Bamba Sign uses the softest of fluffy toys to teach parents the basics of Baby Sign. Bamba's First Comforts is a box that contains Bamba and five everyday objects. Each object is paired with a simple hand sign. All objects have been specially chosen as they are related to the early language development of young babies and are the objects/concepts that they are likely to experience daily. Watch this short clip to see how your baby is signing and communicating with you already!

The box set includes a parent guide with information on why using signs with a baby is beneficial and how it will encourage early development. But don't worry it's not complicated and it includes extra useful signs for parent and baby.

Bamba Information

What is Baby Sign?
Baby Signing teaches baby to use simple gestures so they are able to communicate in those early developmental stages before they have learnt how to speak.

Why Bamba Sign Works
Bamba sign uses the softest of fluffy toys to teach Baby's fun play time too for you both!

How to Use Bamba
The kit contains six luxurious soft toys and a list of associated baby signs in a beautifully designed sturdy box.

Benefits of Bamba's

It's Good to Know.....