Faye deserves to win the Tiny Love Gymini Musical Kick and Discover Gym because she is so patient and well behaved.
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Claire | 25-09-2011

Initially I just wanted Faye to win the play mat because she doesn't have one and I thought it was gorgeous.

After reading your article "Why use an Activity Play mat?", there are now a million reasons why I would like Faye to win this beautiful play mat. You say that they should be near the top of a baby's "essentials list". I want her to have the opportunity to learn and explore in a safe environment whilst she is still tiny. I want her to have a reason, and the opportunity to develop her neck muscles properly, to improve her hand eye co-ordination, and to have some "tummy time".

Your article says "Activity play mats are an ideal toy: they help your baby develop, encourage movement and can be a great distraction while you sneak off for a cuppa. The disadvantages of this product are hard to see."

I can't even begin to tell you what a lifesaver it would be to be able to put her somewhere where I know she will be safe and entertained whilst I do the 101 other Mummy jobs that I need to do on a daily basis.

Please let Faye win this gorgeous play mat, we would be so grateful. xxx


Hannah | 16-09-2011

because babies can't have hard toys. Babies just get soft toys not like my Thomas. My Baby [sister] can play with my Thomas when she is all grown-d up like me. And it is soft just for my Baby.