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When Can I Let My Baby Sleep Alone?

During the first 10 days, it’ll probably be easier to keep him in the same room so you can more easily get up to feed him and so you’ll get used to his sleeping patterns and breathing noises. From 2 … Continue reading
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Positional Plagiocephaly

Positional Plagiocephaly or more commonly termed ‘Flat Head Syndrome’ refers to a deformation of the head in infants that lay their head in the same position each time they sleep. If a baby prefers one side or position and gets … Continue reading
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When are Toddlers Ready for Potty Training

Seeing the back of nappies is something every parent looks forward to. Not only because they are a hassle to change, smelly, not good for the environment but also because they are an expensive essential. However, research has shown that … Continue reading
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Bedtime and Bathroom

A bedroom should be a child friendly safe environment. Use socket covers to cover all electrical outlets. A safety gate or travel barrier is useful if your toddler is prone to wander around. For peace of mind a baby Listening … Continue reading
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Putting Baby to Bed

Cot death is a tragedy that some parents have to face. It is sudden and unexpected and at present no-one knows why babies die this way. Researchers think there could be a number of causes, or a combination of factors … Continue reading
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