Brevi manufactures and markets baby products which have become trusted by parents because they offer great functional style and design in every detail. With a product range from 0-36 months Brevi has also developed a range of Hello Kitty branded products for fashion savvy mums!

Safety and comfort are the values that are foremost in the development of new products at Brevi, but never at the expense of great design and styling. Take a look at this short video clip and see just how gorgeous the Hello Kitty range from Brevi is!
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Brevi Highchairs

Brevi Convivio Style Highchair
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Brevi Highchair Accessories

The Concept Behind Brevi

The Concerpt Behind Brevi
Brevi is an Italian company specialised in manufacturing and distributing products for infants and children up to the age of three years. It is present in fifty-eight countries all over the world.

Brevi wants to be a company that’s:

  • Fresh in ideas
  • Brilliant in Solutions
  • Dynamic in relations

Brevi wants to work with the vision of a world with more prospective than the actual one, a world that “dares” to bring new fresh ideas into the range of baby products. They want a world full of colour that’s light, elegant and well analyzed, that gives space for the imagination and knows how to use tenderness together with one’s own determination in the joy of the authority of one’s own thought.

An identity that is precise and well known  thanks to a loyalty without compromises, a philosophy of quality based on the clients needs and a passion for beautiful and well made items. To concretely transform professional commitment into products designed for the specific needs of babies and their mothers is a shared objective and a common effort for the whole company.

The philosophy of the brand has guided the company towards protection for every instance of daily life and the growth of the baby. The “vital” design made at Brevi, has led to making products that accompany childhood when out and about, travelling, at bedtime, for hygiene, feeding and weaning, playtime and recreation, good health forever under the mark of attention to wellbeing and safety.

Brevi Safety
Brevi believe a product for infants must be carefully designed, thought out and made with maximum attention to the health of the baby. For this reason, Brevi invests 6% in research out of its own sales turnover, making its own production in accordance with the most severe safety regulations.

At Brevi, Safety is:

  • INDIPENDENT: An outside laboratory carries out every safety check and test in order to guarantee maximum independence. Brevi collaborates with the most prestigious boards for standardization and certification.
  • CONTINUOUS: It is not limited to the prototyping phase. Once the certificate of conformity is received, the quality checks are carried out on all production lots.
  • TECHNICAL and SPECIALIZED: each certification board has developed specific protocols for every single type of product, with reference to:
  1. non-toxicity of materials
  2. locking mechanisms and adjustable systems to prevent accidental collapsing
  3. Ergonomic edges and rounded corners
  4. Safety of structural dimensions
  5. Passing of endurance tests and dynamic tests
Brevi collaborates with the most prestigious certification and inspection bodies in order to guarantee even higher technical and safety standards in conformity with the strict requirements of European regulations.

Brevi History
Brevi was born in 1953 in Telgate, Bergamo, in Northern Italy, from the passion for plastics and metal manufacturing of its founder, Mr. Giuliano Brevi, followed by his brothers. An intuition gave life to the company: no longer wood, but plastic and metal will be the raw materials for products related to the world of early childhood, starting with highchairs and cribs. More than 50 year later, the Brevi second generation keeps on managing the company with the same enthusiasm, giving a new rise to the value of its founders.

Brevi Today
Brevi is well recognised by the market thanks to a loyalty without compromises, a philosophy of quality based on the client's needs and a passion for beautiful well made items since 1953.

Today Brevi is known as one of the most dynamic and innovative companies, thanks to more advanced search for functionality, ergonomics and safety, planning and technical-productive engagement.

Brand positioning
Brevi operates in Italy in the medium to high market range. Ergonomics, organic lines and “soft” materials are part of the products that become complementary ideals in the relationship between baby, parent and environment. This philosophy is expressed with authoritativeness in the Brevi Life Design project: the place where form and function are synthesised.

Brevi Product Research
As a market leader, Brevi invests heavily in research and development. Besides satisfying the needs for safety and comfort, their development department prides itself in creating designs that are appealing to consumers. All this also in order to overcome the competition that comes from the oriental market: a competition of low prices whose main marketing is the contained costs of the products, often neglecting quality and security.

The never-ending search for a personal style and a child and mum-friendly product has led over time to a distinctive design, along with the search for practicability and ergonomics recognised at international level.

Brevi’s experience gave rise to a world of innovative ideas, which translated into commercial success: from the first highchair Grembolone in 1971 with expanded polyurethane snug shell and no stiffened parts inside, to the Slex multiposition feeding chair, which can be adjusted according to the child’s height, characterized by an ergonomic and innovative design, which was launched in 2006 and immediately became a great success. Up to the recent agreement with Sanrio whose purpose is the development of the Hello Kitty collections aimed to the European market and thought for early childhood.

Safety and comfort are the values inspiring Brevi when manufacturing its products. A concrete commitment proved by several certifications obtained with the most severe and important European certification bodies and by the compliance with the strictest safety European standards, such as for instance TUEV Germany, LP and LNE France, DIN GOST Russia.

Italian creativity and Japan rigour
Brevi has adopted a production method known as Lean production. Thought by Toyota and exported all over the world, this method allows to progressively avoid any waste of time and resources, thus optimising processes and consequently reducing costs. Results are extraordinary in all production phases, but the most important result is the possibility of providing clients with total quality adding value to the goods purchased, without affecting costs.

Brevi Product Lines
With a wide selection of products, Brevi has established itself as a market leader and a point of reference in the infancy sector.

Out and About with Brevi
For going out and about with your baby from his very first few days to accustom him to being outdoors and to help him gain confidence with the outside environment. Brevi has thought of everything you need whilst outdoors: from prams to travel systems for the comfort of the baby and mum and dad. The Out and About include amongst others the first month's stroller Grillo.

Hygiene from Brevi
Cuddling your child means establishing a special relationship with him, instinctive and profound, also during bath time. Brevi offers a complete range of babies' baths for bathing from birth. Your baby's bath time is an important moment of intimacy and affection, every day, involving physical contact and utmost care.

Feeding with Brevi
The Brevi high chairs comply with the most stringent international standards and guarantees maximum safety, functionality and manageability.

Successful Collaboration
Brevi has been constantly developing an extremely personal approach to the world of early childhood, where the safety and comfort are offered along with creativity and a strongly innovative charge. This is the origin of the agreement entered between Brevi and Sanrio for the European market.  The Hello Kitty Brevi collections are a true revolution in the market of baby products since they become out-and-out objects of desire. Eighteen products for mealtime, naptime, hygiene, walking and the baby’s playtime. Delicate details, pastel tones, and pearly plastics with a velvety touch, glitter and pads all make a collection that is able to strike at the heart of mums.