Development Progress 2 months to 6 months

At 3 months, baby begins to transition from a newborn and by 4 months, many noticeable developmental milestones are beginning to appear. Some of the information below covers a range of developmental milestones that span the period of 2 to 6 months. Baby development is continual and each little one has his or her own pace, so read on for more information about this wonderful time in baby’s life.

Vision: Baby’s eye muscles are stronger and the “cross-eyed” effect is disappearing. Babies this age can track objects in motion like a baby mobile. Beginning around 4 months, baby’s vision will coordinate both eyes together, which leads to the beginning of depth perception. Babies will be able to distinguish distances and differentiate between shades. Babies up to 6 months have a clear preference for bright contrasting colours. At about 4 months of age they can see all the primary colours, with blue being the last colour that is perceivable.


Hearing: Music is calming to babies of this age. They enjoy listening to a variety of sounds and voices, including environmental sounds and musical toys. At 4-6 months, babies begin to hear not only tones but can begin to pick out single words. A 6-month-old begins to distinguish different language patterns, recognizing that the language spoken in the home is different from a foreign language.

Touch: Beginning around 4-6 months, babies explore using not only their hands but also their mouths. Babies put everything in their mouths because this is an effective way for them to explore their environment and learn about it so they will love rattles and teethers with different textures.

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