Breakfast Ideas For Your Toddler

Best-Ways-to-Start-the-Day-articleEveryone knows that breakfast is the most important meal to the day. Of course, telling this to your child, who’s probably more interested in building a tower with his buttered toast than eating it, probably won’t persuade him to sit down at the table.  Eating a healthy breakfast is linked with improved moods, obesity rates and longer attention spans, so even if it’s just for a quick bite, it’s so important to get him over to the breakfast table. The very best breakfast is one that’s quick, easy and eaten! Here are some breakfast ideas for your toddler.

1) Eggs- Fried, scrambled, boiled with little soldiers on the side- however you like them, eggs are a classic for breakfast time.  Try scrambling them or hard boiled eggs for your little one, just make sure to cook them through properly, especially for children under one. A tasty balanced meal you can try is scrambled egg on toast, sprinkled with chopped green peppers and big grilled tomatoes on the side.

2) Pancakes- What tot doesn’t love pancakes? For a source of B vitamins add some marmite on top of savoury pancakes or eggy bread. Eggy bread tends to be friend so this is probably best as a treat and dry fried.

3) Full English- if you really want to give your little one a hearty breakfast, you can always do a toddler version of the full English breakfast. Use baked beans, grilled and sausages, but omit the bacon for now because of its high salt content.

4) Cereal- a lot of cereals are high in sugar so make sure you check the label before you buy. If possible, look for around 5g of sugar per 100g of product, but no more than 15g/100g. Weetabix or bran flakes are great options that are full of fibre and will give your little one all the energy he needs.

5) Porridge- buy oats that aren’t flavoured or sweetened for a simple meal with tons of fibre and energy.  Add a sprinkling of dried or fresh fruit for a vitamin boost and to add sweetness.

6) Fruit- fruit alone probably won’t satisfy your toddler, but makes a great addition to his breakfast. Mash some banana and spread on his toast, or add slices of apple and berries to his cereal. Fresh fruit juice is also good to have along with breakfasts that contain eggs, beans or ingredients rich in iron. That’s because the Vitamin C in the fruit juice will help absorb the iron in your child’s body.

7) Toast- What’s easier than slipping some fresh bread in the toaster and slathering on your toddlers favourite spread? Make sure not to go overboard with spreads that are high in sugar like jam or chocolate spread. Instead, try marmite and peanut butter which contain lots of protein and iron to aid in your little one’s development.

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