Sign Language Kit takes educational toys to a whole new level. The kit, which has been designed by speech and language therapists, not only teaches your baby to communicate, but helps them understand what you’re saying to them as well. Designed for use with 6-12 month olds, this approach can be used from birth and is a fun way to play and interact with your child, while teaching them something new.

Each piece of the kit corresponds to a basic sign. There’s a bottle for ‘drink’, spoon for ‘food’, blanket for ‘bed’, wash cloth for ‘bath’, mirror for ‘look at me’ and monkey for ‘playtime’. By using each item as you make the sign, babies quickly learn to understand what you’re saying and use the same signs back to ask for what they want. Who’d have thought a 6 month old baby could ask to be put to bed without crying? And because Bamba products are developed by speech therapists you don’t have to worry that signing could get in the way of your baby learning to talk. Signing encourages understanding of words which can actually help babies get those vital first words out earlier. Comes with a parent guide book to get you started."

Great Toy Guide Review
"What can I say, Bamba has been a HUGE hit in our house - I have been amazed at how quickly Kai has responded. Not only educational and fun, but a lovely excuse to sit and spend some quality time with your child".

Initial thoughts: Kai is now 14 months old and, like a lot of boys, is a little behind with his speech development. ‘Proper’ words are very slow coming but he gestures and mimics actions beautifully and although he is towards the upper age range for teaching baby signing, we thought teaching him some basic signs might be the perfect way to help encourage his communication and speech.

I had heard some very positive things about the Bamba's First Comforts signing kit and jumped when the chance came up to review it. And the second it arrived and I unwrapped it I knew it was going to be something a bit special. Packaged in a beautiful sturdy gift box with soft yet vibrant colours, Bamba’s First Comforts contains everything you need to help start signing with your little one.

Bamba the monkey has long arms to enable you to make him ‘do’ the signs and is accompanied by five objects representing basic signs - a bottle (drink/milk), spoon (food), blanket (bed), wash mitt (bath) and mirror (look at me!). All are made out of the most gorgeous soft velour making them incredible tactile and inviting to hold and play with. The box also comes with an accompanying booklet introducing the concept of signing with your baby and teaching the basic signs which is very easy to read.

What we liked: Kai was immediately drawn to Bamba the monkey, wanting to hold and cuddle him close and keen to play with the items. I started spending just five or ten minutes a couple of times a day sitting with Kai and teaching him the signs as we played with Bamba. He absolutely loved it, and was soon gesturing for his box of goodies all day long. Within a day he had picked up which signs and words corresponded with each item and delighted me with responding to my signing and saying “Kai… can you give Monkey some food?” to picking up the spoon and role-playing feeding Bamba. He loved to ‘put Monkey to bed’ snuggling him up under the covers and giving him a kiss! This was the first time I had ever seen him ‘pretend’ and was really special.

We weren’t keen on: The only bad thing I have to say about the kit (and this is a very minor point) was the use of a bottle for ‘drink/milk'. Kai has been breastfed so bottles don’t have a lot of meaning to him! Of course, he picked up what it was for quickly once I had shown him, but considering the age that this kit is for (from 6 months), I think a toy beaker might have been more appropriate and not run the risk of making the assumption that a baby’s drinks come from bottles. I also think that the kit would have benefited from a cloth bag of some sort to enable Kai to take his ‘treasures’ out and about for practice on the move.

Overall: What can I say, Bamba has been a HUGE hit in our house. Beautifully made, high quality, and stunning in design, I would recommend this kit to anyone thinking of trying signing with their baby. I just wish we had started earlier! I have been amazed at how quickly Kai has responded to our play sessions - in the last day or two he has already begun to copy signs back to me for ’milk’ and ’night night’, both in play and in context. Not only educational and fun, but a lovely excuse to sit and spend some quality time with your child - I have a feeling that Bamba is going to be a treasured play companion for some time to come.
UpScaleBaby.com Review
"UpScaleBaby.com think that Bamba's First Comforts is a wonderful way to help babies learn sign language."
Great Baby Things Review
"There are lots of products on the market that claim to help your baby learn quicker/faster/smarter but not all of them live up to their hype. However one that does is Bamba’s First Comforts which has been created by the Baby Sign Factory to develop and promote early communication skills whilst at the same time making baby signing fun and easy."
MyEggNest Review
"We first saw Bamba's First Comforts Baby Signing Kit at the Harrogate Baby Fair and fell in love with it straight away. The kit is designed for New-Mums to encourage their child to use early vocabulary by using simple toys to teach basic sign language skills. All the cute toys are beautifully made to the highest quality.
Little Stuff - Bamba's First Comforts Baby Signing Kit
Reviewed by Mel and Ollie;

"Wow - I was so impressed with the presentation and overall quality of the Bambas First Comforts baby sign toys and this is before I had even opened the box! It is subtly coloured and very sturdy; in fact we still keep the toys in the box. It is such a box of delights: a special place for our special toys.

