Build Your Child’s Social Interaction Skills

To end off baby development month we are talking about helping your baby develop their social interaction skills. For babies and infants during their development, one of the most vital elements in the growth of their social health and wellness is to be central to someone else’s life.  What is meant by that is that they need to be strong in their knowledge and understanding of their self.  This is actually more concrete than you think. One of the best things you can do to help them build strong social interaction skills therefore is just to show your baby and infant just how much you love them with continuous and constant attention and affection. Cuddling is another way in which you can set the essential development in motion.  This helps them feel safe and secure in their relationships around them.

Developing a sense of self and belonging to a family can also be encouraged in several other ways.  You can introduce a mirror like Taggies Tag n’ Smile Mirror into their play.  After a few months babies will need to see that they have a self-concept and a mirror is a great way to learn and have fun.  Talk to them frequently about their family; they will eventually learn about their own place in this secure structure.  Always use your name and their name when you talk to them. This will also reinforce themselves, and their identity as an individual.  Do things as a family, wherever possible.  If your family is not a traditional nuclear unit, use what your baby does have, in order to show him or her that this is also an arrangement they can count on.

Helping your child develop a sense of trust is also important to them building strong
social skills. Creating the warm and nurturing environment is something that you can do as a parent. This means that you have to follow-through on promises. Being firm and consistent applies to discipline just as much as rewards. Having a routine is a good way to show this in practice, as well as doing things the same way, as much as the same time, each day.

Of course communication is always going to be a vital element of being able to interact.  Talk about yourself, and about them frequently. Listening is also great, and this starts right from the outset. Stopping, responding, and interacting with their earliest signals is the first form of a conversation they will experience.

Above all, be there for your child and be their champion.

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