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>>>Tiny Love Gymini Total Playground
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Tiny Love Gymini Total Playground
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Suitable from birth, the Gymini Kick and Play Total Playground is a great activity gym for your growing baby. Includes play mat, removable arches and a musical kick and play response pad. With the ability to lift the sides creating a cosier environment, this activity gym is ideal for new born babies and growing toddlers alike.
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The Tiny Love Gymini Kick and Play Total Playground comes complete with a play mat, removable gym arches and a musical kick-pad. The large play mat is softly padded for comfort and features a bright colourful design with friendly animal illustrations and built in activities. When used with the removable arches the side panels can be raised to make a small play pen effect, great for new born babies, creating a cosier, secure environment. The removable gym arches also host a number of hanging activity toys for your baby’s development. The kick and play response pad is also a great addition, as it plays melodies when interacted with and is designed specifically to be used with baby’s feet, helping strengthen their leg muscles encouraging motor skills, whilst also helping them develop the understanding of cause and effect.

  • Tiny Love Gymini Kick and Play Total Playground Play Mat
  • Removable Arches
  • Kick and Play musical response pad
  • Detachable hanging activity toys
  • Suitable from birth
  • Large soft padded play mat
  • Bright, colourful design with animal illustrations
  • Removable arches
  • Side panels of play mat can be lifted and fastened to arches to create ‘playpen’, ideal for new born babies making for a cosier environment
  • Kick and Play musical response pad; plays melodies and sounds when soft padded context sensitive buttons are pressed; encouraging baby’s leg strength, motor skills and senses
  • 100% BPA Free Plastics
Built in play mat activities to help baby learn and develop:
  • Squeaker; makes a squeak noise when pressed, encourages baby’s curiosity and sound sense
  • Peek-a-boo flaps; encourages baby’s curiosity and ‘cause and effect’ understanding
  • Textured materials; develops baby’s touch sense
Detachable hanging toy activities:
  • Butterfly teether; for irritable gums
  • Giraffe rattle, Bead rattle, Lion rattle and Duck chime bell; encourages baby’s grasping motor skills, touch and sound senses and also helps develop eye-sight focus
  • Mat Size: L114cm x W106cm
  • Arch Height: Approx. 55cm
  • Play Mat is machine washable
  • Requires 3 x AA Batteries
1-2 months
  • The "arches effect" helps relax baby, providing the security of a relatively enclosed space. 
  • This, together with the classical music, make the Gymini Total Playground Kick & Play activity gym a special, relaxing space for baby, that provides a feeling of confidence, while stimulating the senses with the music, ringing chime and larger colorful toys hanging over her head.

Playing with this toy
You can try to place your baby on the Gymini Total Playground Kick & Play activity gym, and play the Mozart selection. Hang the toys between 8 to 10 inches from her eyes, the optimal distance for vision at this age. Some babies feel comfortable with the Gymini Total Playground Kick & Play activity gym right from the very start, while others prefer a small, more enclosed place, such as a cradle. It’s possible that your baby will not show signs of interest in the gym until the third month. Move the duck chime so that it rings, which is a very pleasant sound for newborn babies. The Gymini Total Playground Kick & Play activity gym can be used as a diaper changing surface when needed. Just open the arches and let them fall down for a large and pleasant changing surface.

3-4 months

  • The Gymini Total Playground Kick & Play activity gym offers multi-sensory stimulation. 
  • It stimulates sight with colorful toys, clear illustrations and blinking lights. 
  • It stimulates hearing with classical music, and a variety of other sounds. 
  • It stimulates touch with a wide range of textures and materials. 
  • The Gymini Total Playground Kick & Play activity gym helps to strengthen baby's gross motor muscles. 
  • When baby is lying on her tummy, the large mirror and illustrations on the borders and blanket encourage her to lift her head and neck. 
  • The Kick & Play response pad encourages baby to kick and strengthen her legs. 
  • When lying on her back, the hanging toys invite baby to reach out to touch, bat and move them, as well as practice her grasping capabilities. This helps develop fine motor skills and perfect hand-eye coordination. 
  • The Gymini Total Playground Kick & Play activity gym offers a multitude of opportunities to experience cause & effect, such as batting the hanging toy and making it swing, or striking the respond pad and causing the lights to flash or the music to play. 
  • It contributes to EQ in two ways: quality classical music and borders that help baby to relax, and
  • the mirror that allows her to explore her reflection and learn about facial features - the foundation of developing body image.
  • As baby looks in the mirror she is encouraged to make sounds. 
  • Listening to classical music contributes to baby’s development of language and communication skills.

