Buying a Steriliser

combi-steriliser-purpleWhether you are feeding baby breast milk or formula, it’s important to keep your bottles and other feeding equipment safe and germ free. Sterilising is vital in protecting your baby against harmful bacteria and infection. These harmful bacteria can easily grow in milk, so it’s recommended to sterilise bottles, soothers, teethers, breast pumps and other feeding accessories until your baby is one years old. There are many sterilisers available- cold water, microwave and electric- but which one’s for you?

Cold water sterilisers require a safe plastic container and sturdy lid along with sterilising fluid or tablets. Microwave sterilisers require no rinsing- they kill bacteria using the heat from the steam. Similarly, electric steam sterilisers require no chemicals and easily plug into the wall. As a busy mum, it can be difficult to choose a steriliser to suit your needs, which is why we love the Milton Combi Steriliser- it lets you choose between microwave and cold water sterilisation.

Use it to steam clean from two minutes, and its innovative technology means it retains more heat for better sterilisation, automatically releasing excess steam safely. Its compact design also means it can fit into most microwaves and can sterilise up to five bottles of different brands. If you want to use it as a cold water steriliser with sterilising tablets or fluid, the secure lid will keep it spill proof while bacteria is killed in just 15 minutes. Contents will stay sterilise in the solution for 24 hours too. It’s suitable to sterilise your baby’s toys, teethers and more as well as just bottles.

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