Baby Safety for the Hall, Living Room and Stairway

Here are are tops tips for keeping your home safe for little ones:

– A safety gate will stop your baby roaming around the house. Use at the top and bottom of the stairs, and in doorways. If you are using a pressure gate ensure that it is fitted between 2 solid surfaces. Older toddlers of 2 years or more may learn how to open or climb over gates. At this age it is best to remove the gate and supervise your child going up and down the stairs.

– Guard open fires and fire places with a fire guard complying with British Standards. The guard should be placed at least 30cm from the fire or grill.

– For your dining room or lounge cupboard’s, protect an inquisitive toddlers fingers and your belongings by using a Cabinet Slide Lock or Cabinet and Drawer latches.

– Toddlers will always bump into things, especially when they take their first few steps. Be prepared by putting Corner Cushion Protectors on table corners and low shelves so that your baby does not receive a nasty bump.

– Door hinges are always a danger, use a foam Slam Stopper to stop doors closing accidentally and little fingers getting trapped.

– Patio doors are an unseen danger. Using safety glass film on patio and internal doors and table tops will make all glass safe, in the event of glass breaking the film will prevent dangerous shards forming.

– Babies love to poke things in holes. Protect against hazards by fitting socket covers on all electrical outlets not in use.

– Save your video player from being ‘fed’ by using a Video Guard. This will stop your toddler from pushing objects into the slot and damaging your video player.


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