So, what exactly is a Muslin?

muslinWhen you find out you’re pregnant and you’re inevitably doing your mad dose of research, words pop up every now and then which you can do nothing but…stare at. What the heck is a Muslin? Is that a spelling mistake? Who is that?

All fair questions. I first thought that when I saw the M word, too. But honestly, it will probably be the best, most used and possibly the grossest item you will ever purchase. Rather than talking you through paragraph by paragraph, here’s a short list of pretty much everything you can gain our of a trusty muslin cloth:

Great for Mop-ups

Great for covering your shoulder when burping

Work brilliantly as a comforter for your baby

When feeding, place under baby’s chin to catch and drips and dripples

As grim as it may sound, they absorb pee exquisitely.

Handy for covering while breast feeding

Use as a cover on top of your baby’s moses basket etc – avoid constant sheet changing

Great at mopping up sick (grim and exquisite as ever)

An easy and light way tp cover any cold changing mats and tables

A sunshade for the car or the buggy

And the list can well and truly go on! Remember, being a mum is all about practicality and a muslin really can be your best friend forever. You’ll buy a lot of junk at the beginning but make sure that a muslin is at the top of that list!

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