Nightlights are ideal both for you when you want to check in on baby without disturbing their sleep and for soothing and comforting baby when they momentarily awake at night. Both brands Lindam and Brother Max provide ideal products for such situations with a simple plug in wall socket light. Other nightlights such as those that look like little lanterns are also ideal for placing or hanging in the nursery and can be used as baby grows into a toddler and be held to light the way for night time visits to the toilet. The Fisher-Price lantern can also be used during the day as a toy as it has sing along songs, fun phrases, nature sounds and activities!
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Safety First Automatic Night Light
The Safety First automatic night light keeps the child's room slightly lit while they sleep or to dimly light the hallway to help guide them to the bathroom when needed. This night light can be kept plugged in all the time as the light is only activated when the built-in sensor detects a loss of natural daylight. When the night light is on, the electricity consumption is very low (0.5 W) so there isnít any danger of inflated electricity bills because of this product.
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Lindam Automatic Nursery Safety Sensor Light
The Lindam Automatic Nursery Safety Sensor Light has been cleverly designed with a sensor that automatically switches the light on at dusk and off at dawn, so you can plug it in, and then let it do the rest. The LED light source in the Lindam Sensor light is Eco-friendly whilst remaining cool to the touch and providing over 10,000 hoursí worth of light! It's a simple device with a long life that can provide priceless reassurance at night time.
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Lindam Nursery Night Light Set
The Nursery Night Light Set provides a soft, reassuring glow throughout the night, comforting little ones whilst providing peace of mind for parents
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Lindam Night Light Owl 'Light My Way'
Light your little one's way with the Lindam Night Light Owl 'Light My Way'. This night light provides a comforting glow at bedtime for toddlers and has an easy grip handle.
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