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Baby Bjorn is a family-owned, Swedish company which was founded in 1961. From the start, Baby Bjorn's goal has been to simplify everyday activities for parents and small children by developing innovative products for children up to the age of three.

Baby Bjorn's goal is to develop products that are both creative and sensitive to children's and parents' needs and identify those little everyday problems and provide ingenious solutions to them.

Baby Bjorn Information

The Concept Behind Baby Bjorn
This year marks exactly 50 years since Baby Bjorn started. BabyBjörn remains a Swedish family company, but today their products can be found all over the world, and the original business concept has stood the test of time, just like the quality of their products.

Baby Bjorn products are now used worldwide by millions of parents, and all of them have the same goal: happy, safe children. The enthusiastic receptions the products have received from consumers have inspired Baby Bjorn in its efforts to develop safe and attractive, high-quality products.

Parents should feel confident in their choice of a functional product that is safe for their child. Hence, why Baby Bjorn take responsibility for every step of their development process and have adopted long-term approaches towards constantly improving and renewing the product range.

To help achieve this Baby Bjorn has worked closely with paediatricians since the company was founded in 1961. The valuable information and comments they provide are vital, both in connection with the development of new products and in the ongoing development of existing ones.

Baby Bjorn's cooperation with the medical profession began in Sweden, but now includes an international network of paediatricians in Germany, France, Sweden and the USA.

Baby Bjorn is proud of its 46 years in the business and has never compromised its core values of quality, safety and design.

Baby Bjorn Today
Baby Bjorn's goal, right from the start, has been to make everyday life easier for families with young children. Baby Bjorn are also firmly convinced, right from day one, that parents shouldn’t have to buy loads of products when children are small – just a few that really work. They still believe that and are working with suppliers, distributors and employees to build a worldwide network, with a corporate culture based on a fundamental interest in children and their development. 

Their policy of never launching a product that does not live up to their strict quality and safety requirements, means that over the years, parents have developed considerable confidence in the Baby Bjorn brand and their products. This is something that has only been possible due to the consistent level of deep commitment to their work shown by every single person who works for and is involved in the company.

Many employees are, themselves, parents of young children, and they are driven by a desire at all times to exceed their own expectations. Baby Bjorn baby carriers, potties, travel cots, bouncers and other products must, quite simply, be the best on the market. Which is also why the current BabyBjörn range has, in every respect, been developed to suit the lifestyles of today’s families with small children, all over the world.
Baby Bjorn's Scandinavian roots are a constant theme of everything they do. Good design is always a combination of practical functionality and attractive appearance. Their fundamental commitment to safety is a consequence of the society in which they, themselves, grew up. As is their desire to inspire fathers to get involved, right from the start, and to encourage parents to play an equal part in their child’s development.

Concept to Product
The route a Baby Bjorn product takes from an initial concept to a finished product is a long one. Developing their plate and spoon, for example, took four years! Baby Bjorn design and develop their products in-house in extremely close cooperation with world-leading paediatricians, industrial designers and parents of small children. And they don’t stop until the product truly lives up to their very high standards and requirements.

All product development starts with the production of a prototype. The prototype then goes through a long and extensive series of tests by parents and children so that we can be sure that the product is up to scratch when it comes to safety, functionality and quality. And if it turns out that the product does not meet Baby Bjorn's stringent requirements, they take it back to the drawing board – if it still has potential. If not, the project is cancelled.
Being Responsible
Baby Bjorn take a long-term view when products are developed. They never compromise on core values of safety, quality and design, which is why Baby Bjorn products are so durable and can be used for many years, often being handed down from one child to the next.
They use the utmost care, both in the choice of materials and when it comes to ensuring that all Baby Bjorn products undergo rigorous testing. Materials that will come into contact with food are approved for use with foodstuffs, while textiles that will come into contact with a child’s skin are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 product class 1-approved. Baby Bjorn are equally choosy when it comes to selecting suppliers, and carry out continuous checks to make sure that they genuinely comply with our stringent requirements at every stage of the process and in every country.

Baby Bjorn have also decided, as a matter of policy, that a reduced environmental burden shall be characteristic of all of the development, manufacturing and distribution of BabyBjörn products, and that they will not simply comply with all relevant legislation and official requirements; they will develop their environmental work continuously to ensure that they minimise our environmental impact. Their new organic range, launched in 2009, is one step in this direction.

Baby Bjorn Ask the Experts
Baby Bjorn believes your child’s safety and health are always a top priority, and that’s been the case, right from the start. Baby Bjorn began working in partnership with Professor Bengt Hagberg at the Östra Hospital in Gothenburg at a very early stage in their company history. That partnership has now lasted for over twenty-three years and has served as a guiding light for our new product development work. 

Nowadays, Baby Bjorn work with leading paediatricians and midwives all over the world. One is Dr Avroy A Fanaroff at the Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital who, way back in the 1970s, was part of the team that produced the groundbreaking research into close physical contact between newborn babies and their parents. Baby Bjorn are, of course, absolutely delighted that Dr Fanaroff wants to work with us today, because his findings formed part of the inspiration for the very first baby carrier that we ever developed.
The information these medical experts provide is invaluable for Baby Bjorn, and their comments are vital as they develop new products or improve existing ones.

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2011 - Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier wins 'Best Infant Carrier/Sling Design' from Junior Magazine Design Awards 2011
2011 - Baby Bjorn Soft Bib wins 'Gold Award' from Bizzie Baby 2010-2011
2011 - Baby Bjorn High Chair wins 'Best High Chair Design' from Junior Magazine Design Awards 2011
2010 - Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier wins Practical Parenting Best Buy award 2010