ELC’s Blossom Farm – Cute, Cuddly and Colourful!

ELC‘s Blossom Farm range is new to Babycity and is set to be hugely popular! With an emphasis on developing sensory skills and hand to eye coordination, cheerful colours and loveable characters, this adorable range is perfect for little ones!

Baby will love the fun farmyard gang – Laurie Lamb, Pete Pony, Gladys farm fabric bookGoose, Clarence Cow and Otis Owl. Their friendly faces and engaging activities will guide them through the first few stages of life and help them to grow, learn, play and develop.

Baby can learn animal noises with the Laurie Lamb Fabric Book. This soft, snuggly lamb has a fabric book on its tummy, featuring pictures of animals and the noises that they make. This cuddly pal helps baby learn new words and sounds, whilst being a fun companion that can accompany them on the go. The handy clip ensures that the little lamb won’t get lost on your travels.

The Pete Pony Squeaker Rattle is a fluffy and cuddly rattle, with a long slender shape that makes it easy for little hands to hold and play with. Baby can give it a squeeze and hear it squeak – or give it a shake to hear rattling sounds. The rattle is great for developing strength in baby’s fingers, as well as fine motor skills.

The Gladys Goose Sit Me Up Cosy is a wonderful, safe place for baby to relax and play, goose cozyproviding the little one with a plush nest to lay in and a snuggly flower shaped playmat for tummy time. The two halves of the nest itself can be stacked when baby is able to sit up by themselves, offering a soft, comfortable support for them while they are upright. There are also three toys included, with varying textures and sounds – perfect for sensory development!

The Clarence Cow Pat Mat is a great way to keep baby entertained in their high chair while their dinner is being made! Baby will love playing with the water filled mat and making the cute characters inside wobble and float around. The textures of the mat will entice them and the friendly face of the cow will make meal times an enjoyable experience.

farm owl night lightWhen the day is done, the Otis Owl Night Light will help send baby off to dreamland. This cute, plush owl has a colour-changing dome on his tummy, which projects different coloured lights into baby’s room. The night light also plays five lullabies, so there is sure to be one that soothes your little one and helps them drift off to sleep.

All these great ELC Blossom Farm products and many more are available from Babycity. Your little one will love them!

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