A Fun Way to Introduce Vegetables to Kids!

All parents want their kids to have a healthy diet, and eating lots of fruit and vegetables is at the heart of this. However, most parents will know that getting kids to eat their 5 a day can be a struggle.

Beaba, the inventor of the famous babycook steamer blender, have created a fun cook book for kids packed full of great ideas to get kids eating healthy food, including this fun idea of veg and dips!

Easy to make and nutritionally balanced, these dips are a treat for them! Blend all the ingredients together and serve the dip with raw vegetables (cucumber, courgette, carrot, cherry tomato, endive and radish).

For about 5 fl oz (1 baby portion container)

1                     Green Dip – ½ avocado, the leaves from 4 sprigs of cilantro, the juice from ½ lemon. Blend all ingredients together until smooth.

2                     Yellow Dip – 1 small can (5.25 oz) sweetcorn, 1 tbsp fromage frais or greek yoghurt. Rinse and drain the sweetcorn. Blend it with the fromage frais and strain through a sieve.

3                     Pink Dip – 1.75 oz beetroot. 1.75oz feta cheese. 1 tsp olive oil.

4                     Orange Dip – 1 clove of garlic. 1 small red bell pepper. Olive oil. 3 cherry tomatoes. Peel and crush the garlic and place it in a seasoning ball. Use a vegetable peeler to remove the skin from the pepper and dice. Use I measure of water and steam it for 6 minutes in a babycook with the seasoning ball. Finish the cooking (without garlic) in a small frying pan with 1 tbsp of olive oil. Pour the contents of the pan into the babycook with the tomoatoes and blend.

Now have some fun and tuck in!

This recipe comes from the Beaba Kids Cook Book which features 25 recipes to encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables.

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