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Bath time becomes the best time of a baby’s day thanks to accessories like baby baths. Babycity offers a wide range of products like baby bath time toys that come in bright colours like yellow and in the shape of animals like classic bath ducks. Inflatable bath toys can be chosen alongside folding tubs for parents who want choice when they are bathing their children. A bath set comes with aids that making bath time fun and exciting for everyone involved. Baby City is the way to get started if parents are looking to stock up on the latest bath products for their child.

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Munchkin White Hot Safety Duck Bath
The baby tub that doesn't get you in hot water. Prents can be sure the bath water is just right for baby without constant testing and guessing. This award-winning inflatable tub has a special White Hot dot that turns white when the water is too hot, then turns blue when it's just right. The adorable ducky tub has a contoured headrest and is fully padded for babys total comfort.
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £14.79Save : £0.20
Fisher-Price Rinse 'N Grow Tub
This is the perfect answer to any new mummy's anxiety over bathing their newborn. The Rinse 'N Grow Tub cradles your newborn securly in the tub and allows you to gently wash your baby. As your child grows into a toddler, the 'Baby Stopper' can be easily removed to allow full, non-restricted movement.
RRP : £44.99Our Price : £42.79Save : £2.20
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