Dr Brown’s Bottles: Help Your Baby Cope With Colic or Wind!

Does your baby struggle with colic or trapped wind when feeding? Don’t panic! Yes, DrBrownsPreemieBottleit’s heart-breaking to see them struggle but it is a common problem and lots of other parents have found that it’s reduced or even solved altogether simply by switching to Dr Brown’s bottles and teats.

Surely all baby feeding bottles are similar or the same?  Actually no! Standard design bottles create a vacuum when your little one is sucking and this causes air bubbles in the milk which they then ingest. Once they start taking in air with the feed, uncomfortable wind builds up and then the difficulties start.

Here’s the science bit…78% of healthcare professionals agree that the most commonDr. B Pink Bottles cause of colic in young babies is caused by digestive or feeding problems, including swallowing air. 9 out of 10 also recommend Dr Brown’s bottles as the solution. This isn’t just marketing hype either: the company’s claims are backed up by independent research, summarised in The Colic Report, which you can also review here.

So, how are Dr Brown’s bottles different?  Basically the bottle has an internal vent which is cleverly designed to prevent a vacuum occurring. Air does comes in via the teat collar but it is channelled through the internal vent system to an area behind the feed, so there are no air bubbles going into the milk. This is what helps your baby to feed more comfortably. Dr Brown’s bottles are the only bottles that feature this innovative vent system.

816_Product_HThis vacuum-free feeding also helps to preserve the nutrients, lipids and vitamins found in the milk or formula. It can also help reduce the build up of fluid in baby’s ear, making for a happier mealtime!

The Dr. Brown’s Wide-Neck bottle has a broader silicone nipple base, replicating mum’s breast, reducing the risk of baby rejecting the bottle and making it easier to switch from breast to bottle. Dr Brown’s also provides a variety of different teats, including ones for premature babies. These teats are suitable for the various stages of a baby’s life, so babies of every age can feed comfortably. The bottles are 100% BPA free, meaning that they are safe for baby and free of harmful chemicals.

The research report found that over half of those changing to a Dr Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottle saw an improvement in just three feeds or less, outperforming any other brand. Now that has to be worth a try, doesn’t it?

There are a range of options to choose from, including the Starter Kit, the Newborn Gift Set and the Special Edition Wide Neck Bottles, available in two colours in single and twin packs

The brand has some celebrity fans, such as Simon Cowell and Jessica Simpson. The range has also been received well by Mother & Baby, who reviewed a range of anti-colic bottles and awarded Dr Brown’s bottles five out of five!

Key features summary:

  • – Independently proven to reduce colic, burping and wind
  • – Helps preserve vitamins and minerals
  • – Reduces air bubble oxidation
  • – Vacuum-free feeding – closer to breastfeeding
  • – Recommended by 9 out of 10 health professionals
  • – Winner of multiple awards
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% BPA free
  • Suitable from birth

What do other mums say?

“My poor little girl was troubled with trapped wind and no matter what I did could not bring it up. I was recommended to try the bottles and I can honestly say they are fantastic!! My little girl is much happier after a feed now so thank you!!!”

“Our little one had terrible trouble feeding when switching from breast milk to formula. Tried lots of bottles but these were the best for help with wind.”

“My daughter was swallowing so much air but then we got these and she barely swallows any. Colic has improved! Worth every penny to see her suffer less”

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