Bonfire night with your newborn baby: should you or shouldn’t you?

 Baby’s first bonfire night can be quite a nerve wrecking night to deal with loud noises, cold weather and the brightest of lights. Now, you might get lucky and your little one might be completely captivated by it all, but just in case you aren’t so lucky, here’s a quick guide with some hints and tips to make it a stress free evening!  

1)      Layers upon layers upon layers

It will be cold, inevitably very cold, so make sure your baby is wrapped up as warm as can be. Baby grows, socks (two pairs of socks if you want to take it that far), hats, scarves, little mittens and anything else you can think to keep them nice and toasty. But remember, you want them to be comfortable so don’t go completely layer mad!

warm baby

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2)      Protect their ears

When 80 dB can affect the development of hearing in babies – and fireworks register at 140 dB (which can cause permanent hearing loss) – this is possibly the most important step. Remember, their ears are still fragile so ear buds are not advisable as they could damage their ear canals – let alone the risk of choking! Try and find some appropriate ear muffs as they’re great at significantly reducing sound levels.

3)      Ease them into it

Don’t expect too much too soon. There is always a chance your little one will absolutely hate the fireworks, so be cautious. Start by watching the fireworks from indoors if it is at someone’s house or your own. If it is a public display, start as far as you can away from them (perhaps in the car) see how your baby reacts and play off of those reactions.

4)      Soothe them

While it’s cold outside, it might be a great idea to take along with you a bottle of milk to soothe your baby during the excitement. The milk will keep them warm and comfort them through association of their milk bottle being a relaxing, familiar object.

5)      Keep your little one engaged

If they don’t take too kindly to the fireworks straight away, bring along their favourite cuddly bear. toy or soother. Try and distract them in the beginning to ease them into the new environment; this little toy, along with your comfort will be the key to making the night a success!

6)      Don’t force it

If you’ve tried everything, always be prepared to leave early. The worst thing you could ever do with your child is to leave them in a distressing environment where they don’t feel comfortable or safe. Have the right provisions in place so you can make a quick and easy exit.

Good luck Mums and Dads! Remember, there is always next year if this year doesn’t work out quite how you wanted it to. The older, the wiser your little one will be to it all!

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