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Maternity and Paternity Rights

Rights that come with the responsibility of being a parent are mainly related to your right to care for your child, and your work rights. During your pregnancy, you have the right to be protected from certain occupational risks that … Continue reading
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Pregnancy Food

Being pregnant is an exciting time for any expecting mum, and a time when food ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ need to be considered. Pregnant women have a wide variety of options that will nourish babies inside the womb to ensure they … Continue reading
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Post Natal Depression

Many women feel gloomy after the birth of their baby.  Whilst this is nothing unusual, given the hormonal roller-coaster that their bodies have just undergone, for about one new mums in seven, it can become more serious.  Post-Natal Depression (PND) … Continue reading
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What to Expect at Your First Midwife Visit

Receiving the news that you are pregnant may be a shock or a surprise, depending on whether you were trying to conceive or not.  Regardless of the amount of planning in your pregnancy, your first step in being a responsible … Continue reading
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