Baby Shower

What is a Baby Shower?
A baby shower is a celebration for both an imminent or recent birth of a new born child and a new mother or mother-to-be. If you are not familiar with the concept of a baby shower, here are a few things you should know.

Typically, a baby shower is held a couple of months before the predicted due date. It is a chance for close friends and family to express their sentiments to the mother, as well as to help her prepare for motherhood in the notion of gifts and supplies. It can be hosted by anyone, however since the occasion is directed for the mother-to-be, it is often left to her close family, friends or colleagues to organise.

Baby showers traditionally have become a female only affair. However, that is not to say men are out of bounds! It is increasingly common to find that the father and his friends are also invited to the baby shower. It is also possible for the father to play a more active role and hold his own shower!

Invitations to a Baby Shower
Any special occasion warrants the issue of a formal invitation and a baby shower is no less different. There are many card shops and retail outlets which cater for such events providing a vast number of styles and illustrations to help celebrate the joy surrounding a new arrival.

It is also possible to personally make invitations. Whichever option is chosen, be sure to check that there are some basic details included. These consist of the attendee’s name, alongside the address, time and date of the shower. Be sure to include the sex of the baby (if known!) in the details or even possibly the style of the card. This could be rather important as it may have a bearing on the gifts your attendees will bring with them.

What to Expect at a Baby Shower?
It can usually be left up to the host to decide what happens during the baby shower. The primary objective is to make sure the mother-to-be has no extra stress or anxiety by the occasion. Therefore, a baby shower is quite often a relaxed affair. They generally tend to last a few hours and are often held during the day or late afternoon, rather than at night.
Typically, there is food and drink available helping provide a friendly atmosphere for the mother to be and her guests. This can include simple party food and snacks to a full three course meal, whilst providing drinks with or without alcohol (for the pending mother of course!).

Baby shower games are becoming increasingly popular amongst guests and expecting mothers. An example of this could be something simple as ‘Guess the mum’s tummy size’; guests are asked to cut a piece of string to a length that would fit perfectly around the mum’s tummy, with the most accurate guest winning a prize.

Another tradition is the gift opening process. Usually invited guests will bring a gift to the party. This could range from flowers and gift baskets to baby supplies and paraphernalia, all will be much appreciated. It is also possible for the host to return the favour and provide gift bags for the guests as a thoughtful way of thanking your friends and family for coming. Other rituals could also include providing a book for guests to fill with any tips, advice or comments for the mother-to-be.

Food, drinks, activities, gifts and most importantly, your nearest and dearest are the key ingredients to a successful baby shower. This is a time for the mother-to-be and all her guests to celebrate something truly special, so enjoy it!

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