Baby’s Bedtime Routine

Building a bedtime routine for your baby can be soothing for them and essential for your sanity! Sleep patterns vary from child to child, some babies may sleep throughout the night while others will wake every few hours depending on how much sleep they actually need.

On average your baby will sleep about sixteen hours a day, this will gradually decrease year by year until the age of about five when they will no longer need a daytime nap.

It is essential to start a bedtime routine as early as possible to prepare toddlers and children for going to sleep at night.
Start with the following:

  • Make daytime a time for play and activities, in contrast evenings should be calm and relaxing
  • Give your baby a relaxing bath or top and tail them
  • Put them in their bedtime clothes
  • Read them a story or sing them a lullaby
  • Give your baby a cuddly before you put them to sleep

Try to let your baby fall asleep by themselves from time to time. If you are always with them, cuddling and comforting them to sleep, they may not be able to get to sleep without you.

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