The quality continues when you open the box. All six toys to aid the learning of signing are truly beautiful, and each has its own little compartment. Moreover the toys are extremely soft and tactile, and just invite handling: best of all they are just the right size for little hands. Bamba, the main character and monkey, is such a delight, he has become a really special toy. The accompanying manual (which also coordinates!) is very user friendly, and explains the background and reasoning behind signing, as well as a pictorial and written explanation of the signs themselves. 

Ollie received this gorgeous box of delights when he was 9 months old, which should be the prime age for learning signing. However at this moment I have to admit that signing hasn’t worked for Ollie! He truly loves the toys, and is always happy when we get the box out (it recommends that you spend 5 minutes a day playing with the toys) - however he never copies the signs that we make. In all honesty I would say he was quite a late developer with regards to waving and pointing, so maybe in time he will start to copy the signing actions that we make. When we tell him to do something with Bamba i.e. give him a drink or feed him Ollie responds correctly using the toys, but without using the signs. However, we all know that no two children are the same and children do respond differently to things.

Nevertheless I would absolutely still buy the box. Because of the incredible quality of the kit it truly is a lovely thing to have, and as I say Ollie loves playing with the toys in their own right. The kit also makes a really lovely gift because of its high quality and gorgeous packaging.

We shall of course persevere with the signing."  
Baby Not Included - Bamba's Chatter Boxes Baby Signing Kit
Product Review (March 2009)
"I volunteered my youngest son who will be 6 months in a weeks time. I have to admit to being a baby signing novice but thought it could be a good excuse to spend some one-2-one with my baby.

Well woweeeee....

Unwrapped the parcel to find the most gorgeous sturdy box. Inside there is Bamba an adorable cuddly monkey who rattles and has a scrunchy bottom. But he is not alone .....
There are 5 other 'toys' to assist with learning how to baby sign;
A mirror beautifully decorated to be baby safe
A cuddly spoon !
A cuddly baby bottle !!
Bath mitt

All in matching colours and a picture of Bamba on them. All to be of very high quality.   There is also a booklet that is informative, short and simple to understand on how to use the kit. Having read the book I am advised to select 2 signs from the initial 6 they suggest (more are included for later). We have opted for sleep and eating to start with.

This kit suggests starting baby signing around 6-8 months but I think the toys included have lots of mileage in them for further use. My baby son already thinks Bamba has tasty chewable arms and older children would be able to bathe/feed and put Bamba to bed.

This would make an attractive and original gift. It is of excellent quality and very well designed.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  So far this gets 5/5"
Talking Tots Review March 2009
"We've decided to share with you some of our very favourite toys to help develop communication skills in young children and babies - starting with Bamba's First Comforts, a baby signing kit that allows you and your baby to learn signing at home.

Made by the award-winning Baby Sign Factory, this kit is absolutely beautifully made and presented in a gorgeous printed box, making it an ideal present for a new Mum. Even better, the kit helps to encourage key early vocabulary by using plush toys to teach basic skills. The adorable Bamba monkey will also encourage imaginative play, and the whole kit is so tactile, we think babies won't be able to resist getting their hands on it."

Tracey and Lisa from Talking Tots

BizzieBaby Review February 2009
"My first impression was that it's so child friendly and cuddly. Idea is fantastic and superb outcome with this teaching toy. It encourages little ones to use hands if they have difficulty in saying a certain word. I have 3 children, eldest being 8. As soon as I have got the 2 babies settled we played with the chatterbox. Ideal to use after tea and before bedtime. As Katie is slightly behind in her speech for her age, it has become a great help and has made things easier. This has also helped reduce frustration for Katie. It was a bit of a hit and miss situation at first as with all learning toys, but as soon as Katie was comfortable with this then she really started to enjoy playing. Signs are very easy to pick up. All of the family have joined in learning signs, and it has been fun for all of us. The quality of this product is fantastic and definitely value for money. Design is perfect, but could do with a few more signs to learn. An item well worth purchasing and rest of family agree with us after enjoying joining in the fun. Fantastic product and fantastic outcome with our daugher. All kiddies of pre-school age could benefit from this product."

Polly Osburne - Katie Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Talking Tots Great Toy Guide November 2008
The 2008 Talking Tots Great Toy Guide: the independent guide to educational toys for pre-schoolers said:

"This first signing kit promotes natural gestures and language development. We love the fact that it's based on the words that are most meaningful to young babies. It's beautifully made and gorgeously tactile, too!"

