Baby Walker – Pros & Cons

Baby Walker Pros & ConsBaby walkers have been popular with parents for decades. Some parents prefer stationary play and activity entertainers over traditional mobile walkers because they appear to be much safer.

Mobile baby walkers often feature a tray to hold a variety of small toys and are positioned on wheels so that baby can manoeuvre around a bit. While there are legitimate safety concerns associated with the use of mobile walkers, they remain a popular choice among parents because they normally occupy babies for longer periods of time than stationary play centres.

Remember though, babies placed in walkers must be supervised at all times, especially near stairs. While they can be a great deal of fun for babies and offer parents a bit of freedom to accomplish household chores while keeping an eye on their babies, they must not be used as a “babysitter.”

Babies are naturally inquisitive and when given the mobility that a walker provides, can quickly get themselves into trouble if they aren’t being carefully watched. Baby walkers have been cited as the cause for many falls, some causing serious injury.

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