Playing with this toy
Periodically place your baby on her back under the arches and hang the toys within reach of both her hands so that she can bat at them. To encourage your baby to practice raising her head and neck, periodically place her on her tummy on the blanket so that she can gaze at the pictures on the blanket and border. Periodically place your baby on her tummy so that she can see the Kick & Play response pad. Let her see the connection to what you are doing and the result (flashing lights or sounds). Place your baby on her back and show her how she can make the hanging toys move above her with her feet. Place your baby on her back or on her tummy in front of the mirror, so that she can gaze at her reflection.

5-6 months

  • The Gymini Total Playground Kick & Play activity gym contributes to the development of all seven developmental elements: 
  • Baby can now enjoy all the musical features, and can gaze at the visual stimulation, near and far, large and small. 
  • Baby develops her sense of touch as she explores the toys with her hands and mouth, or plays with the stimulating items on the blanket. 
  • She strengthens the muscles in her legs and hands as she kicks or strikes the Kick & Play response pad to elicit audiovisual feedback. 
  • Baby practices shifting her weight from side-to-side, as she strikes something with one hand while leaning on the other.
  • Baby grasps the hanging toys to play with, pulling on them and putting them in her mouth to explore, developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 
  • The Gymini Total Playground Kick & Play activity gym offers a variety of activities that help teach baby about cause & effect, with activities that elicit sound, audio feedback or revealing visual stimulation. 
  • The Gymini Total Playground Kick & Play activity gym also contributes to baby's language and communication development with high-quality classical music, and with the large mirror that encourages her to babble at her reflection. 
  • Gazing at her reflection in the mirror contributes to baby's developing body image. 
  • The music relaxes her to contribute to her emotional intelligence.

Playing with this toy
Open the border of the blanket to offer your baby a larger, wider play area. 
Change the placement of the toys periodically to retain your baby's attention, and encourage her to reach out to grasp the toys. 
Place your baby on her back or on her tummy in front of the mirror, so that she can gaze at her reflection. 
Show your baby the different types of games on the activity blanket, such as the lamb's horns, the appealing peek-a-boo game with the kite, the mouse's tail, etc. 
Place your baby next to the Kick & Play response pad, and encourage her to strike at it to start the music and lights.

7-10 months

  • With the arches removed, baby can now enjoy lying or sitting on the activity blanket, and can touch and explore the toys as her senses continue to be stimulated. 
  • Baby learns about causal relationships, while perfecting motor skills playing peek-a-boo-type games, as well as beginning to understand object permanence

Playing with this toy
Remove the arches and let your baby play on the large activity blanket. Leave the Kick & Play response pad connected for your baby to strike at or pat with her hands. Play peek-a-boo with the kite or sun. Detach the toys and let your baby play with each one individually -- explore them with her hands and mouth, shake them, or pull them.

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On all orders to mainland UK addresses we are able to offer an incentivised carriage charge based on your order value with us as follows:

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  • We are able to deliver to European destinations and other parts of the world. Please refer our Delivery tab (at top) for more details.
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Faye Barker

Great play gym.... my 10 week old boy loves it... the colours are so bright and there is so much for him to play with and look at, would definitely recommend this to a friend, and the service from was really good.



Bought it for my 4month old highly demanding LO. He loves the toys and is distracted long enough for me to do some chores. Very happy with tiny love products.