Feed Your Pregnancy Cravings with These Healthy Alternatives

shutterstock_120818578_0Pregnancy cravings? Whilst you’re probably not pining for a bowl full of steamed broccoli or a green leafy salad, most pregnant women have cravings for biscuits, chocolate and ice cream. If your desire for sugar is just too much to resist, you can go ahead and indulge- just make sure it’s occasionally. But make sure to keep in mind your baby and all the nutrients he needs. For the sake of your growing baby, try to keep your cravings in check. Looking for a way to satisfy your food lusts that will also give your body the nutrients it needs? Here are some healthy alternatives to your pregnancy cravings.

  • * Fizzy drinks- craving the energy sugar hit from a can of Red Bull or Coke? Opt for water mixed with fruit juice or a squeeze of lemon. It will have the same sweet taste but without all the added sugar. You could also try fizzy water with a slice of lemon.
  • * Chocolate- a great alternative to chocolate is dried fruit and nuts. If you really can’t keep away from the chocolate box, have a few squares of dark chocolate or chocolate yoghurt. Also try stocking up on kiwis, berries and oranges; they are still sweet but have fewer calories and are more nutritious.
  • * Ice cream- if you have visions of ice cream dancing in your head, it’s a good idea to fill up your freezer with frozen yoghurt. It’s a healthier alternative to ice cream as it uses yoghurt instead of cream and contains less sugar.
  • * Coffee- if you’re missing your morning coffee, there are plenty of decaf alternatives for you to choose from. You could also try herbal teas- they’ll help you to relax and contain tons of flavour.
  • * Crisps- instead of diving into a bag of salty Doritos, opt for baked crisps like Mini Cheddars instead of fried ones. Popcorn is also great for satisfying your cravings- add a sprinkle of paprika for some extra flavour.
  • * Biscuits- indulging in a double chocolate chip cookie smothered in milk chocolate is fine to do so occasionally, but if your frequent cravings for biscuits are difficult to resist there are a lot of alternatives that are low in sugar and fat. Fig rolls and malted milks are a good choice.
  • * Take away- if you’re tempted to order a pizza or Chinese, put the phone down and get cooking. Making your own Chinese, Indian or pizza is much healthier because you can control what goes into it. If you fancy a pizza, go easy on the cheese and load up with vegetables. Or, if you want Indian avoid creamy sauces and make a tomato based sauce yourself.
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