5 Ways to prevent your Baby Catching a Virus this winter

winter-winterAs a parent, you know that it’s practically inevitable that your baby will catch a cold. However, you can still take extra care to protect your little one from developing a horrible infection. Follow our essential virus-fighting strategies below:

  • Make sure everything is hygienic

Good hygiene is so important to help your little one battle those nasty germs.  Teach your tot to wash his hands especially before eating and wash your hands too.  If your child goes to day care, or you employ a babysitter, make sure they are cautious about washing hands. Often, toddlers like to put toys in their mouth so make sure you clean his toys as germs can easily spread.

  • Vaccinations

Ensure that your baby’s vaccinations are all up to date. This will help prevent him catching harmful viruses and infections.

  • Keep your child away from illness

Coughing and sneezing people on the street or in your local supermarket may seem unavoidable but there are still things you can do to keep your child away from others who are ill. If your toddler attends nursery, make sure they have a reasonable policy on keeping children who are ill away from healthy tots. If you’re planning to invite a family member or friend over who has a bad cough or a tickly throat, rearrange if they think they may be catching a cold.

  • Keep him  healthy through diet

Breastfeeding your baby helps in so many ways; it provides him with all the nutrients, protecting him from infection.  If your child has moved onto solids, make sure to feed him plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and keep him hydrated with lots of water.

  • Develop a sleep routine

Create a sleeping schedule to ensure your little one gets plenty of sleep each night and is active enough during the day. If your child is well rested, he’ll be fit and healthy enough to fight off winter bugs.

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