The CBeebies animation series, adapted from the popular Bing Bunny Books written and illustrated by Ted Dewan, was first broadcast in June 2014, and cited, ‘reality TV for toddlers.’ Ted Dewan stated that with Bing, he wanted to 'depict what toddler life was really like, in contrast to the ideal world often presented in books' and that he hopes the kids and their parents, 'see their lives mirrored on screen and understand that the drama that happens in their life happens to nearly everyone else.' He wanted to ensure that precious parent-toddler time, was fun, engaging and dramatic for both parties; authentically mirroring a young child’s experience and celebrating the noisy, joyful, messy reality of pre-school life.
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Bing Musical Teddies

Talking Bing
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My Friend Bing
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Bing Talking Pando
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Bing Action Figures & Playsets

Bing Figure Pack
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Bing Vehicle Asst
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Bing's House
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Bing's Playground
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Bing's Phone
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Bing Nursery Teddies

Bing Basic Plush
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