Babies and Electromagnetic Waves

wavesWireless systems are expanding, fast. From the latest Smartphone to your Wi-Fi network, we’re literally living amongst the waves.

Did you know that the penetration rate of mobile phones is 130% in the UK? There are more mobile phones than there are UK citizens! 33 million is the amount of people who log onto the internet every day and 48 hours is the average time spent online [per month. 5% of the UK population suffer from electro-sensitivity (migraines, flashes, difficulty concentrating), many of whom are not aware of their condition.

There is evidence that babies are much more sensitive to waves because their brain, which is still developing, absorbs 60% more waves than the brain of an adult. Today, babies are the very 1st generation to be exposed to waves at every stage of its biological development, from pregnancy onwards. A child has a limited perception of the world, and does not realise that a telephone is a source of harmful electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic population has seen a 400-fold increase over the last century. Babymoov, a brand known for creating innovative products, realises that we must not underestimate the threat of this magnitude. 

They are the first brand to take into account the issue of electromagnetic waves in developing its baby monitors. 2 years ago, Babymoov put its ability for innovation to the service of well-being by creating a brand new technology called Digital Green.  It combines the performance levels of digital technology with the safety of low-emission power levels. Babymoov’s quality and safe products are all certifies by independent labs.

The figure is striking- the brand’s appliances emit up to 33 times less waves. Want to know more? Click here to shop the monitor.

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