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Rainbow Designs was established in 1971 and specialises in producing high quality soft toys and children's gifts. Their range includes the ever popular classic Peter Rabbit series, the popular Hungry caterpillar and adorably Miffy!

High quality product design is of the greatest importance to Rainbow Designs and they use their extensive experience within the gift industry to continually produce a range of toys that retailers have come to love. Rainbow Designs ensure that the products produced meet the demands of the marketplace, reflecting current trends in design and materials whilst retaining the classic essence of their character portfolio.

Rainbow Designs Baby Comforter Blankets and Doudous

Peter Rabbit Comfort Blanket
RRP : £15.99Our Price : £15.19
GHMILY Comfort Blanket
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £12.49
Flospy Comfort Blanket
RRP : £15.99Our Price : £15.19
Paddington Comfort Blanket
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £14.39

Rainbow Designs Character Teddies

GHMILY Rattle Bean Toy
RRP : £8.99Our Price : £8.54
GHMILY Large Hare Toy
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £12.34
GHMILY Lullaby Hare Toy
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £23.99
Peter Rabbit Pull Along
RRP : £19.99Our Price : £18.99
My First Peter Rabbit
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £14.24
My First Flopsy Rabbit
RRP : £14.99Our Price : £14.24
Peter Rabbit First Booties Gift Set
RRP : £12.99Our Price : £12.34
Peter Rabbit Jack in the Box
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £23.74
My First Classic Paddington
RRP : £13.99Our Price : £13.29
GHMILY Peekaboo Hare
RRP : £24.99Our Price : £23.74

Rainbow Designs Linkable Loop Toys

Rainbow Designs Activity Spirals

Rainbow Designs Play Mats

Peter Rabbit Activity Mat
RRP : £39.99Our Price : £38.39
GHMILY Activity Playmat
RRP : £39.99Our Price : £38.39

Rainbow Designs Rattles and Squeakers

Paddington Ring Rattle
RRP : £7.99Our Price : £7.59
Peter & Flopsy Rattles
RRP : £8.99Our Price : £8.54

Rainbow Designs Cot Mobiles

Peter Rabbit Musical Cot Mobile
RRP : £39.99Our Price : £37.99

Rainbow Designs Weaning Essentials

GHMILY Little Nutbrown Hare Breakfast Set
RRP : £18.99Our Price : £18.04