"Great Toy for Communication"

Practical Pre-School Awards 2008 Review:
What the testers said:

"Gorgeous, cute toys that are exceptional quality and have a luxury feel. The idea behind the kit is fantastic, as communication is important, and this kit works surprisingly well with such young children. Bamba's First Comforts is durable, portable and storable. It catered well for the age range and the children loved to play with it. It is extremely useful to develop skills, such as physical, social and emotional development, communication and understanding of the world. It really appealed to the children throughout the trial, with interest and enjoyment from start to finish."
Angels and Urchins Review
Bamba's First Comforts from Baby Sign Factory Ltd a new Baby signing kit
"The six-month-old angels&urchins' twins are just starting to learn to sign with the help of Bamba, the first baby signing kit that we have come across. Bamba is a cute monkey who comes out only when signing (ie he must not be treated as a toy). They are already catching on with just a few minutes' practice each day. The idea is the babies will be less frustrated because they can communicate long before they can talk. It's good fun too." (November 2008)

From Bump to Grump Review

“First things first, this product looks just as good as the photos and even better. From the box (which you will keep forever) to each of the plush toys, everything is top quality and ultra luxurious. Baby signing classes are a current favourite but this kit makes it ultra easy to do at home. The idea is to assist babies to communicate what they need through the “props” - the benefits if this is successful are obvious, increasing bonding, confidence and giving a head start in the communication stakes. Designed for babies 6 months to 18 months, our 12 month old tester was ideally placed, and we felt at the right age to benefit from this. She loved the toys and was quickly aware of what they meant as she already had started to acquire that knowledge. Our worry was that using these may replace verbal communication, but this was not the case, and the two worked perfectly together, resulting in a confident, and most importantly, very happy baby indeed.” (May 2008)

Customer product reviews
“This far exceeded my expectations. The quality of the product is fantastic with top quality design and an amazing eye for detail (the blanket has a picture of Bamba the monkey on one side and the back of his head on the reverse side). All the toys are great in their own right regardless of whether you are interested in signing with your baby and my daughter loves playing with them. The signing part is great fun and my daughter already knows to present the milk bottle when she is hungry and she places the blanket over her teddy for bed time. Each toy has a related sign which is detailed on the inside lid of the box and there is also a more detailed and informative supporting booklet which comes with the box. The design and quality of the box reflects that of the toys and unlike most modern packaging the box is very sturdy which means you can use it to store all the Bamba toys. I would recommend this for anyone with a young baby, we have just ordered another one for my daughter's new cousin”

S. Neish; Edinburgh; UK (June 2008)
Customer product reviews
"I recently needed to buy a gift for my friends new baby. Faced with the usual dilemma of what to buy, I remembered another friend telling me about Bamba some time ago.

I ordered Bamba's First Comforts for myself to try out and it duly arrived as promised. My first reaction was that pictures do not do it justice. It's so lovely and has been created with some real thought and care. The box itself is a quality product and this sets the tone for the toys inside.

Bamba is a very cute monkey and the main character in the kit. My daughter immediately fell in love with him and he now is part of the family. The other pieces in the box are really soft and cuddly, very tactile and my daughter was very happy to handle them.

The signing book and quick reference on the lid of the box convey the concepts of signing with your baby very quickly and make it real easy to see what the overall goal is. The biggest benefit to me has been the ability of my daughter to indicate that she is hungry using the little bottle, rather than crying or getting anxious.
I really love the fact that I did not need to go out to classes to learn signing or sign language. It just develops as we play.

Anyway, I did get another box for my friend's baby and all the other mums were so impressed with it since you can't get it in the shops yet. It made me feel very cool and switched on the latest baby communication trends :)
You will love it"

Mary Firth; Teacher; Orpington Kent (August 2008)

Customer product reviews
"I am amazed at how quickly he is grasping it"
We absolutely love it and it looked fab when it was unwrapped on the day. All our friends commented on it. We have started signing with Lochlan and I am amazed at how quickly he is grasping it - he is already mimicking me when I make the sign for food / hungry and I have a feeling it won't be long at all before he starts signing of his own volition when he wants to eat.Anyway just wanted to say thanks again for making sure it got to us by his birthday - it made our day and his too.

Tara Wilson; BSc (hons); MBAcC; London UK (September 2008)

Customer product reviews
The sleep mat and monkey are gorgeous. "The picture just does not do this justice. When you see and touch this product you will be delighted. A friend showed me the Bamba box and I thought it was absolutely beautiful - the whole package (box, book and toys) smacks of quality - as well as being an aid to communication. As I was looking for a baby present I thought Bamba's First Comforts was novel - new babies tend to get an awful lot of clothes and they can only wear so many!
This gift reflects the current interest in baby sign language but avoids the need to attend classes. The accompanying booklet is a work of art on its own and easily followed. The toys particularly the sleep mat and monkey are gorgeous and very touchy-feely.

Yvonne Clydesdale, England. (August 2008)

Customer product reviews
A wonderful teaching tool. "We had our first try this morning (with Bamba) and my son (Stanley 19 weeks) screeched with delight at the sight of him. He then was fascinated watching his Mummy do the sign for Bamba. It is such a wonderful teaching tool and I am very excited to see Stanley 's development with it."

Nicole Baker, England (February 2009)

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