Plush Audio Comforters

The advantage of plush comforters over cot soothers is that they can be placed within the cot, next to baby like a little teddy or best friend and of course taken with baby as they make the transition from cot to bed therefore maintaining some continuity. The Sea Horse by Fisher-Price, available in both pink and blue have gently glowing tummies and play soft soothing music and have an option for ocean sounds. In addition, the infamous Slumber Bear by Prince Lionheart originated in 1978, even offers mother’s womb sounds which are activated by motion and sound sensors by baby and plays for 5 minutes and then auto switches off. This item is the only known audio pacifier with actual recordings made inside a mother’s womb! These types of products can be fantastic at aiding baby off to sleep.
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Lamaze Night Night Owl
This soothing owl nightlight comforts children as they fall asleep by softly glowing in different colours and by playing sweet melodies.
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £22.99Save : £2.00
Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Owl
An ideal nap and bedtime friend for baby. This soothing, cuddly owl lights up and glows, with hoot-hoot sounds and over 15 minutes of soothing music – just give it a gentle squeeze.
RRP : £17.99Our Price : £80.99
Lamaze Sonny the Glowing Bunny
Some blush when the attention turns on them, but it’s Sonny’s tummy that glows when he’s in the limelight! Give his ear a squeeze see his tum turn red, go green, purple and more as he says the colour out loud. Soft and cuddly, he has arms outstretched to greet you, covered in high-contrast patterns specially designed to help babies focus. As little ones learn where to press and how to make Sonny glow and talk, they’ll quickly learn to connect actions and reactions, linking these with words and developing their coordination and communication skills. Ideal for babies from birth upwards.
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £24.49Save : £0.50
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